Astrology of Obstacles in Career

Astrology of Obstacles in Career

Astrology of Obstacles – Life conditions for each individual keep changing in cyclic order depending upon the planetary periods running as per his or her horoscope. Like other things probable obstructive conditions in career are also indicated.

Astrology of Obstacles

Not everyone can keep integrity and do well under adverse conditions in life. Your ability to overcome adverse conditions through self-confidence and calmness of mind is the key factor in overcoming such situations in order to come out as a winner.

This ability to stand firm under stress and continue struggle in the right direction is indicated by the general strength of the birth chart.

Astrology of Obstacles – General Strength of the Birth Chart …

Most important is the ascendant and its lord and the luminaries the Sun and the Moon. If these are strong and well-disposed then even under breaking conditions of life one can stay composed and hopeful.

It has been observed by the author that the square houses viz. the houses 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th being occupied by favorable planets add greatly to the basic strength of the birth chart.

But nothing to worry in case this condition is not fulfilled in your chart as you can focus on making the ascendant, its lord and the luminaries strong by astrological and other remedies.

Some indications of Obstacles in Career …

• If in a birth chart malefic Mars aspects the ascendant, 2nd house or the 11th house then during their conjoined periods one may undergo financial loss through career.

• Sub-periods of any unfavorable planet in the main periods of Rahu or Ketu can cause downfall

• If in a birth chart the 4th house and its lord are under malefic influences of particularly Sun, 12th lord or Saturn then during relevant periods losses are indicated.

• Periods of malefic Mars in the main period of Rahu can cause financial setback.

• Main and Sub-periods of even favorable planets which fall under constellations of malefic can cause career related problems.

• Periods of malefic planets which influence the 2nd, 6th and 10th house in a chart can cause loss of service or any other career related obstacle.

• Main and Sub periods of such planets which in the birth chart are placed at 6:8 or 2:12 places with respect to each other can cause career related obstacles and problems.

• If in a birth chart the 10th lord under debilitation occupies the 8th house then its periods can cause sudden and serious career obstacles and suffering.

A sound Advice to Astrologers …

• If in a birth chart some malefic Yoga or astrological condition is present then observe the position of that condition or yoga in the Bhavaor Chalit chart.

In case the condition is partly or fully removed due to movement of the relevant planets in the Bhava chart then that malefic condition need not be worried much as the yoga gets nullified or at least weakened.

• Also do not predict results only from the analysis of the birth chart, observe the varga or divisional charts as well and in case of career at least the Dashamsha and Navamsha charts are must.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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