Fifth day of Navratri

Fifth day of Navratri

Fifth day of Navratri ( Sasthi ) – Maa Durga should be worshiped with PANCHOPCHAR (Fragrances, Flowers, Inceses, Diayas and Rice) or Shodshopchar.

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Skanda Mata Fifth day of Navratri

Fifth day of Navratri (Friday, 30th September 2022)

Sasthi (Navratri Day 5)

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Worshipping Maa Durga’s incarnation as Skandmata

Maa Durga’s incarnation as Skandmata is worshiped on Fifth day of Navratri. Its meditation and

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Mantras are as follows

Singhasangata nityam padmashrit kardhya
Shubhdastu sada devi skandmata yashasvini

Mantra: Om Skandmatraye Namah

Durga Shaptashati Recitation:

Same way as the first day’s resolution Durga Shaptashati’s recitation should be done; process is same as explained earlier.

If you are reciting according to the Charitras, then you should recite Madhyam Charitra. If you want to complete the recitation of Shaptashati in 7 days, then you should recite 9th and 10th Charitra on fifth day.

If you are completing in eight days then you must recite 8th and 9th Charitras on fifth day.

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Recitation of Shri Ramcharitmanas

Worship in a same way as the fourth day thereafter recites the couplet, “Jo sumirat siddhi hoi gan nayak, kari bar badan?..” And after fourth rest recite till 236th couplet from Ayodhyakand.

At the end do the Aarti of Shri Ram and Hanuman.

This is the fifth rest of NAVANHPARAYANA.

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Worship of Shree Hanuman

Sundarkand: As same as the first day worship Shri Ram Darbar and Hanuman. If you have resolute for once then you should recite only once else, you should recite it five times. At the end do the Aarti of Shri Ram and Hanuman.

Hanuman Chalisa: After worshiping Shri Ram, Hanuman and Tulsidas, recite Hanuman Chalisa 111 times. At the end Bajrang Baan, Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak, Ram Stuti and Aarti should be done.

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