Vaastu Shastra – Is Your House or Plot Auspicious For You?

Though now-a-days most persons go in for apartment-type houses built by promoters, those who wish to build their own house by purchasing good plots can use these indicators for determining whether the plot is auspicious and is likely to increase good luck of the inhabitants.


1) Dig a pit with length, depth, and breadth equal to one hand of the owner during an evening. Fill the pit with pure water (It is preferable that the family priest/ astrologer, or the prospective plot owner’s wife pours water in the pit). See the direction in which the water rotates….if it is clockwise, it is auspicious; otherwise, some remedies have to be performed like chanting of Bhoo Sooktham to rectify the evil of the plot.

3) Another method of assessing the plot is as follows: Dig a pit of the above dimensions (one hand’s length in length, breadth, and height). Fill the pit with water. Walk hundred paces away from the pit and return again. If the water level is the same in the pit, then it is auspicious.

4) While digging to lay the base of the house, observe what are the materials that are being unearthed.

5) The following are the inauspicious things if unearthed….. If termite, python, etc. are found, one should not build a house in such a plot. If chaff or husk, snake, eggs, etc. are found, building a house in such a plot and living there could give excruciating pain to the inhabitants. If cowrie shells are found there (sea shells generally used by astrologers), then it indicates trouble and quarrel. If torn cloth is found it cause extreme worry. If burnt wood is found it gives diseases. If burnt and broken pot pieces, or tiles are found, it causes quarrel. If iron pieces are found it indicates death of owner of house.

6) The following are good omens: Cow-horn, a conch-shell, oyster shell, tortoise are good omens. Generally a tortoise being found in a built house portends evil for the inhabitants. However, it is auspicious to sight a tortoise when the digging process for laying the foundation is in progress. This difference should be carefully noted. Apart from these, bricks, stones, copper coins, etc. found while digging indicate good fortune for those about to live in that house.


i) A rectangular plot offers success in all endeavours.
ii) A square plot increases prosperity.
iii) Increase of intelligence and wisdom happen in a circular plot.
iv) A triangular plot will give fear from authorities.
v) A winnow shaped plot (that is broad at one end and narrow at the other end) causes danger to pets of the family.
vi) A bow-shaped plot will cause much anxiety and fear to the inhabitants.
vii) If a plot has curved boundaries in two sides and straight boundaries on other two sides, such a plot can make the owner a pauper in due course.

A Thumb Rule for Assessing the suitability of a Plot/ House

Notwithstanding the above indicators, if on entering a plot, you feel positive vibes you may assume that the plot is suitable for you. If the plot is suitable to you, there will be a marked sense of happiness or a strange sense of attachment towards it as you set foot on it with an open mind. But, while making such an assessment, you should take care that mundane matters do not cloud your feelings. The same holds good for a built house also. i.e. if you feel happy and at peace on entering a house that is on sale, the vibes are good for you, and you may go ahead with the purchase.

A point by point analysis of all vaastu rules will definitely throw up some negative point or another, and it requires a real expert to take all those as a whole and give a good final verdict. Now-a-days there is either an unnecessary generalization of vaastu principles (Vaastu-compliant is a tag that builders promote actively for marketing their products; it is doubtful how many would have assessed the plots based on these guidelines though they might have adhered to general vaastu principles of layout of rooms!) or unnecessary sticking of vaastu considerations (amateur vaastu practitioners who are friends of the family will start picking up everything including no. of steps, the minutest angle deviation at corners, or whatever principle they would have picked up by their reading on the subject) both of which are not advisable.

There are lot of rules that counterbalance each other in vaastu shaastra and you should not get disheartened by single point dogmatic rules that might be disappointing. Get the service of a good expert energy reader (Reiki/ Pranic healers, dowsers, people who do regular poojas, etc.) or a good Vaastu expert to assess a house/ plot.

Energy readers can pick up the vibes of a house and say whether the influences are positive or negative as a whole. If you are a sensitive and open-minded person, you yourself can make very good judgement in this regard. Once you have decided that you are happy in a house, never ever let anybody speak ill about the house. I am insisting this because lot many happy families resort to modifications in their houses in the name of vaastu and find that they have lost the original happiness also! Any house in which you have led a decently happy and relatively peaceful life must have set in well with your vibe, and you should not disturb the equilibrium unnecessarily even in the name of Vaastu!

Article by: Pandit R. DAKSHINAMOORTHI