Age Depends on Life Breathe and Not On Life Span

Summary:-The age of human beings has been devised to be nearly hundred and twenty years. We breathe 21,600 times within twenty four hours. Inhaling air is life and exhaling air is death.

Leaving all worldly desires means destroying all sorrows, the age of human beings has been devised to be nearly hundred and twenty years. We breathe 21,600 times within twenty four hours. Inhaling air is life and exhaling air is death. A soul becomes subjected to time since being inside the womb of his mother. Diseases arise due to imbalance of cough, phlegm and bile. When these three have balance then health ailments do not occur. When there is any imbalance in the human body then many diseases arise. Many remedies and solutions have been described in Ayurveda to keep vital body elements in balance. Since ancient times human beings desired to remain away from diseases and old age and enjoy a long life span. Sages have invented Ayurveda to fulfill all such desires. Ayurveda is not merely a treatment therapy, it is a complete science to live life in an ideal way, and one can attain four folds of life virtue, money, pleasure and salvation with it. One can also keep his body, mind and soul in balance and enjoy full life span and attain the supreme truth.


By keeping the body, mind and soul healthy and happy the aspirant can get success in obtaining salvation. By keeping a perfect balance in diet habits, life style, day routine, night routine, thoughts, practicing celibacy and practicing yoga a person can attain perfect control in his life breathes, he can attain a long life span and long term youth with relative ease. Aasan, pranayam, getting during early morning hours, breathing pure air and urinating immediately after getting up on the bed helps one to maintain a healthy and energetic body.

By living a healthy life style according to the time and season a person can healthy and enjoy a long life span. Never stop the flow of vital health procedures like urination, cough, sneezing, hunger and thirst. You should fulfill them immediately. Do not eat a full diet meal, eat half meal, drink one fourth of water and keep space to inhale fresh air. All these steps are essential. Your diet should be pious and vegetarian. A person should eat milk, curd, pure ghee, green vegetables and fruits to remain fit and healthy. While having meal just chew the food well and include sprouted grains in your daily diet. Taking a walk after eating food can be beneficial to you. Sunlight, fresh air, water and pure vegetarian food are very beneficial for human beings. Never eat too hot food as bile, phlegm and cough get polluted due to it. Due to these reasons we may become victims of much kind of diseases. You can do suitable yoga exercises according to your age and health like pavan aasan, bhujang aasan, manduk aasan and shasak aasan etc. Doing these aasans is important and beneficial from health point of view. By doing pranayam one can control the rate of his life breathes. While doing pranayam and evening prayers chanting OM can be the best for you. By doing this the mind becomes pure and you get energy for your body, mental and soul. We can improve our entire life by adopting these remedies. In medicines you should keep on using Triphala, Ashwagandha, Shatawari, Bach, Giloee, Shilajit, White Musali, Shankhpushpi, Malkangni, raw wheat juice and Chawanprash from time to time. You should also keep full faith in yourself and the Almighty. You should start your day routine by doing Surya Namaskar and breathing fresh air. Before taking bath, sleeping and after eating one should urinate. By doing so you can get rid of back pain, kidney stones and urinary disorders. Eating fruits, sprouted grains, milk and daliya in breakfast will be beneficial for you.

If you want to get cured disorders like indigestion, gastric trouble, allergy and obesity then you should drink water sip by sip before and after half an hour of eating food. It has been found by researches that packed food has elements like Sodium that gives rise to ailments like high blood pressure. According to health experts eating excess salt and doing less exercise gives rise to problems like high blood pressure, obesity, tension and depression. Spices used in daily food have natural antibiotics that enhance the taste of food. They also much proven in stopping food poisoning. They also keep the food fresh. Turmeric can be used in daily life along with traditional medicines. Due to the presence of anti oxidants and anti inflammatory qualities turmeric has been proved to be beneficial to cure many kinds of diseases. These days raw wheat juice is being used as a very effective medicine. It has many vitamins and selenium that prevent cancer. The element selenium in this juice strengthens the immune system of the human body.

Raw wheat juice also eliminates harmful elements, heavy mineral wastes and dirt that get accumulated in the human body. If you want to keep your body healthy and free from diseases then you should take a balanced diet. We get five main elements in our daily diet 1) protein, 2) carbohydrates,3) minerals,4) vitamins and 5) fats. These elements are produced naturally in the human body. Yet when their production gets obstructed then we get ill. These elements keep the body warm and energetic. For remaining healthy it is essential for us to take a balanced diet. We should eat spices and chilly in our food in minimum quantity. Every human being has a natural amazing power. Due to hectic life style the number of diseases due to it is increasing day by day. Due to modern life mental tension has also got increased. We should get a medical checkup at least once in a year.

Most mental diseases are caused due to imbalanced day routine, late intake of food and less production of nutrients in the body. With the increasing number of diseases in the world the number of medicines is also being produced with the same rate. The drugs consisting antibiotics are having the greatest commercial value today in the medicine market. Due to hectic and fast life tension and stress have got increased. We can get relief from them. There are many remedies for this purpose for example being in a cheerful mood, being in a state of happiness, doing gardening, going on a picnic, doing exercises and meditation etc. Today the numbers of patients suffering of depression are increasing all over the world. Due to this such conditions are arising in the present time due to which many persons are being compelled to live a life full of tension.

In physical science life breathes have been concerned with the supreme divine being and almighty. This divine being pervades all over the universe in a uniform way. Sun is the main source that gives rise to the production of oxygen. In the body three kinds of organs also play an essential role to operate it besides five basic elements of nature. These organs also enhance the fire of temperature, hunger and circulation in the human body. Temperature balances the heat in the human body, hunger regulates appetite and thirst in the human body and circulation keeps a check on the inflow of blood in the body. This keeps the heart beats in a balanced condition. The entire universe is being managed and run by Sun. Absence of Sun means death, it means we cannot live well without the presence of Sun. The increment of carbon dioxide in our body can be too dangerous. Due to the increment of Carbon Dioxide the human body may suffer from many diseases. Even the energy level in the body goes down. Due to this condition the production of five basic elements of nature also gets affected in the human body. If the sub conscious body receives oxygen regularly then dormant powers get activated in the body. For this reason oxygen has a great importance in the human body. From all this we conclude that we should protect our life breathes in every condition.