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July 2016

All About Money

It’s all about money this month for the versatile Twins, starting with the Sun in nurturing Cancer your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. This time of the year your financial position will be more prominent than usual, with your planetary ruler Mercury and sensual Venus at the helm of negotiations. Start planning your budget for the next twelve months, examine your value system, and find better ways of managing your money to meet commitments. Money may be easier to come by, but just as easy to let go of on expensive items. You might find that there is an avenue where you can increase your earnings, or receive unexpected money. As a safeguard, avoid unnecessary expenditure, and keep an eye on your debts and obligations. From 1st to the 4th, you’ll be inspired to pursue career interests, and ways of increasing your money, although this won’t guarantee a permanent solution. However, luck could be on your side in receiving some sort of recognition on the work scene.

From the 5th to the 9th, you’ll be keen to discuss your options with finances, but will be faced with restrictive barriers and dealings with those who control your money. This may entail your investments, money owed to other people or business partnership ventures. From the 9th to the 11th is promising for activities on the domestic scene, associated with family members and light-hearted entertainment. You’ll take a happier approach to your comfort and security needs. The 15th to the 18th stimulates a feeling of restlessness regarding achieving your goals on the work front. Irritations and disagreements are likely to arise with friends and other people if they are not up to speed or share your energetic bursts of energy.

The 4th sees a New Moon in Cancer, your 2nd house. The next two weeks see you taking a new course of action and thinking of schemes to improve your personal earnings. Go into more detail than usual, looking for pertinent information and facts to overcome any limitations placed on you. This could involve past business partnerships, relationship hassles and agreements. There may be a touch of wishful thinking in changing your current career, long-term plans and public image. Nevertheless, this is the period to initiate new ideas for controlling your money through a workable budget.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves out of Cancer and into dynamic Leo, your 3rd house of communication. The next four weeks will see you busier than normal, with plenty of things to do to occupy your time through day to day activities. There will be phone calls to make, short trips and catching up with local news and titbits from relatives. You’ll love connecting socially as well as writing and being informed.

The Full Moon on the 19th comes in ambitious Capricorn, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. The month of July is known as the Full Buck Moon in the Northern Hemisphere where it is normally the time when the new antlers of buck deer begin to grow, showing coatings of velvety fur. This Full Moon will emphasise finances once more, as well as your deeper sensual emotions and interests in psychic development. Take a critical look if you have your own business, or are in partnership with someone else. Matters connected with loans, mortgages and long-term obligations are likely to surface now. Also joint resources with other people, legacies, investments, superannuation and taxes will require your investigation. You might decide to finalise debts, and review your financial commitments. There’s a strong sense of possessiveness over belongings and property, with even a twang of jealousy in close relationships.

Mental Agility

Mercury, your planetary-ruler remains in nurturing Cancer, your 2nd house. It’s a hectic time for co-ordinating your finances, making calls to banks or organizations, and working through your monetary plans. Draw up a new spreadsheet; sort through your paperwork and receipts if you need to. Does your credit card need reconciling, or are you getting it under control? Is there a purchase in mind or other necessary merchandise that won’t blow a hole in your pocket? With that said, perhaps the advice of a professional could lead you in the right direction for stabilising your current predicaments. From the 10th to the 12th, you’ll be pretty forthright in stating your mind over your job, business deals and health matters. You might decide on a change to your health regimen and general wellbeing.

On the 14th, the Cosmic Scribe speeds into dynamic Leo, your 3rd house of communication. This will give you the charge you need in clearing discussions, speeding up your daily activities and stimulating your mental agility. The second half of the month will have you on your feet, running around and expressing your thoughts, combined with a variety of things to do. It’s a good time to review your children’s studies, get in touch with friends, siblings, or making those necessary calls to other people. The internet will keep you preoccupied with writing and reading interesting topics.

From the 15th to the 19th, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to bring harmony into your relationships and to express your emotions and feelings. Put your creative thoughts on paper, or write a romantic verse or two to a loved one. From the 19th to the 21st, although you will be filled with inspirational thoughts about your long-term plans, it’s best to keep a realistic viewpoint with agreements, contracts and legal settlements. On the 27th and 28th, you will be open to new concepts, meeting new and interesting people through groups and associations. From the 29th to the 31st you are likely to be in a critical mood if things don’t go your way. It’s best not to get into confrontations or say something that you will be sorry for later. News that you receive could make you a touch angry. On the 30th, Mercury races into critical Virgo, your 4th house of home and family. Over the next three weeks expect more participation and discussions on the home front, especially if you are moving house, or dealing with real estate and property.

Skills and Charm

The Goddess Venus remains in Cancer, your 2nd house. Money will be easier to attract and the temptation will be there for extravagant spending. This is a good time for successful negotiations, and increasing your income through creative arts. From the 1st to the 3rd, there’s a chance of luck coming your way settling property issues, but from the 1st to the 9th, pay attention to ongoing difficulties over finances, changes to investments and money flow from outside sources. From the 6th to the 8th, although you will be preoccupied with money matters, your magnetism and sexual energy will be high.

On the 12th, the Goddess makes her way into Leo, your 3rd house. Put your versatile nature into gear, making the most of your linguistic skills and charm. Take the opportunity to express your witty humour, share your knowledge with others, and make the most of social trips. It will be easier to express your feelings, giving out a pleasant aura and mood. From the 19th to the 22nd, after the energies of the Full Moon, you’ll be more inclined to view relationships and agreements with realistic expectations. Some may act as a teacher, or form a bond with someone older or more influential. From the 29th to the 31st your relationship with work colleagues could be touchy, leading to short fuses and frustration.

Work and Health

The Warrior Mars remains in penetrating Scorpio, your 6th house of work and health. At last Mars is moving in a direct motion but remaining in a shadow phase. You are not out of the woods as far as your health is concerned, which may call for delayed or minor surgery. Remember to take safety precautions in the workplace, especially working around machinery and routine duties that involve sharp instruments. The risk of cuts and abrasions is higher at this time, together with feelings of annoyance and arguments at work. If you are an employer, unions may be troublesome. Stay out of the way of the police and the military. Mars re-enters Sagittarius, your 7th house of significant commitments on August 2nd. More of this next month.

Predictions By : Suzanna Collins

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