Remedies for Eradicating Evil Eye

Remedies for Eradicating Evil Eye

Eradicating Evil Eye – Move a piece of alum around the head of the victim of an evil eye and then throw it in the burning fire. Do this for 3 day regularly and the person will be fit.

Eradicating Evil Eye

• Put elephant’s dung in a silver talisman and tie it around the neck of a child, this saves the child from any evil eye.

• Put salt, mustard seeds, garlic and onion peels along with dry whole red chili on burning coals. Now move the pot of burning coals around the head of the sufferer for twenty-one times. This method will cure the problem of any evil eye. Black Magic – Are You a Victim Of Black Magic?

• At the time of constructing the house you can put a mud pot, splotched with soot from outside and marked with lime and vermilion, at the front gate of your house. Doing this empiricism safeguard your house from all the evil eyes.

• On a Saturday, write your enemy’s name along with his mother’s name on a birch bark and soak it in honey. Till the time it is kept soaked you enemy will be speechless and harmless.

• Mix oleanders with butter taken from cow’s milk. Now perform a hawan in the name of the female to bewitch, for 108 times. This would make the female surrender within ten days.

• To save the children from any evil, you should put rudraksha, moon made of silver, sun made of copper, nail of a lion in a black thread and make the child wear it around the neck. Experience the Power of Mantras

• Sometimes the evil eye may affect your diet. In such a case, take 3 sticks of tamarind tree and burn it. Now move it in circular motion on the head of the victim and then extinguish the fire in a bowl of water. Now make the victim drink this water to remove the ill effect of the evil eye.

• Some people, in rural areas, use milk to get rid of the evil eye. They move some amount of milk over the head of the sick person and then put it in an earthen bowl to give it to a dog.