Increase your Intelligence Quotient

Increase your Intelligence Quotient

Increase your Intelligence – Your Birth Chart reveals the quality of intellect you are born with and scope of its improvement. Even a born dull person can become intelligent. This small article is just a brief guide and can help you a lot.

Intelligence, which in Hindi is called Budhiis the mental capacity or brainpower to apply reason for judgement and understanding. Intelligence is required to have in-depth understanding of various concepts and be able to practically utilize the acquired knowledge.

Everybody is born with a certain level of intelligence or IQ and this develops with experience and by conscious efforts.

Increase your Intelligence Quotient – Astrological indications

In a birth chart the 5thhouse and its lord planet signifies intelligence. Astrological significators are Mercury and Jupiter. The 1st house or the ascendant which signifies the brain must also be considered.

Analysis of the above mentioned factors reveals the level of intelligence the native is born with.

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Other Indications …

In addition to the above certain combinations such as detailed below also reveal scope of good intellect:

(1) If Jupiter is posited in the 5th house, and Mercury is strong and favourable.

(2) If the lord of the 5thhouse counted from the natal Moon is posited in a square or a trine house in its own, exalted or friendly sign.

(3) If Jupiter is posited in a square or a trine house.

(4) If the 5th lord is associated with benefic planets and placed in a square, trine or 11th house.

Importance of a Calm Mind …

Even a very intelligent person may not be able to take right decisions and go deep into any matter if he or she does not have a clear and peaceful mind.

You may astrologically evaluate the level of mental peace by judging the 4th house, its lord and the significator planet Moon.

The sign in which the cusp of the 5thhouse falls indicates the mental attitude of a person.

Increase your Intelligence Quotient Quotient

1. Propitiate the 5th lord, Mercury, Jupiter if afflicted in the birth chart.

2. Strengthen weak 5th lord, Mercury, Jupiter.

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3. Feed green fodder to a cow on Wednesdays.

4. Offer water at the root of a Pee pal tree on Thursdays.

5. In order to keep your mind cool and calm wear a natural white pearl of at least 2 carats set in a silver
ring in your small finger. The pearl must touch your skin. You can start wearing it from a Monday

6. Recite the required Mantra as per the following table. Best time is before sunrise in the morning.
Recite at least 108 times in one sitting. You may use a rosary for counting:

Condition as per your Birth ChartThe Mantra
Afflicted or weak Moon“Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah”
Afflicted or weak Mercury“Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah”
Afflicted or weak Jupiter“Om gram greem groum sah gurave namah”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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