You Can Become Super human

You Can Become Super human

Super human – People are generally confused by the scriptural statement that ‘Man is made in the image of God’.It conveys that man is perfect as God. But when you look around the reality is shocking. It is hard to find reliable, honest and righteous living human beings. So what is the truth or is there any truth in that statement?

Super human

The Truth is …

Well first of all let me clarify that the term ‘man’is just generic and it includes ‘woman’ so in order to be fare I will use the term ‘human beings’ instead of ‘man’ or ‘woman’.

The scriptures are never wrong and that statement is true, but we need to understand that God created human beings with the latent possibilities of rising to the superhuman level. So it is important to understand that a human being has spiritual capabilities of rising to that state. In this article we are going to show you the way to do this.But face it; you need to become a true human first before you dream of being a superhuman.

Super human strength and How long it takes? …

You can develop to this superhuman level there is no doubt but how long it takes depends on you? Well it all depends on two basic factors viz.

(1) Your present position and.

(2) The efforts you put in. So let us elaborate on these two points:

(1) Your Present Position: Spiritual development is not measured by intellectual development but just to give you an idea if we term the superhuman level as a PhD level then reaching there depends on your starting point. Suppose you are starting from a kindergarten stage (Spiritually) then reaching a PhD level (Spiritually) will take a long time but if you are already a graduate then it is a matter of just few years. I hope you got my point.

So on the spiritual ladder your present position will determine the length of the path ahead.You have to become a good human first in order to qualify for entry into the spiritual realms.

(2) The Efforts you put in: There is a basic life principle, ‘In order to get something you have to pay first’ so your spiritual development will depend upon your conscious efforts.

Super human – From where to start? …

You need to honestly access your own level on the ladder of spiritual evolution. Your spiritual stature does not depend on your intellectual level, your qualifications, your religious interests or your wealth etc. It depends upon what you think and what you do.

(1) Set a place in the corner of your own room or if possible in a separate small room where you can sit in comfort without getting disturbed. Make arrangement for sitting in full comfort depending upon your physical condition. It is not at all necessary to sit forcibly in lotus posture. You can if you like sit on a chair with legs hanging and feet touching the ground, but in that case put your feet on a cotton rug or wooden rest and not touch the ground. Make this place as comfortable and pleasant as possible so that you feel like sitting there.

Spend at least half an hour every day at any time but preferably when you are relaxed and have partly or fully empty stomach. After meals one feels sleepy so avoid that time.

Begin with introspection. Scrutinize yourself for Super human, your day to day life. Ponder over the following points:

(a) Do you make false promises?
(b) Do you steal?
(c) Do you tell lies?
(d) Are you greedy?
(e) Do you lose temper without much reason?
(f) Do you harm others in any way?
(g) Are you involved in corruption of any kind?
(h) Are you dishonest?
(i) Are you too possessive of your grown up children?
(j) Do you force your interests and decisions on children in the matter of subject selection at school or college or in matters like marriage?
(k) Do you black mail or cheat others?
(l) Do you take advantage of others?
(m) Are you involved in prostitution or extramarital sex affairs?

The above is an exemplary list of probable faults (You can add more) which you need to get rid of in order to become a righteous living true human.

(2) After you have honestly realized your faults start getting rid of these one by one in your day-to-day life. Again it is up to you how long it takes. You have to get rid of your defects. You can fool others but you cannot fool yourself. There is no short cut so go ahead and start from today.

(3) So your self-correction or getting rid of the defects has begun. Now side by side you can follow the technical procedure given below which will work on a subtle level. Its regular practice will activate the spiritual energy centers called ‘Chakras’ on your cerebro- spinal column and bring about the necessary transformation, in course of time transforming you from puny helpless human to powerful, dynamic Superhuman.

Let me make it very clear once again that unless you become a true reliable, honest, dependable human being you can never became a Superhuman.

The Procedure for Chakra awakening …

Hang a coloured copy of the symbol as given here at eye level so that when you sit comfortably you can gaze at it. Sit about three feet away from this symbol. Gaze at it for some time then close your eyes.


Mentally keep looking at this image at a place where your eyebrows meet (In the center of your forehead). Recite slowly and with concentration (In relaxed state) the transforming mantra:


You can do this for ten minutes to as long as you enjoy doing it, it is not the number of times you recite rather your faith, concentration and enjoyment which will determine your progress.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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