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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope March 2021

Scorpio General prediction March 2021

This is a sun sign governed by Mars, and the natives of Scorpio are having dominating and high tempered personality. They are very dynamic and are able to change the game at correct time. Although they appear to be ambiguous, but they are decent, and sincere friends. Natives of Scorpio are very ambitious. They are proven to be good lover and they are very sensitive for their partner. They are very defensive for their loved ones. Natives of Scorpio are known for doing work very minutely. They are interested in researches related to their profession.
Month of March is going to be very good for your carrier. Those, who are in search of job, may get some good news. You will spend quality time with your family, and there may be celebration at your house. You may have to travel for your work, or to spend time with your life partner.

Scorpio Job March 2021

From the carrier point of view, this month will be very good for the natives of Scorpio. Freshers may get good opportunity to start their carrier. Sun (which governs tenth house) will be with Venus (which governs twelfth house) in fourth house, which shows that you will have great atmosphere at your workplace and therefore work will be done properly. If you are dealing with foreigner customers, then this time is very favorable for you.
If you are willing to go abroad for your job, you are advised to apply for it now, because there is a possibility of getting a favorable news. Mars (which governs sixth house and Lagn) will be in seventh house, this is favorable for those, who are working in legal matters. Those natives, who are working in partnership, should be careful, because there is a possibility of conflict. Natives, who are in civil services, medical services will have a very good time in this month.

Scorpio Finance March 2021

Natives of Scorpio will have a good time from the point of view of finance. Mercury (which governs eleventh house) will be in third house in starting of the month, this shows that whatever efforts you will do, will be fruitful. You can earn extra income from your hobby and creativity. If you invest during this time luck will favor you and you will get good results.
The planet which governs second house, will be in fourth house. In such case, those who are having agricultural land, will have very good time. Those natives who are in family business, or in cooperative committees, will have favorable results. If you start a new job or your business is productive, then you will have financial stability. You are advised, not to try earning money from illegal sources. In all, this month is very good for you in financial aspects.

Scorpio Health March 2021

Health point of view, this month will be good for the natives of Scorpio, although they may have small health issues. Planet which governs Lagn will be with Rahu in seventh house, this will give you mobility but will make you hot tempered, and this may cause headache or blood pressure. In the second half of the month, you may suffer from digestion related problems, because Sun and Venus are in fifth house.
If you avoid eating spicy food and fried food, and keep yourself calm, then this month will be very good for you from the fitness point of view, because you will not be having any major health issues. Those, who are already ill, may get strength to fight against their illness. During this month you will have good immunity and willpower.

Scorpio Love and marriage March 2021

Natives of Scorpio may have to face some challenges in their love life. Jupiter (which governs fifth house) will be with Saturn in third house, and this indicates there may be some misunderstanding, and conflict with your partner. Condition will be improved after second week of the month, because in this time, Mercury will be in fourth house. During this time also, there will be clashes but you will try to sort out these problems.
Natives who are married, will completely enjoy their relation with their partner. Mars (which governs Lagn) is in seventh house, this means that you will be lost in your relationship with your partner. Venus (which governs seventh house) will be in fifth house, in second half of the month, which will make your relation deeper and stable. You may plan to go on a romantic trip with your partner.

Scorpio Family March 2021

Natives of Scorpio will have relaxing and peaceful family life in the month of March. Jupiter (which governs second house) will be in third house, which indicates that you will share a good bond with your parents and siblings. Venus (which governs twelfth house) and Sun (which governs tenth house) will be in the fourth house in the beginning of the month, which shows you can go for a business cum vacation trip. There is a possibility of foreign trip with family members also.
In the month of March, Saturn (which governs fourth house) will be in third house this condition says that you will be busy in making your family happy, and there is a possibility that you can go on a small trip with family. You will be ready to maintain good understanding with your friends, neighbors, and siblings. You will share a friendly bond with your father in this month.

Scorpio Remedies March 2021

Reading of Hanuman Chalisa, daily will be beneficial.
Chanting Mangalmantra daily, 108 times is good
Feed seven different types of grains to birds.
Feed bread to black/brown dogs on Saturday.
Donate red gram pulse on Tuesday.
Offer red clothe and sindoor to Lord Hanuman on Tuesday.

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