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Gemini Monthly Horoscope October 2017

Mental Stimulation

The Twins start the month with the Sun in chic Libra, your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. This is the perfect time to give your love relationships a lift, bring out your creativity, and awaken your witty humour. Mercury, your planetary ruler, is also in your 5th house activating a need for mental stimulation with games, travel and writing. There may be a hobby or project that could do with a new approach, but either way you’ll enjoy mind games, calling on friends, socializing and finding pleasurable things to do. Children will be just as important, particularly if you take part in their sports, games and other activities. There’ll be plenty of chatter with loved ones, friends, social engagements and getting out and about. It’s also a great time to express your feelings for that certain someone in your life. The Goddess Venus swirls into your 5th house on the 14th, which will definitely give rise to romantic attractions along with boosting existing relationships.

From the 8th to the 11th, complications with finances, joint resources and other money matters could create concern. Thoroughly check your financial plans and negotiations with authority types. Make sure you meet your debts and obligations. From the 12th to the 18th more priority will be given to discussions on agreements, legal affairs, business partnerships and relationships.

The 5th sees the Full Moon in Aries, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. It is generally known as the Hunter’s Moon in the Northern Hemisphere, when autumn leaves are falling and the game is fattened. This is the time for hunting and preparing to store provisions for the long winter ahead. October’s Moon is also known as the Harvest Moon. This Moon is generally greeted with special privilege, historically serving as an important feast day both in Western Europe and among various Native American tribes.

This Full Moon will have you interacting with friends, associations, societies, loved ones and your partner’s children. You’ll be looking emotional support as well as communicating your feelings, especially with women or a group that you belong to. This will be the time when you want to be with people, tell your story and talk about interesting topics. Avoid small talk in the process and take the time to listen. You might decide to tell someone how you feel about them, or discuss your future hopes and dreams. A part of your circle of friendships or association may come to a full circle or conclusion.

The 19th sees a New Moon in sensual Libra, in your 5th house. Conditions around this New Moon could present an unforeseen change in your area of social connections. You might decide that this is time to try something new with your creative urges, perhaps in artistic avenues and music, and break away from restrictions. You’ll feel rebellious, ready to experiment and be independent of others. Your mood could fluctuate with loved ones, causing underlying irritations. A new love interest could take your fancy. Sudden attractions or potential break-ups with existing friends are on the cards. Try something new and inspiring.

On the 23rd, the Sun moves out of Libra and into passionate Scorpio, your 6th house of work and health. During the coming weeks the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter converge in Scorpio, highlighting your work, health, and routine. It will be a fortunate time of the year for wellbeing changes, work opportunities and successful enterprises. Enhance your public relations by being of service to others. Be prepared to take on a major role. From the 24th to the 27th, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, which will bring good fortune and prospects.

Tune Your Aerials

Chatty Mercury, your planetary ruler, remains in romantic Libra, activating your 5th house. Tune in your aerials for intellectual fun, playing games on the internet, or bringing out a board game to share activities with others. You will be keen to check out local entertainment venues, communicating your ideas on projects and calling on friends. However, from the 14th to the 16th, your mind will be overstimulated, which could lead to disagreements, scattering your energies and being indecisive. Although you will be able to come up with brilliant insights, putting them into action will be another thing.

On the 17th, the Divine Messenger speeds into Scorpio, your 6th house. You will shift your mental focus to workplace efficiency, organising, and administration. Chatting with the boss, work colleagues, customers and overseeing job tasks are in the frame. Health matters will also be on the agenda, so follow through with doctor’s appointments if necessary and avoid suffering from nervous tension. There is good news from the 17th to the 19th, when Mercury joins up with Jupiter accelerating your job chances, success and recognition. From the 27th to the 29th, your mind will be eager to resolve problem areas by probing and investing. This may include finances, business partnership ventures, investments, insurances and taxes. Or you might prefer a to uncover mysteries, puzzles and anything that is intriguing.

Sparky and Supreme

The Goddess Venus remains in Virgo, your 4th house of home and family. It is an ideal time to build on family relationships, bring out the paintbrush and redecorate on the home front. With Mars also in your 4th house, there will be no time to spare in refurbishing and clearing away the debris. Family dealings, real estate agreements, rental property and negotiations are in the frame. Enjoy time with close friends, entertaining guests and family members. Transform the garden into a place of beauty in readiness for the change in seasons. From the 3rd to the 8th, enchanting Venus and passionate Mars join up to amplify your creativity and your passion in relationships, sparking up your lifestyle. From the 7th to the 9th, sombre Saturn will intervene by bringing a cooling off period and putting a damper on your happiness and harmonious resolutions for a while yet.

On the 14th, the Goddess dances into Libra, enlivening your 5th house until November 6th. This awaken a fabulous phase to enjoy yourself, not only with friends, but also within love relationships. You may even be a touch fickle when it comes to love, as your charm will be sparky and supreme, attracting would-be suitors. Make the most of recreational pursuits and your heart’s desire. The 28th and 29th see a testy period, not only with joint resources and money matters but in your deeper sexual urges and experiences. There’s likely to be a build-up of tension and frustration in relationships, featuring jealousy and possessiveness.

Get Motivated!

Mars the Warrior remains in Virgo for most of the month, energising your 4th house of new beginnings. There’ll be no peace in the household! Not only will you have the energy to get on with those difficult chores, Mars will also motivate you to finish those handy repair jobs, sorting through unwanted items and of course there’s the barn or shed to clean and machinery to fix. Watch out for accidental injuries. Make sure your home and contents insurance is up to date, and avoid those family disputes by resisting the urge to be overcritical over petty things. Up to the 3rd, you’ll have a load of vitality to push on with hard work on the domestic side, but also ploughing through financial issues and family agreements. With that said, from the 9th to the 12th, not only will your energy feel depleted but strife or upsets could occur on the home front, with relatives, relationships, legal affairs and property.

On the 22nd, Mars rolls into charming Libra, your 5th house, invigorating love, romance, and your sexuality right up to December 8th. Following in the footsteps of Venus, your magnetism will be on the up and up. This spells creativity, not to mention to sensuality and passion. You might even turn to physical activities through recreational sport, going to the gym for a work out. Avoid risky speculations and gambling. Children could be more disorderly and create mischief during this phase.

Jupiter Enters Scorpio

The 10th sees jovial Jupiter starting a major twelve-year cycle in intensive Scorpio, your 6th house of work and health. This may be the break you are looking for! An improvement to working conditions, a new job, prestige, recognition and success are in the wind. You may take on a better job, increase your salary and be rewarded for services given. You’ll also enjoy the atmosphere and working relationships with others. However, try not to overestimate your own importance. Watch your weight and attend to health matters. Don’t take your health for granted. Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November 8th, 2018.

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