You can ward-off Evil Eye

Evil eye or ‘burinazar’ is the negative force generated by strong intentions of greed, jealousy and hatred towards others.


When we say ‘Evil Eye’ we do not mean that eyes are emitting some kind of evil rays. Yes off course eyes as a powerful sense organ play crucial role in this aspect, but the projection of evil intent is through the mind and targets the intended person’s mind.

A jealous or bad-intention-person may see the prosperity or happiness of another person and through the strong feelings of jealousy, hatred and greed project negative energy on to the mind of that person.

Thought Power …

In fact it is the ‘thought power’ with bad intentions or a sort of ‘negative thought form’ capable of doing harm to the targeted person. The potency or power of the Thought form depends upon the mental strength and degree of evil intentions of the evil-eye person. Effects of Evil Eye and Its Remedies

Protection from Evil Eye …

Irrespective of the strength of the projected evil-eye negative force the vulnerability of the targeted person depends upon his or her state of own mind. So Nature has given us a natural fool proof protection through positivity of our mind.

How to ward off Evil Eye …

In the light of the truth as revealed above the best way is to always keep a positive mind and think and work for prosperity and wellbeing of all. Boost up your moral by thinking and doing good towards all. Your positive state of mind will create a natural protective shield around you.

In case you suspect yourself to be under the spell of evil eye here is an effective remedy:

Take a small glass bowl and fill it half with water add to it 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Take 9 whole cloves and keep in a plate near the bowl. Place a red color lighted candle on the left side of the bowl. Sit comfortably facing the lighted candle; close your eyes and visualize that you are surrounded by an invisible circle of protection.

Lift with right hand one clove, hold it from the stem and bring the bud portion on the flame as it gets ignited drop the clove into the bowl. Repeat the same with rest of the cloves one by one. After wards, pour the contents of the bowl on unpaved ground just outside your premises.

It is important that this procedure is carried out by the afflicted person himself or herself. In case of a child, the mother or father of the child can do this while the child sits in the parent’s lap.

Remedies for Eradicating Evil Eye

Article by:Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar