Planets that Help in Spiritual Pursuits

Spiritual Pursuits – Planets that Help in Spiritual Pursuits

The ultimate goal of life from a spiritual angle is self-realization. It takes many incarnations upon this earth to pierce through the thick veils of Maya in order to reach this goal. The planets with their invisible hands operate the invisible strings turning one to such pursuits and giving success.

Spiritual Pursuits

The particular positions of planets in a birth chart are due to previous Karma and future planning. A native does not get an easy success in all types of pursuits. Planetary placements, their strengths, and other factors either aid or obstruct success. Spiritual Significance of Flowers

The divine has blessed each human with plenty of free will and latent powers to overcome all difficulties and even override the Karmic obstacles. The latent divine powers if evoked can give rock-hard– determination to rewrite one’s own destiny; Lord Krishna has assured this through the following verse of Bhagvad Gita:

“Abhyasa-yoga-yuktena c

“He who meditates on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his mind constantly engaged in remembering Me, un-deviated from the path, he (or she), O Partha (any pursuer or sadhak), is sure to reach Me.”

Let me encourage all women pursuers (Sadhaks) by revealing the true fact that due to their highly receptive spiritual system they are capable of speedy success in any spiritual pursuit as compared to men. Spiritual Eye – Colours of the Spiritual Eye

Some planetary indications of spiritual pursuits and success in these are described here, but presence of these in your birth chart are not necessary if you are determined to proceed and succeed in any material or even spiritual pursuit:-

• If in a birth chart Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in the 9th house free from afflictions then the native is destined to have faith in the formless God.

• If in a birth chart exalted Sun is conjunct the ascendant lord then the native achieves high spiritual awareness. Does Your Birth Chart Indicate Prosperity?

• In a birth chart presence of the ascendant lord in the 10th house under auspicious conditions gives progress in worship.

• Presence of Rahu in the 8th house of a birth chart may give easy success in achieving goals through mantra recitation.

• If in a birth chart the 5th house is either occupied by or aspected by Sun then the native succeeds in Shakti Upasana (Worship of the Divine Mother)

• If in a birth chart the 9th house is either occupied by or aspected by Mars then the native is successful in Shiv Aradhana (Worship of Lord Shiva).

• If in a birth chart the ascendant or the Moon is aspected by Saturn then the native gets early success in any spiritual pursuit.

• If all planets in a birth chart are placed between the Moon and Jupiter then mantra recitation bestows easy success in any spiritual pursuit.

• Strong Mercury in a birth chart can give success in Tantric pursuits.

• A strong Venus in a chart gives success in getting results through mantra recitation. Mantras for Self Development

• One gets success in Tantric pursuits if in his or her chart the 10th lord is favorably placed in the 7th house.

• Strong Mars in a birth chart fulfills one’s desires through Shiv Aradhana (Worship of Lord Shiva). Mysteries of Lord Shiva

• If all the square and trine houses are unoccupied by any planet then the native may turn to spiritual pursuits due to harsh experiences in life.

• Favorable aspect of Jupiter on the ascendant helps the native in realizing favorable results of mantra recitations.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar