Diseases Indicated by Houses

Diseases Indicated by Houses

Diseases Indicated – The twelve houses of a birth chart represent different aspects of life including the body parts of the native. Based upon this various types of health related ailments are described for all houses of a birth chart.


The following are the main ailments related to each house of a chart. Any disease can occur due to afflictions of the relevant house, its lord and signification of disease during periods of concerned planets and unfavorable transits.

The Ascendant or 1st House: Diseases of head, brain, hair, skin, and those related to age, life span and sleep such as headaches, cold, brain tumors etc.

The 2nd House: Diseases of face, ENT problems, right eye, teeth, tongue, and speech related.

The 3rd House: Throat problems, respiratory ailments of bronchi and lungs, problems of collar bone, right ear.

The 4th House: Chest problems, diaphragm and blood-vessels related problems, Heart diseases

The 5th House: Heart, upper stomach, liver, gall-bladder, spleen, pancreas, large intestine and kidney related ailments.

The 6th House: Ailments of Intestine, kidney, appendix, piles, and backache, ulcers, hernia, diabetes, etc.

The 7th House: Diabetes, stones, ailments of urinary tract, testes, seamen, bladder, private parts. In females ailments related to womb, uterus, ovaries etc. Astrology of Diabetes – Diabetes Astrology
The 8th House: Sexual diseases, incurable ailments, mental troubles etc.

The 9th House: Ailments related to blood, thighs, hips, and in females related to menstrual cycle.

The 10th House: Knee problems, skin problems.

The 11th House: Ailments of legs, left ear, ankles, circulation problems etc. Recovery from disease is also indicated by this house.

The 12th House: Diseases of feet, left eye, insomnia, instability of mind, hospitalization due to any health problem, Allergy, general weakness and polio etc.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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