Jupiter’s Aspect Saved Marriage

*Analysis of Real Life Birth Chart*


The 7th house in a birth chart signifies the spouse and marriage in general. Afflictions of the 7th house, its lord and the significators may cause unhappiness in married life, but favourable aspects of planets like Jupiter can keep the situation under control. These facts are clearly illustrated in the real life example as described below.

A Real Life Birth Chart

The following is an actual birth chart of a married native.


The 7th house is under heavy afflictions as it is occupied by debilitated Ketu and aspected by debilitated Rahu and the 12th lord Mars.

Venus which signifies marriage and marital bliss occupies the 9th house in an inimical sign also it is under malefic aspect of Saturn.

If we also consider the above chart from the angle of Moon chart or Rashi Chart (Considering the house where Moon is placed as the ascendant) then Moon itself being the lord of the 7th house is in a ‘malefic kartari’ (a planet being sandwiched in between two malefic houses) viz. it is in the 2nd house as hemmed between the two houses (1st and 3rd) afflicted by Rahu and Saturn respectively.

The Navamsha Chart

The following is the Navamsha (D/9) chart for the above example birth chart. In this chart also the 7th house is afflicted due to being occupied by Rahu.


Because of the afflictions of the 7th house in the birth chart as well as in the Moon Chart and the Navamsha chart the native of the above chart experienced a very unhappy married life. In the Birth Chart the 7th house from Venus is occupied by Saturn and it deprived the native from marital bliss.

Favourable Aspect of Jupiter Prevented Breakup.

In the birth chart Jupiter as the ascendant and 4th house lord and a natural benefic aspects the 7th house from the Moon. Also in the navamsha chart Jupiter aspects the 7th house. So it was Jupiter’s favourable aspect which saved their marriage from complete breakup.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar