Numerology and Karma

Numerology helps us to be aware of our life, objectives, obstacles and the talent that we possess. Some letters and numbers are associated right from the time we are born for e.g. Name, Date of Birth, Time of birth etc.


By knowing this we can move in the right direction in order to be successful. Numerology is accurate and an easy method of getting you to move in the right direction.

The role of numerology is to help us to be aware of the possible obstacles that could come in the path of our life and objectives/goals.Some letters and numbers are associated right from the time we are born for e.g. Name, Date of Birth, Time of birth etc. By knowing this we can move in the right direction in order to be successful. Numerology is an accurate and an easy method of getting you to move in the right direction.

Numerology talks about certain numbers which are associated with our past lives and it goes on to reflect the results of the karma from the past life we call this karmic numbers. Karmic numbers becomes a part of our only in case if we have not abide by the rules laid down by the nature and humanity. If these numbers are present between the main numbers they will not allow the person to be successful. Disease and Suffering due to Previous Karma

If karmic numbers come as situation number it will have an impact only for a limited period. When you have paid up your debts for the relevant karma you would have a new path for yourself. If we know about such debts from the past life we can easily get rid of them in a proper way.

Karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16, 10 and apart from these 11 and 22 as well these are called karmic or Master numbers. Presence of these numbers should not create fear rather it should act as a reason to make your life worthwhile. These numbers show you the path so that your problems do not become an obstacle for you.

Karmic No – 13

People with roots, name or born on 13th must have shifted their responsibility on someone else during their previous life. It is because of this that they continuously face obstacles or problems in their lives. Despite their hard work they do not get the desired results. It is because of this that they want to run away from the situation and self. They have to even work hard to find a way out of all the prevailing problems.

The solution to this problem is that such people should take care of their responsibilities. The digit 13 is considered unlucky in many countries of the world. In the deck of cards the 13th card symbolizes death. The meaning of this death is transformation and change. This death means a new beginning. For some people number 13 is lucky as well. If this number brings obstacle they also provide you with sudden opportunity as well.

Karmic No – 14

People with roots, name or born on 14th enjoy the worldly pleasures of life and they are filled with lust which possibly takes them on the path of destruction. This number reflects 5 negative values. Such people because of their playful attitude are not able to garner expertise in any field of work. Such people are suggested to complete all works that they have undertaken and should not move away from the assigned task unless they achieve the desired results from the same. They will be able to do justice with the talent only if they can be persistent in their effort. To overcome obstacles you should work dedicate for a human cause.

Karmic No – 16

Number 16 makes you aware of the possible disasters, obstacles in plans, defamation, accidents, fraud and dangers. This number points towards a possible illegitimate love affair as well. This number generally tests your beliefs and positiveness. If this number is part of the root numbers it indicates false friendship, loss of wealth, fame and prestige. Such people have wasted their previous birth being selfish and ignorant. Such people lose their friends because of their pride. Therefore they should leave the materialism of the life and dedicate work for a human cause and should not look down upon any human being and respect everyone around. Doing this will make their life worth and successful otherwise they will keep facing the problems and loneliness.

Karmic No – 19

Number 19 indicates misuse of the talent and ambition. Therefore such people will get many opportunities but they will neither be able to benefit from such opportunities nor will they be able to make use of the talent that they possess. They would fall prey to the situations, circumstances and conspiracies. Such people understand the binding force of the karma during their life. This number warns you of rebelliousness.

Since you have made wrong use of your strength in your previous life you would have to pay for the misuse during this life. This number would test your patience and tolerance level and what that means is you should understand the needs of everyone in your life and religiously follow what the lessons of gita (The Sacred book of Hindus) which is keep working do not worry about the results. With the passage of time as you pay for all your wrong doings of the previous life. Your life would start becoming comfortable and you will be rid of all your problems.

Karmic No – 11 and 22

These numbers are called the master digits in numerology. For calculations in numerology generally there is no number greater than nine and the double digit numbers are generally added together to get a single digit number but there is an exception to this and the when you have 11 or 22 appear as a root number for any person then this number is not added but seen as 11 and 22 itself. These numbers have a significance of their own.

No – 11

This Digit symbolizes selfish ambitions. This number has a very deep impact on a person’s life especially this number indicates crisis in the household or daily life activities. People with roots or born on 11th get everything very suddenly in their lives. Like marriage, job, business, misunderstanding, loss at business, fame and prestige. However, if such people get inclined towards spiritualism or they become patient and merciful in this case they get new direction in their life.

Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha are fine example of number 11 who got inclined towards spiritualism. Hitler and Mussolini are also associated with number 11 but they did not take the path of spirituality. Number 11’s are very sensitive people. They are successful and at peace only when they channelize their energies for uplifting the humanity.

No –22

Number 22’s are highly inclined towards getting results through hard work and they believe in that. And they are generally inclined towards working for a cause which is linked to society, country, and humanity. However, such people take the onus of handling more work which they are not really capable of handling on their own and this result in not being able to complete the task on time and have to even bear the insult for such failures.

The suggestion for such people is that you should take up the responsibility of the completing the volume of work depending on your capabilities. People with number 22 are also very sensitive and they have to learn to express themselves appropriately.

Truth About The Law of Karma, Types of Karma

One does not need to fear the presence of karmic numbers. Everyone has some karmic number or the other present in their lives. People are born on earth because they have to settle things from the past lives. Once everything gets settled during this circle of birth and death and one achieves the objectives the person receives nirvana. Karmic number are very good opportunity to fulfilling this negotiations during your lifetime.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar