Sun’s transit into Pisces on 14th March 2024

Transit of the Sun in Pisces:

The king of planets, the Sun, is soon going to transit into the Pisces zodiac. Pisces is the 12th sign in the natural zodiac cycle. This significant transit of the Sun is scheduled to occur on March 14, 2024, at 12:23 PM. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is considered the primary source of energy, accorded the status of a major planet among all others. Imagining life on Earth without the Sun is deemed impossible. The Sun is considered a masculine planet, naturally inclined to handle complex tasks with unwavering determination. Additionally, it represents leadership qualities in the astrological chart.

sun transit pisces

Sun transit in pisces

It is believed that individuals with a strong Sun in Aries or Leo in their birth chart reap various benefits in their career, attain financial prosperity, experience joy in relationships, receive ample support and love from their fathers. Those whose charts depict a robust Sun can yield positive results. Such individuals tend to assert dominance over others, showcasing strong leadership qualities. The Sun is exceptionally powerful in Aries, reaching its closest proximity to Earth in the month of April and attaining its exalted position.

The Significance of the Sun in Astrology:

In astrology, the Sun is generally viewed as a dynamic and authoritative planet that holds high authority. It signifies effective governance and principles. Additionally, it is considered a hot planet representing all regal qualities. Due to its warmth, individuals influenced by a strong Sun can exhibit intense and assertive behavior towards others. While some may accept such behavior, for others, it might be challenging to acknowledge. Therefore, those with a naturally assertive nature are required to exercise discipline and work with discretion to achieve success in life. Success in one’s career is believed to be unattainable without the grace of the Sun.

A strong Sun in the birth chart provides essential contentment, excellent health, and a robust mind in life. For instance, if the Sun is favorably positioned in a person’s chart, especially in Aries or Leo (its own signs), it has the potential to uplift an individual from a weaker state to a stronger one.

Surya (Sun) in Pisces and Its Impact:

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and it is considered a sign where Jupiter holds influence. Jupiter and the Sun are considered friendly towards each other. During the transit of the Sun in Pisces, the kings of the planets (the Sun) have the remarkable ability to bestow benefits upon individuals. While the Sun transits Pisces, those born under this sign may experience additional support from their children. These individuals constantly ponder over their future and progress, prioritizing prayer and worship. This devotion often leads to well-being and success in life. During the Sun’s transit, there is a high likelihood of receiving blessings and support from elders.

Prediction According to zodiac sign:

Let us now move ahead and know how this important transit of the Sun will affect the people of all the 12 zodiac signs. You will also know detailed information about the measures to be taken during this period.


For individuals born under the Aries sign, the Sun is the ruler of the fifth house and remains present in your twelfth house during this transit.

In terms of career, this transit may not be very favorable for you. Increased job pressure may lead to difficulties and obstacles in your life. Dealing with challenges and obstacles from your colleagues is also likely. Job satisfaction may be low, and you may feel the pressure of work more intensely. Recognition for hard work may not come easily.

For Aries individuals involved in business, losses may be incurred during this transit. Increased competition may bring stress and worry, and you may not receive support or cooperation from your business partners. Considering a change in your professional field might be a possibility. If you are engaged in share market-related businesses, there might be gains, but for those in regular business, achieving profits may be challenging.

On the relationship front, whatever connections Aries natives form with their life partners during this period may not bring abundant happiness. Attractions may diminish, and sustaining the connection might prove difficult.

Regarding health, the Sun’s transit could bring health-related issues such as pain in the legs, lack of proper sleep, eye-related problems, and financial expenses related to the health of children.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Bhaskaraya Namah’ 19 times daily.


For individuals born under the Taurus sign, the Sun is the ruler of the fourth house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your eleventh house.

In terms of career, this transit appears to be fortunate for Taurus individuals. New opportunities in your professional life may arise, and there is a high probability of obtaining success in your endeavors. Foreign prospects in your job may open up, and such opportunities are likely to bring abundant joy and satisfaction.

For those engaged in business, success is on the horizon during this transit. Taurus individuals involved in multiple business ventures may see positive outcomes and enjoy substantial benefits. Support from business partners will be substantial, and collaboration will be effective. Financial savings are also indicated during this period.
Speaking of financial matters, Taurus natives may experience an improvement in financial conditions. Whether you are employed or running a business, your hard work during this period is likely to pay off. The situation favors financial savings as well.

On the relationship front, the Sun’s transit indicates a strengthening of your bond with your life partner. The relationship is expected to become more robust, and maintaining mutual understanding will be relatively easy. The values and ethics in your relationship will be strengthened, leading to increased happiness.

Regarding health, the Sun’s transit in Pisces suggests a boost in energy and contentment. There will be an increase in joy and comforts. However, minor health issues may still be present.

Remedy: Perform the worship of Jupiter (Brihaspati) on Thursdays.


For individuals born under the Gemini sign, the Sun rules the third house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your tenth house.

Speaking of career, for those employed, this transit could mark a period of remarkable success. The development of your career is likely, and work-related travels will be advantageous, bringing substantial benefits. Setting goals and achieving them will be relatively easier for you during this period.

For individuals involved in business related to foreign trade, this transit is promising in terms of financial gains. Opportunities for significant development in your professional life, especially on an international level, are indicated. If you are conducting business in foreign currency, substantial profits are likely. Your strong presence in the market and a positive image among competitors will be established during this transit.

In financial matters, things may appear relatively easy for you during this period. High levels of income and the ability to save are indicated. Those engaged in foreign currency businesses may find themselves in a financially advantageous position, with opportunities to increase their income and save more.

In relationships, you are likely to soar to new heights with your life partner. A strong bond and mutual understanding will prevail in your relationship. Your commitment to values and ethics will strengthen, leading to increased happiness in your relationship.

In terms of health, you may establish good health practices, contributing to maintaining a high standard of living. Adhering to a high standard of living will likely result in good health during this period.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah’ 21 times daily.


For individuals born under the Cancer sign, the Sun rules the second house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your ninth house.

In terms of career, this transit is likely to bring satisfaction in your job. Despite the challenges you may face in your work and business endeavors, you will find success. During this period, you can expect support from your colleagues, enhancing your overall job satisfaction. Maintaining a positive and cooperative relationship with your co-workers is advised, and focusing on your professional ethics will contribute to your success. Unexpected job offers may also come your way, leaving you pleasantly surprised and providing you with a sense of contentment.

If you are involved in business, especially international trade, there is a high probability of financial gains through overseas business operations. Partnerships for foreign business ventures are indicated, and engaging in foreign currency business can be particularly favorable during this transit.

In terms of relationships, there are no significant challenges foreseen. Your relationship with your life partner will remain harmonious, and effective communication and understanding will strengthen your bond.

Regarding health, you are not likely to face major health issues during this period. However, there might be minor discomforts such as pain in the legs or stiffness in the joints. It is crucial to pay attention to your father’s health, as there may be a need for increased financial expenditure related to their well-being.

Remedy: Perform a Yajna (ritual fire ceremony) dedicated to the Moon on Monday.


For individuals born under the Leo sign, the Sun is the ruler of the first house, i.e., the Ascendant, and during this transit, it will move into your eighth house.

In terms of career, this period may bring some ups and downs in your relationships with colleagues. It is advisable to understand and address the issues with your co-workers during this transit. Your career development expectations may not be fully met, and lack of proper recognition could lead to disappointment.

If you are in the business sector, you might experience a decrease in profits, and adjustments to your business strategies may be necessary. Maintaining a disciplined and organized business setup will be crucial, and changes in your approach may lead to success.

Financially, this transit may bring both gains and losses. Caution is advised in managing your finances, as there is a possibility of financial loss during this period. Your commitments may also increase, making it challenging to fulfill them, leading to financial constraints.

In relationships, there is a possibility of ego-related issues with your life partner. Misunderstandings may arise, and it is important to address them to maintain harmony in your relationship.

In terms of health, while there may not be major health problems, you might experience pain in the legs. Your immune system may weaken during this period, so it is recommended to pay attention to your health. Incorporating yoga and mindfulness practices can have positive effects.

Remedy: On Sunday, make a donation of food to the needy.


For individuals born under the Virgo sign, the Sun rules the twelfth house, and during this transit, it will move into your seventh house.

In terms of career, you will experience ease and stability in your job. If you are employed, you may witness significant development in your career, showcasing your skills more prominently. Foreign travel opportunities related to your profession may also arise during this period.

For Virgo business individuals, this transit suggests high profits and successful business operations. You will achieve success in running your business efficiently, and this period may also bring healthy competition, giving you the chance to excel in the market.

Financially, this transit indicates favorable wealth accumulation. You will be successful in saving and managing your finances wisely.

In relationships, you will maintain honest and strong bonds with your life partner. Your honesty will strengthen your relationship, and you will experience stability in your personal life.

In terms of health, the Sun’s transit suggests good well-being. Your enthusiasm and energy will help you overcome obstacles, and your health will remain robust. You will have the strength and vitality to face challenges.

Remedy: Perform a havan or yajna for Lord Sun on Sunday.


For individuals born under the Libra sign, the Sun rules the eleventh house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your sixth house.

In terms of career, you may not experience complete satisfaction in your current job. There could be a lack of happiness and fulfillment, and you might find it challenging to fulfill your desires. If you are considering or planning to relocate abroad for work, you are likely to find satisfaction and growth in your career in a foreign land. However, without such moves, you might not feel completely content.

For those involved in business, this transit suggests moderate profits. At times, you may neither experience significant gains nor losses. Relocating your business internationally may bring high returns, and you might succeed in securing new business deals.

In relationships, there is a possibility of arguments or disputes with your life partner. These disagreements could be due to ego issues or a lack of understanding. Family issues might arise, affecting your relationship with your partner. It is crucial to address and resolve conflicts with your partner to maintain harmony during this transit.

Financially, you may face both income and expenditure. Proper financial planning will be necessary to manage your resources effectively.

On the health front, you may experience pain in your legs and thighs, but there are no major health concerns during this transit. Pay attention to the health of your mother and be prepared for financial expenditures related to your family’s health.

Remedy: Worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday.


For individuals born under the Scorpio sign, the Sun rules the tenth house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your fifth house.

In terms of career, this period may prompt you to consider changing your job for better opportunities. You might focus intensely on career development and achieving higher quality in your work. Increased travel related to work is likely during this transit. The pressure and demands at work may affect your peace of mind.

Financially, there is a possibility of moderate income during this period. However, expenses may increase, and you might need to manage your finances carefully. The commitments you make could limit your savings, and financial concerns may rise.

In relationships, there could be challenges with your life partner. Disagreements and arguments may arise, possibly due to ego clashes. It’s important to work on improving communication with your partner and resolving any conflicts. Overall, maintaining a harmonious relationship requires effort during this transit.

On the health front, you may experience pain in your legs and thighs, possibly due to increased stress. It’s advisable to focus on maintaining good health and consider stress-relieving activities.

Remedy: Perform a yajna (havan) for Jupiter on Thursday.


For individuals born under the Sagittarius sign, the Sun rules the ninth house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your fourth house.

In terms of career, your hard work and good fortune will lead to appropriate recognition and praise. Your professional attitude will be highly regarded, and there is a high likelihood of encouragement and promotion during this transit. Some individuals may also receive on-site job opportunities, bringing joy and prosperity to their lives.

On the financial front, luck will favor you, and you may achieve more financial gains in your life. Unexpected sources, including shares and other investments, may contribute to your wealth. You will also be successful in saving money during this period.

Regarding relationships, this transit will strengthen your bond with your life partner. Increased love and understanding between you and your partner will contribute to a harmonious relationship. Mutual understanding will grow, enhancing the love between you two.

On the health front, your increased immunity during this transit will be favorable for your overall well-being. You will experience a boost in energy and enthusiasm, ensuring good health.

Remedy: Perform a havan (yajna) for Lord Shiva on Thursdays.


For individuals born under the Capricorn sign, the Sun rules the eighth house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your third house.

In terms of career, you may encounter changes in your job or alterations in your strategies. This transit may also present opportunities for foreign travel related to work. If you are already in a good job, there might be pressure to change, and dealing with challenges from seniors and colleagues is possible.

On the business front, individuals associated with the business sector may experience neither significant profits nor losses during this period. Facing tough competition, you will need to handle challenges with a no-profit-no-loss approach. Competitors may try hard to surpass you, and you may face tough competition but will successfully withstand it.

Financially, you might not earn money through regular means; however, gains from inheritance and business are indicated. Despite earning well, there is a possibility of financial losses. Saving money could be challenging, but there are indications of gains from unexpected sources.

Regarding relationships, you may face difficulties due to misunderstandings and lack of compatibility with your partner. Engaging in arguments and disputes instead of love is more likely during this transit. Understanding each other and maintaining a harmonious relationship will be crucial.

On the health front, pain in the legs, joints, and thighs is likely, indicating potential issues due to decreased immunity and stress. Focusing on maintaining good health is advised.

Remedy: Perform a yajna for Lord Shani on Saturdays.


For individuals born under the Aquarius sign, the Sun rules the seventh house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your second house.

On the career front, you may experience pressure at work and challenges from superiors. Hard work may not necessarily lead to recognition and praise during this transit. Sudden changes or difficulties in your job, as well as dealing with strained relationships with colleagues, are possibilities. Considering a change in your job might become necessary for better opportunities.

For those involved in business, this transit suggests neither significant gains nor significant losses. There may be heightened competition and increased stress in your business relationships. Striking a balance and maintaining a peaceful work environment might be challenging.

Financially, this period could lead to increased expenses, and there might be challenges in recovering money borrowed or lent to friends. Concerns related to financial losses are prominent, and borrowing money from banks could become a necessity.

In relationships, the lack of understanding may lead to strain with your life partner. Arguments and disputes may prevail over love and understanding during this period. It’s essential to focus on improving communication and maintaining a balance in your relationships.

Health-wise, there might be concerns about spending a significant amount on your partner’s or friend’s health. Taking care of your physical fitness and overall well-being is crucial.

Remedy: Chant the ‘Om Mandaya Namah’ mantra 108 times daily.


For individuals born under the Pisces sign, the Sun rules the sixth house, and during this transit, it will be positioned in your first house, which represents the self.

On the career front, unexpected changes in jobs may be observed, but the prospects may not be as promising as you’d like. Dissatisfaction at work and the absence of immediate recognition and praise could be challenging. For those engaged in business, the outlook may be mediocre, with moderate profits and the possibility of losses. Increased competition and potential financial setbacks may arise, demanding caution.

Financially, you may earn an average income, but whatever you earn may be spent quickly, causing concerns and anxiety.

In relationships, there is a risk of losing the essence of love, and maintaining harmony with your life partner may prove difficult. This period might bring challenges in creating understanding and cooperation with your partner.

Health-wise, there may be a decrease in your immunity, leading to pain in the legs and thighs. The overall situation might contribute to stress, impacting your health.

Remedy: Conduct a Yajna (havan) on Fridays dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera.