Venus transit in Scorpio on 25 Dec 2023

Venus transit in Scorpio on 25 Dec 2023. It will impact all the zodiac signs. In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus holds significance as a significator for love, marriage, beauty, and happiness. A strong placement of Venus in the birth chart is associated with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. Despite being considered a feminine planet, Venus in one’s chart represents qualities such as beauty, creativity, and luxury. Venus governs artistic pursuits like music, poetry, painting, singing, drama, opera, and other forms of expression.

Venus transit in Scorpio

As for the Scorpio zodiac sign, it is the eighth sign in the zodiac ruled by Mars. Scorpio is associated with the water element, which controls the tamasic (dark, inert) qualities in the body. It is considered the most emotionally intense sign, representing transformations, ups and downs in life, and unveiling hidden mysteries. Scorpio is also linked to resources from the earth, such as minerals, and is considered a sign associated with accidents, injuries, and surgery.

Venus Transit in Scorpio: Effects and Remedies Based on Zodiac Signs


Aries, Venus rules the second and seventh houses. Now, on December 25, 2023, Venus will transit into your eighth house, which is associated with sudden events, mysteries, and hidden sciences. Having any planet in the eighth house is generally considered unfavorable, but the presence of Venus in this house might have some positive aspects. During this period, the transit of Venus in Scorpio will be favorable for those involved in banking, insurance, or revenue generation. It is a good time for joint financial ventures with a partner, leading to an increase in shared wealth. Relationships with in-laws are likely to be affectionate, and every step taken will be supported.

However, the transit of Venus in Scorpio may bring about changes in your nature, leading to sudden mood swings. This could potentially result in disagreements between you and your partner. Considering Venus’s aspect, it will be placed in the eighth house and will aspect its own sign, Taurus. Consequently, the presence of Venus in the eighth house is considered beneficial for financial matters. Still, if the planetary dasha in the birth chart is not favorable, caution is advised to avoid risks, as the eighth house represents sudden events. During this period, you may also enjoy family support, and the speech of individuals under this sign will be particularly sweet.

Remedy: Recite the Mahishasura Mardini Stotra daily.


Taurus, Venus is the lord of your ascendant (Lagna) and the sixth house. On December 25, 2023, Venus will be transiting into Scorpio, affecting your seventh house. The seventh house in the birth chart represents marriage, life partners, and business partnerships. Therefore, the attention of Taurus individuals will be focused on matters related to the seventh house. This transit of Venus is beneficial for freelancers, job seekers, or those looking for partners for their business ventures. During this period, you will be capable of finding partners or investors for your business. Married individuals facing difficulties in their married life will now have the opportunity and time to resolve these issues. In this period, you will be able to enhance both love and compatibility in your relationships.

Single individuals of Taurus sign seeking to tie the knot will be actively searching for a suitable partner during the Venus transit. However, considering that Venus is also the lord of your sixth house, you are advised to take special care of your partner’s health during this period. The transit of Venus in Scorpio may bring about challenges and confrontations from enemies and competitors. Additionally, Venus’s aspect on your ascendant (Lagna) in the sixth house suggests that you may face problems and challenges related to health during this period. Therefore, it is recommended that you take special care of your health and well-being.

Remedy: Keep a quartz stone in your bedroom daily.


Gemini, Venus rules your twelfth house and fifth house, and on December 25, 2023, it will transit into your sixth house. In the birth chart, the sixth house is associated with enemies, health, competition, and maternal relatives. Therefore, for Gemini individuals, Venus is a friendly planet, but its transit in Scorpio might make it somewhat weaker compared to other signs. Along with potential positive effects, some challenges may also arise. It’s essential for individuals under the Gemini sign to be disciplined in their daily lives during the period of Venus transit. Venus in the sixth house during this transit might require you to maintain cleanliness in your character and uphold high values in life, as involvement in illicit relationships could create troubles for you.

During the transit of Venus, it is crucial to keep control over your behavior and refrain from engaging in wrongful activities, as your adversaries might attempt to plot against you. Positive aspects include a favorable time for Gemini students preparing for competitive exams or planning to study abroad. On the contrary, the presence of Venus in the sixth house may bring increased expenses in your life due to luxurious living. If the planetary dasha is not favorable in your birth chart, you may have to face losses.

Remedy: Contribute services and donations to schools for the visually impaired.


Dear Cancer, Venus governs your eleventh and fourth houses. On December 25, 2023, Venus will transit into your fifth house, associated with education, love relationships, and progeny. As a result, the transit of Venus in Scorpio will be favorable for Cancer individuals. During this period, you will be filled with creativity, and romantic couples will enjoy pleasant moments together, strengthening their bond. Single individuals under the Cancer sign may enter into new relationships, and social circles might play a role in introducing them to potential partners. Students with interests in creative fields such as design, arts, or fashion will find this transit beneficial. Those pursuing medical studies can expect good performance in their education. Cancer individuals aspiring to expand their families may receive positive news during this period.

Parents of Cancer individuals may spend memorable time with their children, contributing to a joyful family atmosphere. Additionally, parents might plan to purchase items such as bicycles, two-wheelers, or cars, keeping the needs of their children in mind. Regarding the influence of Venus, its aspect will be on the eleventh house, and as a result, Cancer individuals may enhance their social interactions and be seen participating in parties with friends. The fifth house in the birth chart also signifies speculation, and through investments, one may earn substantial profits. However, it is advisable to consult an experienced astrologer for an analysis of the ongoing planetary dasha before taking such steps.

Remedy: Wear pink or cream-colored clothes on Fridays.


In the horoscope of Leo individuals, Venus rules the tenth and third houses. On December 25, 2023, Venus will transit into your fourth house, associated with mother, domestic life, home, vehicles, and wealth. For Leo individuals, it would be apt to say that the transit of Venus in Scorpio will fill your home and family with happiness. During this period, you will appear quite content with your domestic life. Siblings or cousins may visit your home during the Venus transit. Employers for Leo individuals may throw parties at their homes to motivate coworkers, or employees may invite bosses or colleagues for lunch or dinner.

The Venus transit is considered favorable for enhancing happiness and comforts in the home and family. Consequently, you may consider purchasing a new home, a new vehicle, or some luxurious items. Renovations to your home may also be planned. Furthermore, Venus in the fourth house will cast its aspect on the career house, i.e., the tenth house. As a result, this time will be good for those whose careers are related to business, theater, or drama. Additionally, individuals involved in businesses related to luxury services like beauty and decor will find the Venus transit period favorable, as they may experience profits in their ventures. Leo individuals may also engage in work from home during this period, or their interest might lean towards starting a new business.

Remedy: On Fridays, plant a white flower bush at your home and take care of it. Also, keep white flowers at your workplace.


Virgo, Venus is the ruler of the ninth and second houses. On December 25, 2023, Venus will enter your second house. The second house in the horoscope represents siblings, interests, short-distance travel, and communication skills. For Virgo individuals, it can be asserted that during the transit of Venus in Scorpio, your way of communication will be quite good. Additionally, you may have to spend a considerable amount on fulfilling your hobbies during this time, and there is a possibility that your expenses may increase due to planned trips. Virgo individuals may plan a trip with their family, whether short or long.

During the Venus transit, you will spend a significant amount of money to fulfill your interests. However, the money you spend will not be in vain because you will enjoy your hobbies and have a lot of fun. If you want to go on an adventure-filled journey, this is a very good time to do so. Relationships with younger siblings and cousins will be affectionate during this period. Speaking of the aspect of Venus, the third house will be in direct line of sight of Venus, which is also the ruler of the ninth house and the sign Taurus. As a result, individuals will receive the support of father, mentor, and guru. In this regard, Virgo individuals will have an inclination towards spirituality, and they may be seen spending money on religious activities and pilgrimages.

