Transit of Venus in Taurus – April 6, 2023

Transit of Venus in Taurus On April 6, 2023 at 10:50 am, the planet of love, beauty, and charm, Venus, will transit in Taurus. When Venus is positioned in its ruling signs of Taurus or Libra, individuals can expect favorable outcomes. Moreover, if Venus Maharaj is in its exalted sign, Pisces, the effects can be even more beneficial. Aquarius is an air sign representing male tendencies and is the eleventh sign in the zodiac. It is associated with financial gains and the fulfillment of desires. In this article, we will begin by exploring the effects of Venus transit in various zodiac signs, including Aquarius.

Transit of Venus in Taurus

Importance of Venus in Astrology

In astrology, Venus is recognized as a symbol of beauty, while Shukr Maharaj is associated with material happiness in life. Natives with a strong Venus placement in their horoscope can expect comfort, respect, and both physical and mental happiness. However, the results of Venus’ influence depend on whether or not it is afflicted by negative planetary effects, such as Rahu, Ketu, and Mars. Therefore, favorable results of Venus are only attainable for natives whose horoscope is free from sinful planets.
When Venus is in a strong position with Shani Maharaj, the natives can expect favorable outcomes such as a better career, respect, and financial benefits. However, the negative influence of Venus can lead to financial losses and legal issues for individuals.
This article will focus on the influence of Venus Maharaj in Taurus, providing valuable insights regarding the transit in each zodiac sign. Additionally, we will discuss both the positive and negative effects of this event.

Transit of Venus in Taurus and its impact on all zodiac signs:-


Venus transit in Taurus will bring favorable results for Aries natives. As Venus is the lord of the second and eleventh house, this transit will positively impact their family, economic status, communication, and desires. During this period, Aries natives can expect financial gains and their wishes to be fulfilled. They will also be able to make important decisions that can prove fruitful in the future.
Moreover, this transit will bring success in their career and business ventures, along with new job opportunities and the possibility of a trip. The transit will also strengthen their financial situation and benefit their love life. Venus’ presence as the lord of the seventh house in the second house can bring profit in creative fields and even lead to marriage for couples in love.

Remedy- Chant Om Bhargavaya Namah around 24 times on a daily basis.


Venus rules the 1st and 6th house for Taurus natives. The transit of Venus in the 1st house may bring positive outcomes related to legal matters, but borrowing money may be necessary. New career opportunities may arise, but starting a partnership business should be avoided. Financially, expenses may increase, and savings may be difficult. Venus’ position may cause delays in marriage, and health problems related to eyes and throat may arise. Pregnant women may face pregnancy-related issues.

Remedy: Perform Yajna or havan for Shri Lakshmi Narayan on Friday.


Venus is the lord of the fifth and twelfth house for Gemini natives. Venus transit in Taurus may lead to increased expenses and worry regarding children. Career-wise, obstacles may arise, but business abroad could benefit. Expenses may increase, and love life may face challenges. Health-related problems and financial difficulties may also arise during this transit.

Remedy- Chant Vishnu Sahasranama on a daily basis.


Cancer natives have Venus as the lord of the fourth and eleventh house. Venus transit in Taurus is favorable for them, bringing fulfillment of desires and possibility of buying a new house. Career opportunities and financial gains are likely, while elder sibling debates may occur. Financial situation will improve and love life will be favorable. Health will be good, except for possible infections. Venus’s influence will also help with children’s progress.

Remedy- Recite Durga Chalisa on a daily basis.


Leo natives have Venus as the lord of the third and tenth house. Venus transit in the tenth house will bring favorable results for your career, with opportunities for promotion and on-site work. Business people can start a new venture. The transit will also bring positive changes in love life and good health. Venus’s aspect on the fourth house will increase your honor and growth. Your siblings will provide full support during this time.

Remedy- Recite Aditya Hridayam on a daily basis.


