Vaastu Tips for Marital Happiness


Vaastu defects can reduce love and harmony between partners. Follow the simple suggestions given here as tips and enjoy increased love, harmony and satisfaction in married life :

• Never keep broken or faulty items in the bedroom as these fill the area with negative energy.

• Prefer a single-piece double bed instead of two beds kept joined. Two beds encourage separation.

• Avoid keeping television, items related to office work or study in the bedroom as these take away the feelings of comfort and let-go.

• Keep the album of your marriage photographs in the room and keep viewing it together frequently.

• Avoid a beam in the ceiling right over the bed.

• Avoid making a temple in the bedroom, if unavoidable due to space limitation then use a partition.

• Avoid arguments or criticising each other in the bedroom.

• Use dark or light pink colour as much as possible.

• Fill a glass bowl with small pebbles or crystals and light red coloured candles in it and keep the bowl in the southeast corner of the room.

• Both partners should occasionally gift each other perfume preferably on Fridays.

• If you suspect extramarital relations of your partner then without telling keep a cowry shell under his or her pillow in order to regain love of your partner.

• On Saturdays keep a branch of Ashoka or mango tree in your bedroom as that makes the relationship more cordial.

• Avoid main entrance of the house or room in the southwest as that can cause unnecessary tension to your wife in particular.

• Hang a crystal ball in the sitting room for improved relations.

• Avoid empty space in the southwest direction of the house as that may cause enmity between partners.

• Locating an underground water tank near the kitchen can cause rift between spouse and her mother in law.

• A kitchen located in the southwest causes fight between partners.

• For cordial relations keep the windows open in the morning.

• A kitchen located in the southeast part brings harmony in relationship.