Astrology of Bold and Beautiful Demi Lovato

American pop rock singer Demi Lovato’s self-assured and alluring persona is reflected in her recent song, “Confident”.


The gorgeous 23 year old Demi Lovato with her full name ‘DemetriaDevonneLovato’ is an American actress, singer, and songwriter.

Astrology behind her Stunning Persona

She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America under the ascendant sign of Aries.

Her Mars falls in the constellation Rohini governed by Moon. Mars and Moon are conjunct in the 2nd house. The conjunction of her ascendant lord Mars with exalted 4th lord Moon considerably dilutes the harshness of Mars.


Although Exalted Moon’s association with Mars tones-down the usual strong Arian characteristics, yet she is blessed with bold and confident persona.

Lovato as a Singer

She is blessed with a mesmerizing voice because of exalted Moons conjunction with Mars in the 2nd house of voice and the 2nd lord Venus occupying the 5th house of talent.

In September 2008, during the sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Mars,Lovato released her debut album, Don’t Forget. During her tours she got into an altercation with a dancer and the fight made headlines, this occurred due to her sub-period of retrograde Saturn.

Lovato as an Actress

Her ascendant lord Mars occupies the sign of Venus which in turn occupies the 5th house of glamor. Also the 5th house cusp falls in the constellation of Venus. So Venus brought her to the glamorous world of acting in films and on Television.

Lovato’s Life long Prosperity

In her chart the conjunction of the 2nd lord Venus with the 9th lord Jupiter in the 5th house forms a combination for wealth (Dhana Yoga).

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Demi Lovato has an estimated net worth of about $20 million.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar