Vaastu Suggestions for Bedroom, Temple in Home and Kitchen


Vaastu Suggestions for Bedroom

The Bedroom should not have photographs depicting waterfalls & sea since such sceneries create conflicts between husband & wife. In case any such wall hanging or photograph is already in the room the same should be removed.

Never put a mirror in the Bedroom in case the same is there it should not be present in front of the Bed, the same should be covered with a cloth at night. In case someone is constructing a new house it is advised that the mirror in Wardrobes & Almirahs can be placed inside the door.

Similarly Television should not be placed in the Bedroom since it brings Yang Energy which a carrier of negative energy , whereas Humans require Yin energy which a positive energy carrier. In case the TV is existing the same should be covered at night so that there is no reflection of objects on the TV screen at night. Always switch off the TV from main switch & remove the plug to avoid any vibrations.

In a situation where husband & wife are facing some conflict or misunderstanding then the South –West area of the Bedroom should be energized. There should be more usage of red color for eg: putting of red color bedsheet over the bed, wearing red color nighty, putting a symbol of love bird in south-west direction, Khushi Chinh?? In the bedroom to create positive & happy relation between husband & wife.

The position of bed also plays a important role in the bedroom. The bed should be placed in a corner so that it takes less space & the room looks bigger in size. It also helps in viewing the to & fro of others in the room. While sleeping the position of the legs should not be towards East or South direction & neither towards the door. The shape of the bed should be round from the corner. The position of the head while sleeping should be towards the wall.

Both partners should take one big pillow instead of taking 2 separate pillows while sleeping. None of them should sleep below the beam, in case the beam is on their head they should put 2 bamboo sticks / flues wrapped in a red cloth & put them at a 45 degree angle adjacent to the beam. Picture of Lord Krishna with beloved Radha can also be placed in the bedroom for a loving relation.

Vaastu Suggestion for Temple in Home

The Temple at home should never be on South-West direction it should always be on Ishaan Kone side i.e. North-East direction.. If the temple is not in such direction than a person should face towards North side while praying to Lord.

Too many idols should not be kept in the temple. Not more than one idol of each Lord should be kept. Never keep a distorted idol the same should be dispersed in floating water / river. Always keep a sitting idol of Goddess Laxmi in the temple as she blesses with Wealth & Prosperity. The temple should be kept clean try to clean it everyday or atleast once in a week. Fresh flowers should be offered while praying. The fragrance of Dhoop & Agarbatti should be spread in whole house as this generates positive energy & mind remains tension free.

Vaastu Suggestion for Kitchen

The kitchen at home should be towards South-East direction since it’s a fire corner.

Black granite stone should not be placed since it’s a symbol of water. In case the black granite is there then a wooden piece of any other Mat can be placed below the gas. As water & fire should never be together in the kitchen. The sink should be on the left side of the gas. Kitchen should not be on north side.

If the kitchen is not in south-east direction, the door of the kitchen is visible from main door , if it is below the stairs & fire & water are on same shelf in case of such errors to improve & remove the negatives a picture of Ganpati Bagua should be placed on top of the door of the kitchen. One can even place crystal ball to remove the errors. There should not be any beam in the kitchen in case the same exists then a yellow color bulb should be placed in the kitchen.

Article by Mrs Pooja Gupta