Vaastu For Plots

Complete Vaastu recommendation for Plots


1. Plot should be square of rectangular in shape. Square would be best. If it is rectangle then the ratio of length to breadth should be 1:2 and not more than that.

2. The ground level should be higher in South & West rather than North and East.

3. Plots facing North or East are better than those facing South or West.

4. A canal, a lake, river, nallah, a big well or pond should be in north or east only.

5. Heavy construction or mountains should be in west or south of the plot.

6. There should not be any big tree in north or east of the plot.

7. There should not be any pit or well in south or west direction.

8. All four corners should be at 90 degree (set Square). If only north east is extended i.e. if it is less than 90 degree, it will do.

9. All rain water should flow from south to north and west to east.

10. South west should be highest & north east should be lowest in level.

11. If all the corners are not at 90 degree then we should correct it before starting the construction.

12. If the dead end of a road is coming in our plot then it should be taken care of because some are good & some are bad. This is called vidhee soola.

13. Their should not be any hills or mountains in east or north side of your plot.

14. At the time of purchasing the adjacent plot purchase only in east, north or north-east plots. Never purchase adjacent plot in south or west or accept if even if offered for free.