Pisces Monthly Horoscope, Pisces February Horoscope 2018

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope February 2018

New Personal Year

Sensitive Pisces starts the month under the Sun in Aquarius, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows, and subconscious motivation. Your preference will be to keep your own company, since you feel less sociable. It’s not that you are necessarily feeling sorry for yourself, it’s more about you finding your own space over the next few weeks. Other people may not understand, as you delve into the mysteries of life, spirituality, psychic matters and psychological motivation. You are inclined to be reserved and receptive to psychic influences, yet content to work on your own. Karma is definitely at work for the Fish. Doubts, disappointments. or worries could consume your mind and overplay the reality. Hard decisions must be made while you clear the debris from the past, including the remnants of the people who have influenced your life in your youth.

You may not want to face confronting truths, especially your own vulnerabilities, which have held you back from progressing. Contemplate inner healing through meditation classes, yoga, and ways of releasing anxiety. It is time to submerge yourself into depths that will enable you to re-emerge with a positive outlook after you have challenged your doubts, and rediscovered yourself. At the same time, you must strengthen your inner values, hidden talents and abilities. Taking an interest in metaphysics, spirituality and meditation will help you along your path. Follow your intuition, get in touch with your subconscious, and pay closer attention to your dreams. Be compassionate for those less fortunate. From February 2nd to the 5th, you will be a little subdued, with notions about making an impact on your career, although you will need to balance this with hopes of travel and romance.

The 15th in the Western Hemisphere sees a New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. This lunation in the Eastern Hemisphere coincides with the Chinese New Year on the 16th, heralding the year of the Dog. It is also known as the Spring Festival in modern China, or simply the Lunar New Year, an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional Chinese calendar. Celebrations run from the evening preceding the first day, to the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first calendar month.

This Solar Eclipse follows the total Lunar Eclipse at the end of last month and will affect the ensuing period of six months. Issues that have lain dormant may resurface. Some of you, particularly those born late in the sign, will be faced with a separation and consequently taking a totally different course with your personal plans. This lunation may cause you to slip away and spend time on your own in contemplation, recharging your emotional batteries and overcoming subconscious fears and anxieties. Be prepared to show understanding and compassion for those less fortunate, without getting caught up in self-pity and being a martyr. Health issues are there, whether caring for a partner or another person, being in hospital, or dealing with institutions and secret societies. Your intuition and psychic perception should increase, together with interests in esoteric and spiritual matters.

There’s no Full Moon this month due to the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse last month in Leo on January 31st.

On the 18th, the Sun cruises into Pisces, your house of personal appearance and self-image, marking the start of your new personal solar year. The four weeks ahead will generate self-confidence, inner vitality and energy. Consider your plans for the next twelve months. What experiences have you learnt that you can bring forward? Develop your personality, appearance and skills, so you can be more successful and independent. A strong, healthy self-image makes you more productive, which in turn encourages you to treat others with more generosity and sensitivity. Mars urges you to focus on your career, so resist the urge to become obsessed with your personal problems, which will melt away as time moves on. There is an excellent chance you will succeed in attaining your goals. If you want to achieve a position of leadership, go for it. However, do not take things too much for granted, or do nothing to change the status quo. You need to seize the advantages that come your way..

Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, begins the month in detached Aquarius, your 12th house of secrets and subconscious motivations. With the Sun also in your 12th house, you need to hold back and play more of a low-key role. Submerge your thoughts as you research and rejuvenate your thought patterns. Secrets may emerge, but don’t fall victim to unfounded doubts whilst gathering information and thinking about events and people from the past. You could get off track with communications, so be careful and clear with arrangements.

On the 18th, Mercury moves into Pisces, followed closely by the Sun. The planetary forces are lining up for you, leading up to your personal New Moon next month, which will be the most wonderful moon of the year. There’s a sparkling array of planets leaping like young gazelles. Stunning changes are afoot, as your plans are turned around. Unexpected developments will alter how you respond and where you go. Things will unfold in the most remarkable way as your magnetic currents are realigned. Be prepared!

Venus Enters Pisces

Venus also sets out in Aquarius, your 12th house. By choice or circumstances you may tend to withdraw from society during this period. You are apt to find all types of excuses, legitimate or otherwise, to pass up invitations to go out– you’re too ill, you’re too overweight to fit into the clothes you wanted to wear, you have too much work to do, or any number of other reasons. Romance may have to be secretive, or relegated to the world of fantasy and dreams. You may be more susceptible to false flattery or unworthy attentions and love relationships from the past, especially those in which you suffered a loss, can intrude in some way. The tendency to engage in self-pity is there, though you can choose to ignore it by turning your attention to helping others less fortunate than yourself.

On the 10th, the Goddess dances into Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. Your spirits will lift and the charm of your personality, willingness to cooperate and sense of humour will definitely make a big difference to the way things turn out. Now’s the time to take on a new hairstyle, beauty treatment, or enhance your looks in some other way. Your physical appearance will have a big impact. Avoid self-indulgence, or overstating your own attractions and importance, especially if it’s to the detriment of those who are or who have been in a close relationship with you. In any case, you can easily dominate the romantic scene. Just don’t overdo it and turn the whole thing into little more than the pursuit of ego-gratification.

Achieve Your Ambitions

Warrior Mars remains in adventurous Sagittarius, your 10th house of career and public image until mid-March, boosting your physical drive to achieve your ambitions. You may be touchier than usual when others impinge on your territory, challenge your authority, or question your methods. However, you’ll need to suck up to superiors and Those Who Matter, no matter how right you think you are. Whether you stick to your own way or follow their lead, you need to experience personal accomplishment. The final result is what counts. Tension may rise with male companions or co-workers. Success may be delayed if you are too aggressive or hasty. Keep your cool and you will accomplish far more than you’d anticipated. Take precautions in all your physical efforts to avoid injury to your head or face, or putting too much strain on your heart and spine.

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