Venus Maharaj rules over the second and ninth houses of Virgo horoscope. Currently, Venus is transiting through your ninth house, which is considered beneficial for Virgo natives. You can expect financial gains during this period, and luck and your father’s support may help you go abroad or travel to a new place. Business people can expect financial gains as well, and may even consider expanding their business or pursuing other ventures. Your health will likely remain good during this transit. Venus Maharaj is present in the ninth house, and its gaze extends towards the third house, which may lead to improved communication and a good relationship with your siblings.

Remedy- On every Friday, perform Havan Or yajna for Venus Dev.


Venus is a friendly planet for Libra and rules the first and eighth house of the horoscope, representing emotions. However, the transit of Venus in Taurus may bring mixed results for Libra natives. As the lord of the first house, Venus is present in the eighth house, which may lead to some health-related issues. During this period, there may be gains through legacies or speculative activities like the stock market, as Venus is sitting in the eighth house, which represents sudden gains. However, in terms of career, this transit may not be very favorable and you may face pressure at work. There is a possibility of an opportunity to go abroad, which may prove fruitful.

Remedy: A recommended remedy is to worship Goddess Lakshmi on Fridays.


During this transit, Venus Maharaj will move into Scorpio’s seventh house, which is ruled by the twelfth house. This makes Venus a malefic planet for Scorpio natives, and it can bring challenges in their love relationships and business. As the lord of the twelfth house, Venus in the seventh house can also create problems in family life. However, this period may prove to be favorable for career growth, although there may be disputes with seniors and colleagues.
During this transit, Scorpio natives may spend more money due to Venus’s influence in the seventh house. They are also advised to be cautious while traveling as there is a possibility of losing money during the journey.

Remedy: It is recommended that Scorpio natives recite Shri Suktam daily as a remedy for any negative effects of this transit.


Venus is not a favorable planet for Sagittarius natives as it rules the sixth and eleventh houses of your horoscope. Currently, Venus is transiting in your sixth house, which can bring unfavorable results for you. You may have to take a loan or face legal disputes during this time. Additionally, you may also experience health-related issues like allergies. However, you may receive benefits from ancestral property during this transit. There may be less harmony in your love relationship during this transit due to misunderstandings between you and your partner. This could lead to a major dispute, which may even require legal intervention. Therefore, it is advised to resolve issues with love and understanding.

Remedy: On Thursday, Perform a havan/yajna for the planet Jupiter.


Capricorn natives have Venus as an auspicious planet, which is the fifth planet of their horoscope and rules the tenth house. Venus will transit in your fifth house during this period, bringing favorable results. Financially, you will benefit and feel satisfied in all fields.
This transit will be good for your career as well. You may get a promotion or rise to a higher position. There are chances of going abroad as well. Business people will also benefit from this transit, with better decision-making abilities leading to profits. Trading people will particularly see good results.
Love relationships will flourish during this time, with a possibility of marriage for couples. Married couples will also enjoy their time together. Shukra Maharaj is looking at the eleventh house from the fifth house, which will bring you maximum profits and happiness in your family life. Your children will also progress well.

Remedy – On Saturday, Perform yajna/havan for Shani Dev.


Venus brings good fortune for Aquarius natives, ruling the 4th and 9th houses. Its transit in the 4th house brings prosperity, success, and happiness. Career-wise, this transit opens up new opportunities and brings luck. Business owners can expect profitable ventures and chances to save money or buy property. Relationships will be harmonious, and health will not pose any major problems. The 10th house influence ensures career progress and may even lead to opportunities to go abroad.

Remedy: A daily recitation of ‘Narayaniyam’ is a recommended remedy.


Venus transiting Pisces’ third house may bring dilemmas and mistakes in career, and business may face losses or slow growth. Financial benefits and savings are possible, but be cautious about travel expenses. Love relationships may lack passion, and health issues may arise. Spiritual journeys are possible.

Remedy: perform yajna/havan for Mata Lakshmi as well as for the Lord Kuber on Fridays.