Remedy: Gift a perfume, watch, or a precious item to younger siblings.


Libra, Venus is the ruler of the Ascendant and the eighth house, which will transit to your second house on December 25, 2023. In the horoscope, the second house is considered the house of family, savings, and speech. Consequently, during the transit of Venus in Scorpio, Libra individuals will focus all their attention on matters related to the second house. During this period, you will spend enjoyable time with your family, creating many unforgettable memories. However, as we mentioned, Venus is also the ruler of the eighth house, and if your horoscope is undergoing a challenging dasha, it may bring uncertainty to your family life, making you overly passive about family matters.

During the Venus transit, there will be a strong desire within these individuals to increase their bank balance or make continuous efforts to smoothen the flow of wealth. Nevertheless, the transit of Venus in the second house will financially prosper these individuals. Venus’s presence in the second house will sweeten your voice, making this period favorable for singers, commentators, dubbing artists, etc. However, discussing the negative aspects, the second house in the horoscope also represents dietary habits. As a result, during the Venus transit in Scorpio, individuals may consume fried and oily foods, as well as alcoholic beverages, which may not be good for their health. Consequently, your expenses may increase.
Moreover, Venus’s aspect on the eighth house will impact your eighth house, indicating a potential increase in joint wealth with your partner. Additionally, your relationships with in-laws will become more cordial.

Remedy: To attain favorable results from Venus, wear a high-quality opal or diamond embedded in gold in the small finger of your right hand.


Scorpio, Venus rules the seventh and twelfth houses, and it is now entering your first house, which represents your personality and physical self, on December 25, 2023. Due to Venus transiting in Scorpio, it will enhance your personality, making you appear beautiful and attractive. Consequently, you may be seen spending a considerable amount on yourself, and as a result, there is a possibility of an increase in your expenses, given that Venus is also the ruler of your twelfth house. Scorpio individuals are advised to be cautious about their health during this transit. However, those who are artists or stage performers will gain a separate identity in society for their work, and people will praise your work. Moreover, individuals in these fields may get an opportunity to showcase their talent abroad or in distant places.

Moving forward, discussing the aspect of Venus, it will cast its aspect on your seventh house from the first house. In the horoscope, the seventh house represents marriage and business partnerships. Therefore, this period will be favorable for the married Scorpio individuals, and your marital life will remain harmonious during this transit. The influence of Venus’s aspect will provide you with many opportunities to spend quality time with your life partner, strengthening your relationship. If there are any conflicts with your partner, this period will prove to be the best to resolve all these issues. The impact of Venus’s aspect will present numerous chances for you to strengthen your bond with your life partner. If there are any disputes with your partner, this period will be the best to resolve all these issues.

Remedy: Use perfume or fragrant cologne every day. To achieve favorable results, use sandalwood-based perfume or cologne.


For Sagittarius individuals, Venus governs the sixth and eleventh houses, and it will enter your twelfth house on December 25, 2023. In the horoscope, the twelfth house represents foreign travel, expenditures, separations, and losses. Venus is not considered a friendly planet for Sagittarius, and its transit through the twelfth house may create several challenges in your life. During this period, there is a likelihood of increased expenses as you may spend lavishly to fulfill your desires.

As Venus transits through the twelfth house, which is its debilitation sign, it might not be favorable for any form of investment. Individuals working in MNCs or international companies may find this period beneficial. On the positive side, Venus’s transit supports spiritual progress, meditation, and related activities. However, during this time, there is also a tendency to spend on luxury and entertainment. Venus’s aspect on the sixth house may expose you to challenges from enemies, potentially affecting your reputation. Additionally, health issues may arise due to Venus’s transit in Scorpio.

Moving on to the aspect of Venus as the ruler of the sixth house, its transit through the twelfth house will be beneficial for those involved in spiritual pursuits or meditation. However, the negative aspect is the potential for increased expenses related to luxury and entertainment. Venus’s aspect on the twelfth house may also indicate efforts from adversaries to cause harm, affecting your public image. The transit of Venus in Scorpio may also bring about some health issues.

Remedy: Chant ‘Om Shukraya Namah’ 108 times daily.


Dear Capricorn, Venus rules the tenth and fifth houses in their horoscope, and on December 25, 2023, Venus will transit into their eleventh house. The eleventh house in the horoscope represents financial gains, desires, elder siblings, uncles, etc. For Capricorn natives, the transit of Venus in Scorpio in their eleventh house is favorable because Venus is a yogakaraka planet for them. As a result, those who have worked hard in their jobs may see the fruition of their efforts, and financial gains are also possible.
This transit might bring positive news for Capricorn individuals seeking to expand their families through marriage. Parents of Capricorn natives may become more aware of their responsibilities and make significant investments for the future of their children.

There is a possibility of financial gains from past investments during this transit. Capricorn individuals may spend quality time partying and socializing with friends or colleagues. On the contrary, Venus’s aspect on the fifth house may have a positive impact on matters related to the fifth house. Consequently, there may be joy and peace in issues related to the fifth house.

Speaking about romantic relationships during this transit, couples may spend quality time together, strengthening their bond. Students of Capricorn sign may showcase creativity during this period, especially in areas related to design. The relationship between Capricorn parents and their children is likely to remain sweet.

Remedy: Keep a piece of silver in your wallet on Fridays.


Aquarius, Venus rules the ninth and fourth houses, and it will transit into their tenth house on December 25, 2023. The tenth house in the horoscope represents one’s profession, workplace, and social image. The transit of Venus in Scorpio in the tenth house is likely to be fruitful for Aquarius natives, especially for those involved in careers related to fashion, designing, luxury items, jewelry, beauty products, or products associated with women.

This period is also favorable for singers, actors, and artists. Aquarius individuals may receive support from female authorities or bosses in their professional endeavors. However, it is advised for Aquarians to show respect and seek assistance from others, as a lack of cooperation could lead to a tarnished professional reputation and problems in their career.

During this transit, changes in the workplace are possible for Aquarius individuals. Seeking blessings and advice from father, mentors, or gurus is recommended, as it can help in advancing their professional life. The aspect of Venus on the fourth house during this transit will have a positive impact on domestic life, home, and the mother. Therefore, the atmosphere at home will be filled with joy, and it is a good time for purchasing luxury items or a new home.

Remedy: Perform the worship and fast of Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi. Also, offer red flowers to her on Fridays.


Pisces, Venus rules the third and eighth houses in their birth chart. On December 25, 2023, Venus will transit into their ninth house, which signifies aspects related to religion, spiritual activities, paternal relations, long-distance travel, pilgrimage, and fortune. While Venus is generally not considered a friendly planet for Pisces individuals, its transit in Scorpio in the ninth house is considered favorable.

During this period, Pisces natives are likely to develop a strong inclination towards spirituality, actively participating in religious activities. Relationships with fathers, mentors, and gurus will be harmonious, providing opportunities to spend quality time with them. As a result, individuals may benefit from their wisdom and experience, facilitating personal and spiritual growth.

However, Pisces individuals are advised to be cautious about their health during this Venus transit in Scorpio. Considerable expenses on long-distance travel are anticipated, so financial planning is recommended. The transit is particularly beneficial for Pisces students pursuing higher education, especially in areas such as research, master’s, or Ph.D. in science.

Venus, sitting in the ninth house during this transit, will have an influence on the third house, which represents siblings, interests, and short journeys. Pisces individuals may find themselves engaged in hobbies, spending money on them, and fostering good relationships with siblings and cousins. There may be plans for short journeys or visits to pilgrimage sites with them. Those involved in entertainment media or the entertainment business will find this period creatively fulfilling.

Remedy: Perform Friday worship of Goddess Lakshmi and offer lotus flowers to her.