Sun and Moon Transit In The Same Rashi

When Sun and Moon Transit in the same rashi, if that Tithi happens to be Saturday then it is called Shani Amavasya. Any kind of donation, pooja done on this day casts auspicious results. Those natives, who have pitra Dosha, Kal Sarpa Dosh, or malefic Saturn in their horoscopes, are susceptible to evil eye, Pretbadha, slip disk, neurological problems, malnutrition in infants, domestic tension, incurable diseases, devoid of marriage, inobedient progeny and sometimes untimely demise.

The Story of Cruelness of the Saturn

There is a tale behind the cruelness of Saturn. The malefic aspect of Saturn exists due to the curse of his own wife. Once his wife surrendered herself in his service after her menstrual cycle. Saturn was completely engrossed in Samadhi. He did not even see her, this attitude hurt her a lot and she cursed him that wherever he aspects, it will cast an evil effect, that person will face fall. It was due to the evil effects of his aspect that Pandavas faced exile, Lord Harish Chandra had miseries, Vikramaditya also faced constant miseries, Ravana lost his life and Ram had spent fourteen years of his life in exile. when Gods could not save the wrath of Saturn’s aspect, then where do the common men stand?

Saturn is Lame

There is a here say that Saturn is lame. It also has a story behind it. Pippladi had lost his father in his childhood. His father, who was leading an ascetic life on the banks of Yamuna river was tortured by Saturn. Pippladi’s father lost his life due to the constant attack of diseases and poverty. His mother made Shani the culprit of her husband’s demise. When, pipplad grew up, he came to know all the facts of his father by his mother. He was outrageous after knowing all the facts. He started searching shani. Once he found him on a Peepal tree. He attacked him with a weapon called (Brahm dand). Shani could not bear this attack so he started running in order to avoid it. Brahm dand made him run in three Lokas. Finally he broke his leg& made him lame. A lame Shani requested lord Shiva for his blessings. Lord Shiv made Pippaladi realize that Shani was his help mate and doing what He had been told. He is also instrumental to bring discipline in the Universe. Shani is not the cause of your father’s death, Pippaladi, after knowing this fact forgave Lord Shani.