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Pisces Monthly Horoscope November 2017

Other People’s Money

The agile Fish are swimming under the Sun in sensual Libra, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. This is the time of year when you must focus on finances, negotiating loans and agreements, or discussing poignant points on joint resources, investments, legacies and taxes, thanks to Mercury, the Cosmic Trickster, also in your 8th house till the 16th.

Venus enters your 8th house on the 14th giving you some unexpected money gains. The New Moon in Libra arrives on the 19th with the possibility of changes to your financial stream. This is followed by Mars there from the 22nd to December 8th, giving you the energy to work hard for your money, but there’s a high chance of unnecessary spending. Dynamic Jupiter is about to exit your 8th house after a long phase of financial opportunities and benefits on the 10th, when the Lord of Fortune moves into penetrative Scorpio, your 9th house of the higher mind, travel, cultural pursuits, religion, politics, publication, justice and metaphysics.

From the 8th to the 11th, a show of willpower, stamina and a willingness on your part to investigate and get to the bottom of things is required. Be thorough, if you want to succeed. Direct confrontation, deliberate action and keen observation are your best strategies. Do not reveal your plans, or betray a confidence. However, don’t try to read between the lines, when there is really nothing to find. Areas of life where you have gained the most control may be challenged, or invaded by others. A debt of honour may be due. A self-defeating attitude now can cause you to become your own worst enemy.

Use the past in some positive way from the 12th to the 18th. You may, for example, come across valuable information by reviewing old magazines or doing research. You may get the chance to collect (or repay) an old debt, or favour. Get rid of what you no longer need or want. If you are not certain how to recycle or sell your things, now is a good time to seek advice. Set out to renovate your environment and to gain more control over it. It’s a good time to deal with self-control, psychological analysis, and to get to the bottom of things.

The 5th sees the Full Moon in Aries, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. It is generally known as the Hunter’s Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, when autumn leaves are falling and the game is fattened. This is the time for hunting and preparing to store provisions for the long winter ahead. October’s Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon. This Moon is generally greeted with special privilege, historically serving as an important feast day in Western Europe and among various Native American tribes.

This Aries Full Moon gives communication difficulties in the financial world. Opposing forces bruise your ego, as incompatible ideas and opinions emerge. They hardly fit the type of image you like to project, or the personal influence you want to exert. If you are unable to find an agreeable or productive way to work with certain people, be content to work quietly on your own. Annoying ego-trippers will block you if they can, but don’t let conflicts between what you want and what you truly need disturb your equilibrium.

The 19th sees a New Moon in trendy Libra, creating a new phase in your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. Over the next few weeks, your feelings and emotions are likely to be dramatic and deep, but subject to unexpected ups and downs. Issues involving sex, psychological analysis of motivation, and the development of your personal skills as well as family resources and connections are under the gun, but you’ll find a new way of expressing your feelings and sexual magnetism within intimate and passionate connections. Begin by examining your finances, filtering through your commitments, and consolidating any loans or credit card debts. Introducing financial planning, or some other way of controlling expenditure will make a big difference, especially concerning other people’s money. You can expect a change in the status of finances, especially joint income and property, payment of debts that you owe as well as the collection of debts owed to you. Insurance, taxes, legacies, and assets you manage for others are in the frame. Reversals may be expected, but they reflect gain as well as loss.

On the 23rd, the Sun moves out of Libra and into intense Scorpio, your 9th house of the higher mind. Over the coming four weeks, with the help of Mercury and Jupiter, travel and foreign affairs will be uppermost in your mind. You will be looking for a change of scenery. Making travel plans, sight-seeing, having a weekend away, or visiting relatives overseas are all in the box of tricks. You’ll be inclined to stretch your quest, exploring the world for intellectual knowledge, cultural diversity and extended study, and surveying philosophy or ancient history.

From the 24th to the 27th, the Sun joins noble Jupiter, your life-ruler, bringing increased optimism and generosity. The dice seem to roll your way. Even if things do turn out to be somewhat troublesome, something positive emerges despite any difficulties. Your spiritual awareness increases, giving inner strength and inspiration. Prospects rise for cultural events, artistic projects, long distance travel, or activities which expand the intellectual horizons.

Psychological Motivations
Mercury, the Divine Messenger, starts the month in Libra, your 8th house. Financial discussions and issues concerning your psychological motivations are indicated. Joint income may also be the subject of plans or negotiations. It’s busier than usual handling inheritance, tax or insurance matters, preparing investment analysis, and allocating funds for the repayment or collection of debts. You’ll also be looking at information with regard to research and investigation projects, or surgical procedures you may be contemplating. From the 14th to the 16th, you may be exposed to disagreement, conflict, and turmoil, little of which may appear to have any connection with your personal life. However, organizing your own opinions and ideas may not be an easy task.

On the 17th, the Messenger speeds into Scorpio, your 9th house, kicking up dust there until November 4th. Now that’s an improvement! Long distance travel and international business are already on your mind. Diplomatic endeavours, cultural events, court decisions, higher education or advanced training are also indicated. The study or use of foreign languages, religious or political interests, publishing, direct-mail promotions, or advertising are also in the frame. From the 17th to the 19th, Mercury is conjunct mighty Jupiter, Lord of Fortune, so the focus on information and ideas homes right in on higher education, long distance travel, religious or political activities, writing, publishing, or cultural events. It’s time to expand your economic or business interests. International communications may also be part of your scenario. Concerns may involve a court decision, your father, or a relative’s health or employment.

Concealed Passion
The Goddess Venus remains in Virgo, your 7th house of significant commitments. Over the next two weeks a need to establish your own identity may tempt you to show off. Resist the urge for name-dropping, ostentatious displays of luxury, and similar ego-tripping behaviour. Don’t fall for flattery from those who are keen to impress you, either. Refinement and elegance may be smothered by crudeness and gaudiness. Romantic encounters tend to be ego-based, rather than emotionally committed. It is not a good time to rely on your popularity. Your leadership may not be generally favoured, or even openly opposed. As discussed last month, partnerships are heavily emphasized under this transit. The possibility of establishing new partnerships and joint ventures is high, but existing connections should also flourish. It is a time of increased pressure to resolve disagreements.

From the 3rd to the 8th, loving Venus joins up with passionate Mars, so passionate connections that are concealed, or secret in some way are likely to come forward. How exciting! However, from the 7th to the 9th, Venus square stern Saturn, so what seems like rejection may not be, or what may actually be rejection can work to your advantage. Gaining love and affection, or something you want will not be easy and you may not appreciate the accompanying responsibilities.

On the 14th, the Goddess then dances into Libra, enlivening your 9th house up to November 6th. In synch with the other planetary forces, higher education, religious activities, political interests, and cultural pursuits seem imbued with a more social atmosphere during this period. Romance, marriage, or any cooperative venture involving a foreign country or someone of another culture or race is stimulated. Issues connected with a second marriage, or a court decision may also arise. You will be inclined to write, publish, or purchase books; perhaps art, music, antique or very expensive books. Advertising or mail campaigns, especially those aimed at romance or relationships are in the wind. Joint efforts related to the health or employment of a parent may emerge.

Between the 28th and the 29th, when Venus takes on a stressful square aspect to dark Pluto in your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes, it will not be wise to antagonize others, nor to arouse their jealousy, since such a course is likely to backfire or lead to something even worse. If faced with your own internal conflicts set off by gestures on the part of others, much will be gained by turning the negative energy to some constructive purpose.

Responsible Attitude

Warrior Mars remains in meticulous Virgo, your 7th house of significant others, until the 22nd of the month. This generates an atmosphere of conflict and direct antagonism, so you’ll need to maintain good relations with partners and allies. Up to the 3rd, you will benefit from greater zest in dealing with friendships, love relationships and commitments. From the 9th to the 12th, when Mars squares Saturn, circumstances will generate the need to take a more responsible attitude toward what your direction in life should be in the future. Though you can and should seek the wisdom and guidance of others, letting them make decisions for you is a mistake. Nor should you be tempted to blame others for failure or wrong actions in the past. You may find consolation in doing so, but others will not allow you to cast blame except on yourself. The difficulties and delays you encounter are likely to be caused by lack of preparation, planning, and organization on your part or that of others. Bad timing is one of the biggest obstacles to progress.

On the 22nd, fiery Mars steams into Libra, stirring up your 8th house until December 8th. A partner’s income or jointly-held property may require more attention than usual. You may be forced to collect debts and favours owed, or make arrangements for the repayment of your own debts. Issues concerning insurance, taxes, inheritance, or money that you manage for others may also demand more of your time and attention these days. Situations you may encounter with regard to sex include the physical act itself, counselling, or surgical procedures. Close attention to detail and enhanced awareness of subtleties mark all your physical efforts.

Jupiter Enters Scorpio

Mighty Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is opposing erratic Uranus to October 7th, so you can expect unstable conditions surrounding your personal earnings and finances. Money may be gained and lost. Losing (or gaining) an important relationship can cause you to establish new values and shift old priorities. New conditions challenge your basic principles, so that you abandon that which is no longer meaningful.

Giant Jupiter then enters Scorpio, your 9th house of travel and cultural pursuits on October 10th, staying there till November 8th, 2018. This will be a tremendous time in which to expand your knowledge, higher studies, writings and publications, journeys, dealing with foreigners and overseas travel. Success is likely through higher education, learning a language, or using your linguistic skills and literacy. Your overall perceptions will be greater, which will allow your thought patterns and how you relate to others to expand. Open the door to opportunities and explore alternative avenues.

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