The Mystery of Longevity

The Mystery of Longevity

Longevity – What is the role of Good Diet? , We need balanced diet in order to keep fit. But longevity, only God knows, Well an honest answer is that eating habits have a direct link with good health, but no direct link with longevity. This may sound a bit awkward, but even many poor people having no access to balanced diet have lived exceptionally long life. From this one should not get a wrong message that diet is not important for long life. If you feel confused then wait for a while and things will become clear in this article. Age Depends on Life Breathe and Not On Life Span


Surveys indicate that in certain areas of the world where more people outlive (100 years or more) the average life spans (around 70 years) their life style includes the following:

• Living a natural life with some kind of work which gives physical exercise.

• Having company of others in the family even in late years.

• Good balanced diet.

• Some hobby or pastime to vent stress and negative emotions.

But the fact is that even in those areas not all people following this lifestyle live long.

What Decides Longevity?

Let us be clear that longevity or span of life is decided by the unseen forces which control one’s life. Well some of my knowledgeable friends may say that no that is not right, it is heredity which decides through genes passed on. Okay I agree, but it is again something not under our control? So what was wrong with what I said?

The Secret: The secret to all this is that the over-self of a person sends him or her down here for a certain predefined period of time in order to gain some specific experiences. Each one comes here with a pre decided life span, but the over-self can extend or shorten it as and when it thinks essential for the tasks in hand. The over-self can extend one’s life span if in addition to other factors the body is fit to live long. Bring Colour to your Life

What is Our Duty?

The above stated facts do not free us from our duty or responsibility in helping our over-self.

If we do our duty well in accomplishing the tasks assigned to us and have a desire to live long then the over-self may decide to extend the life span, so this calls each one of us to give due care to the following:

• Follow good eating habits such as eating a balanced diet and avoiding overeating to keep the body fit and trim, full of energy to accomplish set goals in life.

• Some regular exercise in order to assimilate what we eat and aid all natural body functions. For this we need to follow on regular basis Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.

• Keep our mind peaceful, free of tension and negative thoughts so that we are receptive to signals from our over-self for knowing and accomplishing tasks assigned.

• Live a righteous life and strive for good character development.

Article by:Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar