Virgo 2024 horoscope

Virgo General Horoscope 2024

Saturn will affect your seventh house specially because Saturn will be present in the sixth house of your birth chart and will aspect upon the eighth house, twelfth house and third house. You have to be alert towards diseases because you may suffer from any ailment. You have to become disciplined in your life and have to follow the right routine from morning till night. Saturn will fetch you great success in your career and can make you travel overseas for work. You have to work upon improving the ties with your siblings.

Jupiter will be present in the eighth house till the first half i.e. 01st May and in the ninth house in the second half and this will increase your interests in religious practices and charity. Jupiter’s presence will make you go on pilgrimages and make the right decisions in your life. You can expect a child birth or you will hear good news about your child. According to Virgo Horoscope 2024, Rahu and Ketu will be present in your seventh and first house respectively affecting your personal life and health. You should perform the remedies accordingly.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2024

The beginning of the year 2024 for the Virgo natives will be average with respect to Love relationships. You have to take control of your emotions and you should abstain yourself from saying something to your beloved that will displease them. The presence of Ketu in your sign for the whole year will make you an introvert. Due to this, your beloved will find it difficult to understand you. It is possible that they may feel that you are hiding something from them and this problem may bring your love life into problematic situations. So, present your thoughts freely in front of them and express your emotions but be careful.

The month of February and March will be favorable for your love relations and you will get full chances of romancing with your beloved. You will increase the intensity of your love while spending your life happily. In the second half of the year, you will move forward to make love marriage with your beloved and will try every possible effort to accomplish it. The middle of the year will be average for love relations but the last quarter of the year will pave new directions for your love life.

Virgo Career Horoscope 2024

Saturn will be present in the sixth house for the whole year and the effect of Sun and Mars on the tenth house in the beginning of the year will create favorable situations in your career. You will practice a lot of hard work. Your job will stay permanent and you will move forward on the path of progress in your job due to the blessings of Lord Saturn. You will prioritize hardwork and will give full focus and attention towards your job. This will bless your job. The first half of the year will remain excellent and you will get enough opportunities to showcase your skills and talent. However, you will experience a lot of troubles in your job between March and April when Mars along with Saturn will transit in your sixth house. So, you have to be careful and prevent yourself from any conspiracy. During this period, your opponents may try to make moves against you.

The time period from April to May will favor you and you will get a chance to improve your work but in June you have to be careful again. Don’t share your feelings completely with anyone and hide some of your feelings. Your secrets should remain hidden otherwise someone will take undue advantage of them.

Virgo Horoscope 2024 tells that conditions will be created for your job change. If you are doing a transferable job, then your transfer may happen during this period. The time after August will be better for your job. You can complete your work in a good way and you will receive favorable results in your career. Your authority will be established in your job and you will receive some big position and workload.

Virgo Education Horoscope 2024

The beginning of the year 2024 will be favorable for the students of Virgo zodiac sign. You will be very serious about your studies and work hard. Your focus will be on your studies. You will also have good focus due to which you will spend abandoned time on your education and as a result you will understand many subjects with ease. The time period from February to March can prove to be a little stressful due to the effect of Planets Mars and Venus in your fifth house that can mold your mind into the opposite direction. So, you have to stay alert and mindful not to get distracted from your studies. According to the Virgo Horoscope 2024, the situation will gradually improve after April. From August to October, you will perform excellently and also receive good marks. The time period after this will be fine.

Lord Saturn will be present in the sixth house of your birth chart for the whole year. As a result, you will receive tremendous success in the competitive exams. Work hard if you are going to participate in any competitive exams. Your hard work will reap success and you will be selected for a special position in a special competitive exam. The first half of the year will be weak for the students enrolled in higher education but the second half will be favorable comparatively and you will gain good success. If you want to study abroad then the months of April and August will be favorable.

Virgo Finance Horoscope 2024

The financial situation will be full of ups-and-downs. You have to come out from the financial problems. Rahu and Ketu’s presence in the first house and seventh house respectively and Jupiter’s presence in the eighth house till 01st May indicates that it will be unfavorable for you. So, you have to be careful in your financial management. However the movement of Venus and Mercury sometimes in the middle will help you in lowering the financial risk. Please be very cautious while investing.

After 01st May, when Jupiter will transit in the ninth house of your birth chart and Saturn’s presence in the sixth house will pave new ways of success for you. Then you would take the risks according to your financial situation and make efforts to become financially strong in business and other sectors. The natives concerned with business have to invest capital and for this you need to be financially strong. The natives who are doing a job will receive good results in the second half of the year and the financial situation will also become strong.

Virgo Family Horoscope 2024

The beginning of the year 2024 will be somewhat weak. Mars and Sun will be present in the fourth house of your birth chart that will increase the fierceness between the family members. Due to this, stress and fights between the family members may increase. After that, these problems will gradually decrease. You have to take care of your mother’s health in the starting months. The presence of the lord of the fourth house in the eighth house in the first half of the year gives signs of stress in the family and decreases in the mother’s health. So, you have to be more careful with respect to these two subjects.

You may face family quarrels in the months of August and April. The time period after this will be comparatively favorable and the mutual harmony between the family members will be created.The attitude of your siblings towards you will be full of love from the very beginning of the year. Be a little careful and cautious from March to April. After that, your relations with them will remain cordial.

Virgo Children Horoscope 2024

Your children may get a chance to go on a foreign soil for studies. Additionally, if you want to enroll your child in a boarding school, Sainik School or Navodaya Vidhyalaya then you will get success in doing so. Your child may go far from home by taking admission into these schools by cracking the competitive exam. If you want to bear a child, then you may have to wait a little. According to the Virgo Horoscope 2024, when Jupiter will be present in the ninth house and it will aspect the fifth house of your birth chart then it will be helpful to conceive a child and you will bear a child in the third and fourth quarter of the year. Your child can get married and go for higher studies during this period.

Virgo Marriage Horoscope 2024

First half of the year will be full of ups and downs for the married Virgo natives. The presence of Sun and Mars in the fourth house, Saturn in the sixth house, Jupiter in the eighth house, and Rahu in the seventh house shows signs of a stressful married life. Rahu will be present in the seventh house and Ketu’s effect on the first house of your birth chart for the whole year will make it challenging for you to handle your married life. Many instances will occur this year that will increase problems between both of you but you have to use your wisdom to prevent these problems. In the second half of the year Jupiter will aspect your first house while sitting in your ninth house and will help you in making the right decisions. Due to this, the problems recurring in your married life will gradually decrease because you easily differentiate between right and wrong.

You have to be especially careful from March to June and make sure any disputes do not increase between you and your life partner as it may lead to divorce and you have to face legal proceedings as well. After this, positive changes will occur gradually and your married life will improve. In July and August and in November the conditions for love will be created between both of you that will bring you both closer to each other. Both of you will romance and you will make true efforts to remove problems in the relationship. This will make your relationship stronger and mature.

Virgo Business Horoscope 2024

The year 2024 will be full of ups and downs for your business. Rahu’s presence in your seventh house will make you a revolutionary thinker to bring changes in your business. You will think from different angles. This will bring a new revolution in your business but many times you will ignore your business partner and other close people and this can hurt them. Due to this, your business will get affected. Try hard to prevent this situation if you want to make your business prosperous. This year you will need to invest a big working capital as it will increase the money in your business and you will be able to do something new for the growth of your business and will be able to implement a new plan.

The months of April and May will be full of ups and downs. You can feel stressed, so you must avoid making any big decisions. The period from August to November will prove to be successful for your business. You will also meet some special business people and that will bring important changes in your business and after that conditions for success will be created.

Virgo Property & Vehicle Horoscope 2024

The first month of the year will be the best for property related matters. In this period, you will be able to buy some big property. Yogas for the gains from government sectors will also be created. If you miss out on the chance this time then you have to wait for some time. In the middle of the year in the months of August, September, and November, you can gain success in buying a property. Rest of the time it will not be suitable to buy any property. Please refrain from buying property in the period from March to May because any legal hindrances can occur in it.

In 2024, you have to be patient in buying a vehicle. The month of February will be the most beneficial. You will achieve success in buying a vehicle in this period. After this, you can be successful in buying a vehicle between the months of May and June and after that the period from September to October will be appropriate. Do not buy any vehicle even by mistake between the months of March and June as there are chances that that vehicle can meet an accident or any problem could arise.

Virgo Wealth & Profit Horoscope 2024

This year will give mixed results in terms of money and gains. You have to make efforts to overcome your financial problems. The positions of the planets depicts that the first half of the year will be less favorable for you. Ketu is present in your zodiac sign and Jupiter will be present in the eighth house of your birth chart. It indicates a less favorable economic condition for you. As a result, you have to face economic challenges. You have to think and understand properly before investing anywhere, otherwise you may face economic challenges. Virgo Horoscope 2024 suggests that during the first half of the year, stop yourself from making any big investment. If you are a businessman, then also you should not invest in any big working capital requirement of your business in the first half of the year.

However, the second half of the year will become relatively favorable for investing. Lord Jupiter’s entry into the ninth house of your birth chart on 01st May 2024 will strengthen your fortune. You will lead with a single thinking and will prosper economically. Lord Saturn’s presence in the sixth house of your birth chart will help you in overcoming economic challenges. Whether you are doing a job or business, you will work wisely and strongly and that will yield good results and a decent economic gain. In the months of August and November, you can gain money from the government sector.

Virgo Health Horoscope 2024

You have to take special care of your health as the movement and transits of the planets are not favoring your health. The presence of Rahu in the seventh house and Ketu in your zodiac sign can make you face mental health problems. Saturn is present in the sixth house of your birth chart will make your immunity power stronger but it can increase health problems in between. So, you have to maintain a disciplined lifestyle and stay alert not to make any mistake that can lead to health ailments.

The presence of Jupiter in the eighth house of your birth chart is not creating favorable conditions for your health due to Saturn’s aspect in the same house. Mars will be aspecting on the seventh house of your birth chart where Rahu is already present resulting in giving you secret problems. Additionally, pain in legs, burning sensation in eyes or ailments in eyes can trouble you. You have to stay alert towards stomach diseases. However, the health problems will decrease in the second half of the year but you have to be extra careful for your health for the whole year.

Virgo Horoscope of 2024 says that in case you don’t take good care of your health then there will be a lot of troubles. With Sun’s transition in May in Taurus, your health will improve. Just improve your routine and avoid carelessness when your health is concerned, then only you will be able to take better advantage of good health.

Lucky Number for Virgo in 2024

With the ruling planet as Mercury for the Virgo, the lucky numbers for Virgos are 5 and 6. As per the Astro predictions of 2024 for the Virgo, the sum of Yogas for the year 2024 is 7, thus, Virgos can expect 2024 to be moderate for all the natives of Virgo. Some sort of challenges can be there in 2024, but you will gain some benefits from those difficulties. 2024 will warn you about your health issue, therefore, it is needed to take good care of health-related problems. Apart from this, prior to making an investment in any financial scheme, you should proceed pretty carefully. A good time to invest for the Virgos is January-April which looks favorable for you.

Along with this, both November and December will also prove beneficial for you. Just have faith in your hard work and the activities you perform, and do anything that your heart tells you. At last, make continuous benefits and maintain a healthy life on the go.

Virgo 2024 Horoscope: Astrological Remedies

• Perform fast on Wednesdays
• A good thing for you is to recite the stotra of Vishnu Sahasranama beginning with Wednesday or Beej Mantra of Budh-dev.
• You will invite good luck by donating black sesame seeds to the temple during the evening time on Wednesday will be beneficial.
• Wear a better quality emerald gemstone to gain important benefits associated with the same. Take care about wearing this gem on your junior finger and at the time of Shukla Paksha.
• In case you have been facing so many problems in your life or going through a tough face then you can recite Shri Rama Raksha –Stotra.