The Correct Position of Electrical Appliance According to Vastu Shastra


The right placement of electrical appliances in a building is as important as any other item like water tank, bore well etc. The best place for placing these articles is South- East direction. If it is not possible to keep electrical appliances in Agnaya Kona / South-East direction in a building, then the best option is to segregate these items and keep them in North -West direction/ Vayavya Kona of the room.

Vastu Shastra

Vedic Vastu Shastra is based on the theory of five elements- air, water, earth, fire and ether. If the issue like the placement of electrical appliances, furniture or decorative items is bothering you, Vastu principles should be followed. Vastu Shastra laid emphases on the weight, nature, continuity, fastness and utility of the item in day to day life. For example, water element, which are flowing, cool and light in weight, it is natural that Vastu will recommend the East or Ishan Kona/ North- East direction for such type of items. In contrast to this, whenever fire element like generator, transformer, inverter etc talked about of their placement in house, shop, business place or factory, the South direction of the building or Agneya Kona/ South- West direction is recommended, because these kinds of appliances have fire in them.

Whenever these items are in use, they produce constant heat that is the reason Vastu recommends the mid of South direction to mid of East direction to place these items. So the best place for fiery element is Agneya Kona. In the same manner, we also use the light weighted other electrical appliances like-Television, Computer, Refrigerator, Room Heater, Heat Convector, Geyser, Main Meter etc. which also have fiery element in them. So the best position for these kinds of appliances is South -East corner of the house or is the personal bedroom. If the house is under construction, in that case you can instruct your electrician to place 15 ampere power points in South- East direction of the rooms.