The Sun and Our Health

Our Health is very much dependant on the Sun. Are Sunrays lethal or healthy for humans? You will find out lot of reliable and useful information in this article. The Sun and our Health are inseparable.


The Sun which we see in our skies is in fact a star like many twinkling shiny dots we see in the night sky. As it is closest to us as compared to other stars so it is bright enough to be seen during the day.

The Sun is at the center of our Solar System. It is about 109 times bigger than our earth and weighs 330000 times more than the earth. About three quarters of its mass is Hydrogen gas and rest is mostly Helium. Oxygen, carbon, neon, iron etc. are also present in smaller quantities.

Sun’s surface temperature is about 5505oC. The large amounts of energy are generated by the nuclear fusion process wherein the hydrogen is converted into helium.

As the orbit of the earth round the Sun is elliptical so the distance from Sun varies during the year, on average the distance is about 149.6 million kilometers and to cover this distance light from the Sun takes slightly over 8 minutes to reach the earth.

Importance of Sun …

Sun is not just important, it is essential for existence of life upon the Earth. Sun is crucial in completing the cycle of water, forming of clouds and causing rain. We know how important is rain so the Sun being the center of our solar system is in fact the essential center of all aspects of life.

The Astrological data of the Sun …

The Zodiacal Sign it governs: Leo

It’s Sign of Exaltation: Aries

It’s Sign of Debilitation: Libra

The Constellations (Nakshatras) of the Sun …
Kritika(The 1st quarter falling in Aries sign)
Location: 260:40′ to 300:00′ Aries
Sign lord: Mars
Constellation lord: Sun
Kritika(Remaining three quarters)
Location:00:00′ to 100:00′ Taurus
Sign lord: Venus
Constellation lord: Sun
UtraPhalguni(First quarter)
Location: 260: 40′ to 300:00′ Leo
Sign lord: Sun
Constellation lord: Sun
UtraPhalguni (Last three quarters)
Location:00:00′ to 100:00′ Virgo
Sign lord: Mercury
Constellation lord: Sun
Utraashadha(First quarter)
Location: 260:40′ to 300:00′ Sagittarius
Sign lord: Jupiter
Constellation lord: Sun
Utraashadha(Last three quarters)
Location:00:00′ to 100:00′ Capricorn
Sign lord: Saturn
Constellation lord: Sun

Significations: From Health point of view the Sun signifies power of resistance, vitality, inspiration, consciousness, Orange colour, Heart, Stomach, head, Right eye, general constitution of body, Pit as body humour or dosha, power of digestion

The Natal Sun …

Sun carries great important in a native’s horoscope. A strong, well placed Sun gives not only excellent health, happiness and contentment in life but also a guiding ray to lead a righteous life. Our western astrologers realized the importance of natal Sun so devised Sun Sign astrology. Vedic astrology relates Sun to the status of ‘King’ in hierarchical significations of planets.

It is interesting to see the role of Sun in the birth chart of Swami Vivekananda:

Birth Chart of Swami Vivekananda

Date of Birth: 12 January 1863
Place of birth: 88 E 30, 22 N 40
Time of birth: 06:33:00 LMT


In his chart Sun as the 9th lord is very well placed in the ascendant in the sign of Jupiter. Sun falls in the Constellation (Nakshatra) Utraashadha of Sun.

To further add Sun’s glory to his chart both the trine house cusps fall in the constellations of Sun as under:

The cusp of 5th house falls in the constellation Kritika of Sun and the cusp of th3e 9th house falls in the constellation Utraphalguniof Sun

In both the Birth Chart and the Navamsha Chart (D/9 chart) the Sun is placed in the same sign viz. Sagittarius so Sun becomes a Vargotam planet gaining further strength and auspiciousness.

The good natal position of Sun and its strength provided excellent health and an attractive personality to Vivekananda

Does Sunlight Cure Stress and Pain? …

In a controlled experiment by researchers conducted in a hospital patients who had undergone surgery were kept in two rooms after the surgery. One room was brightly lit with day light while the other had just dim light. Those kept in the bright room required very little pain killers as compared to those in the dim room. The difference in the cost of pain killers consumed was about 21 percent.

On being discharged from the hospital those kept in the bright room had very much lower stress and pain complaints as compared to the other lot.

Sunlight and Vitamin D …

Our skin under the action of Sunlight synthesizes vitamin-D. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium which is essential for strong bones. So sun light helps in the prevention of

Under the action of the sunlight, the skin synthesizes vitamin D, which makes possible calcium absorption in the intestine, helping the organism grow strong bones.

Also vitamin D and some related compounds prevent development of cancer cells so controlled and regular sunlight exposure can prevent cancers of breast, colon and bone marrow.

Does Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer? …

Too much exposure to Sunlight can cause damage to the skin. This damage is of two types;one is short term or temporary such as sun- burn the other is long-term such as skin cancer. Children’s skin is more delicate and sensitive to sunlight damage as compared to that of the adults.

Some doctors believe that the ultraviolet light of the sun acts on the acids in the skin to cause cancer. So according to them changing to alkaline diet instead of acidic one can reduce this risk. However it is best to use some protective sunscreen if long exposure to the sun is unavoidable.

Sunlight and Depression …

Sunlight affects our mood by synthesis of good-feeling hormones known as endorphins, so sunlight helps in chronic cases of depression. You must have observed that you feel a little depressed on cold and dark winter days.

The ‘OM’ Mantra …

The chanting of the Om mantra acts on the mind like mild sunrays on a blossom. You may have delighted in watching a blossom open up under sunrays; the same is the effect of this universal mantra on opening up our dull and closed mind into realms of greater awareness and enlightenment.

The Om mantra acts like a career wave for our thoughts so while caring to correctly pronounce the word Om we must also focus on good and positive thoughts. The regular practice of reciting this mantra with full concentration gives excellent health, good digestion and ever-new-ness in personality.

Offering Water to the Sun …

A Vedic method of propitiating Sun is by offering water to the rising Sun. In case Sun in your horoscope is afflicted due to sign or house wise bad placement or malefic aspects etc. then in the morning just when the sun starts rising fill a copper pot with fresh water stand facing the rising sun and hold the pot of water in your both hands, raise it above head and slowly pour water towards the Sun and smilingly glance at the Sun through the falling stream of water while reciting, ‘Om ghrini Sooriayenamaha’. Then stand there with closed eyes and keep reciting this mantra for a couple of times. Open your eyes keep the pot down and with your first finger of right hand touch the ground where water has fallen and put a spot (teeka) on your forehead. You will be blessed by the Sun-deity.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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