Astrology and Your Intelligence Level

Astrology and Your Intelligence Level

Intelligence Level – Your current level of intelligence and the scope of its development are indicated in your birth chart.The astrological factors related to these aspects are described and also ways of improving these.

Intelligence Level

At the outset of this brief article I would like to clarify three terms viz. Intelligence, Knowledge and Wisdom.

Intelligence Level

It is the ability or mental capacity or brainpower to apply reason for judgement and understanding. Knowledge and intelligence are quite different things. It is intelligence which gives depth of understanding of various concepts and ability to put acquired knowledge to the best practical use.

Intelligence Level – “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” – Albert Einstein


Knowledge’ is information of which someone is aware. Knowledge is also used to mean the confident understanding of a subject, potentially with the ability to use it for a specific purpose

“When you know better you do better.” – Maya Angelou

Wisdom …

Wisdom’ is the ability to make correct judgments and decisions and judicious application of knowledge. It is an intangible quality gained presumably through experience.

Astrological indications of Intelligence…

In a birth Chart the 5th house signifies intelligence. The 5th house, its lord and the general significators Mercury and Jupiter need to be considered.

The brain is represented by the ascendant therefore the ascendant and its lord should also be analysed.

A detailed analysis of the above stated astrological factors reveals the level of intelligence of the native.

Astrological Yogas (Combinations) indicating high levels of intelligence

• If in a birth chart the 5th lord falls in a Shubh Kartari, which means the house in which it is placed has in the houses on its both side’s benefit planets then good intelligence is indicated.

• If in a chart the 5th house falls in a Shubh Kartari and Jupiter is placed in the 5th house and Mercury is favourable then high level of intelligence is indicated.

• Jupiter posited in a square or a trine house in a birth chart gives intelligence and wisdom.

• If in a birth chart the 5th house receives auspicious influences and the 5th lord is associated with benefic planets or placed in a square or trine house then high intelligence is indicated.

• In a birth chart a favourable and strong 5th lord when well placed in a square or a trine house gives high levels of intelligence.

The sign falling in the 5th house reveals about the mental attitude of a person as described in the table below:

Zodiacal Sign falling in the
5th House of Birth Chart
Elemental nature
of sign
Mental Attitude of the Native
AriesEastThis Fiery sign gives bold and impulsive mind Aries 2021
TaurusNortheastThis Earthy sign makes one easy going and optimistic Taurus 2021
GeminiNortheastDue to this Airy sign the native is down to earth and humble Gemini 2021
CancerNorthThis Watery sign gives a quiet and persistent mind Cancer 2021
LeoNorthwestGenerosity and foresight are given by this Fiery sign Leo 2021
VirgoEarthyIntuition, psychic power and ability to retrospect are main characteristics Virgo 2021
LibraAiryThis Airy sign makes one practical and well behaved Libra 2021
ScorpioWateryScorpio in this house gives uncompromising, fault finding and persistent nature Scorpio 2021
SagittariusFieryIndependent, serious and courageous nature is the quality given by Sagittarius here. Sagittariu 2021
CapricornEarthyDue to Capricorn here the native is pessimistic and difficult to deal with Capricorn 2021
AquariusWateryModerate, tolerant and peaceful is the native Aquarius 2021
PiscesWateryGood imagination and creative mind are possessed by the native. Pisces 2021

Astrological Secrets of Albert Einstein’s rare Intelligence …


Conjunction of Mercury and Sun in the 10th house of action and profession is an auspicious Yoga giving him good intelligence. Aspect of this combination on the 4th house of education gave him interest to acquire knowledge.

Albert Einstein’s rare ability to go to the depths of things and concepts was given by the 8th and 9th lord Saturn due to its presence in the 10th house.

Placement of the 9th lord Saturn in the 10th (square house) is very auspicious and gave him name, fame and good luck in achievements.

Conjunction of Rahu with exalted Mars in the 8th house of deep thought gave him success in research work. Mars in his horoscope falls in the constellation of the 4th lord Sun and is also the lord of the constellations of the 5th and 9th cusps.

It is worth mentioning here that Rahu gives a scientist the ability to solve the mysteries of nature.

Yes it is a fact that the level of intelligence with which a person is born can be improved even to unbelievably high levels.

Improving Intelligence Level

Apart from specific diet which supplements brain power the following factors are important:

Breathing Exercises (Pranayama): Regular daily sessions of certain breathing exercises give peaceful mind, improved intelligence and ability to think with clarity. Wonders of Correct Breathing

Peace of Mind: A tranquil mind is necessary in order to use ones intelligence in the right direction and with maximum efficiency. In a birth chart judge the 4th house, its lord and the Moon in order to find out the state of native’s mental peace. Peace of Mind through Astrology

Exercise or utilization of Brain: The moire you uses your brain the more it develops. Particularly in old age people do not use their brain very much and hence loss of memory and brain power is common.

The saying: “If you don’t use it, you will lose it” very well applies to the human brain.

Ability to Digest Knowledge: Reading a lot on diverse subjects or topics and not able to digest all information is an easy way of landing in a mental home. Be very selective and until you exhaust all information given by one author or person on your topic of interest do not go to others.

Loads of un-understood or undigested information can clog your mind and reduce your level of intelligence. Read and re-read and give time for information to sink to your subconscious and be comprehended clearly before reading further.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar