Effects of Evil Eye and Its Remedies

Effects of Evil Eye and Its Remedies

Small beautiful and active children are centre of attraction in the family and are often victims of evil eye. Many a times, even men, women and middle aged are affected due to evil eye.Even home, shop and business are seen facing turbulences due to the effects of evil eye. Besides this, some people seclude themselves and stop taking their meals and fluids required for body, due to the negative influences of evil eye. Here are given some Tona totkas / Remedies to cast off evil effects of all these things. You can follow these totkas / Remedies and can get rid of the pains and turbulences caused by the evil eye.

Evil Eye

Remedies to remove the impact of Evil Eyes

1. The effect of eye is removed, if Pomegranate banda is worn according to the principles mentioned in shastras in Jyestha Nakshatra.

2. On Saturday, raw milk should be rotated around the head of evil eye affected person for seven times. It will cast off its effects.

3. If an affected person takes three Gomati chakras and rotates it seven times around the head in a deserted place and throw them at the backside and come back home without looking back, in future also one won’t get evil eye.

4. Make nine beads out of black turmeric. Make a garland by putting them in black thread. Wear this garland in the neck after purifying it by the smoke of dhoop or google. This is an effective remedy for casting off the negative influences caused by inauspicious planets, brahm dosha, tona tolkas, evil eye and other evil influences.

5. Sew a coconut in black cloth and hang it outside the house. The house will be protected by evil eye and ill fate.

6. Make a ‘hole’ in yellow ‘kodi’ and make a small child wear it, as; it will protect the child from evil eye.

7. Tie a yellow kodi with black thread on the door frame of a newly constructed house. It saves the house from evil eye as well as other bad influences.

8. A piece of coral should be tied in the neck of the child on Tuesday. It will save the child from evil effects.

9. If your business is affected due to the evil eye, take 11 Gomati Chakras which are purified by mantras and three small coconuts. Tie them in yellow cloth and hang it on the main entrance door.

10. Take a small piece of whole alum. Rotate it 31 times in the shop which is affected by evil eye, and then throw it outside in the North Direction where four roads meet. Without looking back, return to the shop, it will help to cast off the influences caused by the evil eye.

11. Mix Sandal, Rock Salt, Kootbach, oil, Ghee and fat. Make dhoop out of these items& light it. Show the smoke of this dhoop to children. It removes the bad effects.

12. Take red chillies and rotate them around the head of the child three times and throw them into the fire. It also helps to remove its bad effects.

13. If the fruit of Reetha is tied in the neck of the child, it will protect the child from evil eye.

14. Take seven small pieces from an old cloth. After rotating it seven times around the neck of a child, burn them in the fire. It destroys the effects of evil eye.

15. Take some mustard seeds, salt, wheat flour and seven whole red chillies. Rotate them seven times around the head of the effected person, and evil eye will be destroyed.

16. Take desi alum and mustard seeds. Rotate them seven times around the head of the deceased child and throw them in the fire where food is cooked. This process should be done three times a day. The child will come out from the effects of evil eye and will gain health.

17. Make a deep of cow dung. Put a small piece of jaggery, oil and cotton wick in this deep. Light it and keep it in the centre of the door. It will help to cast off the evil effects of the house.

18. If the food gets the effect of evil eye, in that case, put each item from cooked food on a leaf and sprinkle some Gulal over it. After that, leave it at the place where four roads meet. Evil eye will be removed.

19. On Tuesday, go to Hanuman Temple. Take some Sindur from Lord’s shoulder and put it on the effected person. Evil effects will be removed.

20. Put some red chillies, ajwain and yellow mustard in a small earthen pot and burn it. Show this smoke to the affected child. Immediately evil effect will be removed.

21. Take a beetle leaf. Put seven petals of red rose in it. Give it to eat to the evil eye affected person. That person will come out of the effects of the evil eye.

22. Put some raw milk at the root of any big tree growing near the house. Light a rose aggarbatti. Evil eye will be removed.

23. Put a garland around the neck of an affected child which has Panchmukhi, Rudraksha, Dhundhachi, Silver Moon,& Copper Sun in a black thread.

24. Make a deep of wheat flour, burn a wick made of black thread. Put two red chillies in this deep and rotate the deep around the affected person.

25. Make the affected person sit in the middle of the door. Rotate some sea salt and clay around that person.

26. To get rid of the evil effects of a person who stops eating food, make a trikona on the floor or on the table with water and keep food thali on it. It will remove the effects of the evil eye.

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