Planet Jupiter Can be Your Savior

A strong and well-placed Jupiter in a birth chart is capable of blessing the native with optimism, success, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, honesty, high ideals, and purity of mind, impressive personality, reason justice, dynamism, authority and a practical attitude.

planet jupiter

In Vedic astrology Jupiter is considered a natural benefic planet. However the strength and placement of Jupiter in a birth chart may either empower it to deliver best results or hamper it from doing so.

Get to Know About Jupiter

Jupiter rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. It governs three star constellations (Nakshatras) viz. Punarvasu, Vishakha and Poorvabhadrapad.

Jupiter is friendly with the Sun, the Moon and Mars whereas it keeps enmity with Mercury and Venus. It is neutral towards Saturn.

Jupiter rules all professions related to religious organisations, judiciary, banks, treasuries, ministries, temple services and priests, provisional goods, government service, education etc.

What Jupiter has in store for you?

First of all find out through analysis of your birth chart from an expert the exact position of Jupiter. In case Jupiter is under afflictions then follow the suggested remedies. In case Jupiter in your chart is well placed but it is weak in strength then wear a gemstone as suggested by the expert.

Suggested General Measures to Propitiate Jupiter

Through Giving Alms (Daan): Donate to a needy person or to a charity organisation yellow clothes. Sugar, banana, honey, yellow coloured food items such as ChanaaDaal (split black-gram pulse), Haldee (turmeric), yellow coloured sweets, a plot of land, umbrella, self-help and religious books, etc.

Through Observing Fast:
If your health permits you may fast for a day especially on Thursday this will pacify afflicted Jupiter.

Through Feeding: You may especially on Thursday feed poor people with yellow coloured food items and sweets, banana etc. Feed also crows and other birds. Feed curd and rice to a Brahmin.

Through General Remedies as follows:

Water a Peepal tree either only on Thursdays or every day except Sundays.
Serveyourelders, teachers, Gurus, priests etc.
Get Blessings from Brahmins or help a needy Brahmin.
Worship a banana tree
Recite the mantra: “Om graamgreemgraumsahbrihasptayenamah”
For relief from any stomach related ailment or for progeny take parikrama (going round) of a Peepal Tree while chanting the Jupiter Mantra.
For overcoming any financial problems pray to Lord Vishnu on Thursdays.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar