You Can Create Your Own Powerful Mantras

You Can Create Your Own Powerful Mantras

Mantras are really potent tools for accomplishing even seemingly impossible tasks. It is a pity if you still have not realised the power of mantras. You can not only use ready made mantras, but also create your own.


A Mantra is a form of prayer or incantation. In Hinduism and Buddhism a mantra is believed to be a word or group of words or sound that has a special spiritual power.

Founders of religions who were either Avatars (Divine incarnations) or self-realized sages composed the mantras by arranging the words or sounds in a way so that the resulting vibrations by mantra’s repetition knocked in the message contained in that mantra into the person’s subconscious mind. Since the subconscious is very powerful, the task as desired by that mantra is accomplished without the conscious efforts of the person who chanted that mantra. Experience the Power of Mantras

Know the Powers of your Subconscious …

If you so far have not realized the tremendous power of your subconscious mind then unfortunately you are keeping a lot of possibilities at bay. The conscious mind works on logic or reason but the subconscious operates as per the instructions given to it by the conscious.

So even though you do not know consciously the meaning of a mantra still by lodging it in your subconscious the desired task can be accomplished. For the subconscious there is no language barrier either so mantras in Sanskrit work as effectively as in any other language. Mantras connect you with God

Good Mantras and Bad Mantras …

There are good mantras and also there are bad mantras or mantras designed to cause ill effects or harm to others. But here is a warning a bad mantra comes back to the originator like a boomerang and does more harm than estimated. Some people with little knowledge and bad intentions, in particular those indulging in wrong practices of Tantra or black magic, suffer a lot due to their wrong use of mantras or spells. Wonderful Mantra to Reduce Sufferings

By the way let me clarify that the pure science of Tantra is never bad and it was designed to quicken one’s spiritual awareness in short time, but misuse of its potent techniques result in harmful results and the pure science of Tantra earns a bad name. The OM Mantra

So it is for your own good to use only the good mantras.

You Can Create your Own Powerful Mantras …

Affirmations are akin to mantras in their potency and working. As per your particular requirement or desired result you can design an affirmation, which will become your personal mantra.

There can be many physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems which you wish to get rid of. Or you may desire to give up a bad and harmful habit such as smoking or drinking. There can be limitless situations and you can design your affirmation carefully. Why mantras give different effects to different persons?

Here for your guidance I give two examples, working on the same lines you can then design any desired affirmation (mantra).

Example 1: Suppose you smoke a lot and have realized the harm it can cause. Now you wish to give up this habit, but you are not able to do so. So your affirmation can be as follows:

“I have realized the harmful effects of smoking. I am gradually reducing the number of cigarettes I
smoke every day. By ………………….. (Write here a realistic date from two, three or four weeks from
today) I will completely stop smoking. I have the will and mental power to get rid of this
harmful habit. As I stop smoking my whole being shall be filled with the intoxicating divine nectar.
I will inhale this intoxicating nectar with every smoke- free breath.”

Example 2: Suppose you desire to increase your devotion to God, your affirmation could be as follows:

“My faith in the divine (alternately write here ‘God ‘or the name of desired deity) is increasing. Day by day I am realizing increased nearness to God (Or your desired Deity). Potent healing and calming rays emanating from God (Or your desired Deity) are filling my whole being. I am enjoying the wonderful blessings. I thank God (Or your desired Deity)”

Using your Personal Mantra …

The affirmation so created will become your potent Mantra. Now repeat this mantra thrice at three times during a day viz. morning, midday and evening. You may sit comfortably in a calm place or before your devotional altar and slowly read your affirmation three or more times. Do not alter the wording once designed. You may say it mentally or loudly as desired. Saying it aloud is always more effective. Mantra for Success, Recitation of Mantras

The results will depend upon regularity and punctuality of mantra saying. Above all, it will be aided by your faith. Let not doubt enter your mind at any stage. In case you do not get 100% results within the set period of time then you may extend it further, but never ever let there be doubt that the mantra is not working.

Even in the Christian Bible it is stated that faith moves mountains.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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