Sun Transit in Taurus on 14th May 2024

Importance of Sun in Astrology :

The Sun planet represents authority and governance. In addition, it also reflects the principles of the native. The house in which the Sun is in a strong position in a person’s birth chart also signifies the dominance of that house, and often, it is known to drive and strengthen relationships related to that house.

The Sun represents the father in a male’s birth chart, while in a female’s chart, it indicates aspects of her husband’s life. How a person’s relationship will be with their father or how much support and assistance they receive from their father also depends on the position of the Sun in that person’s birth chart. Furthermore, the Sun planet plays an important role in providing stability in government jobs and strong positions in careers.

Sun Transit Taurus

Sun Transit Taurus

The Duration of the transit of the Sun:

The Sun will transit into Taurus sign on Tuesday 14, 2024, at 17:41 PM

Let’s learn about the possible effects of the current transit of the Sun on the lives of individuals based on their zodiac signs. Also, let’s find out what suitable remedies can be done to avoid its negative impacts.


The Sun rules their fifth house, which includes areas like entertainment, children, education, professional courses, and past karma. During this transit, the Sun will influence Aries individuals’ second house, which relates to speech, wealth, and family.

This transit of the Sun can bring changes in your communication style. You may become more outspoken and sharper in your conversations. You might use words that could emotionally hurt others, potentially distancing you from loved ones. During this time, your family life could also be affected.

However, this transit can be favorable for Aries students. They may grasp their subjects quickly and retain the knowledge well, leading to improved performance. This could be a source of pride for your parents, and they may show special appreciation for your achievements.

Financially, this transit could be beneficial for you. Multiple sources of income are indicated, and you might succeed in turning your hobbies and interests into profitable ventures, leading to increased earnings.

Professionally, your grip on your work will remain strong, and you’ll be determined to achieve your goals. There could be potential disagreements with colleagues or senior management at work, so it’s advised to maintain a humble attitude in the workplace. Overall, this period could be favorable for your career.

Remedy: Fill a copper vessel with water, add a pinch of vermilion and sugar, and offer it to the rising Sun while chanting the Sun mantra.


The Sun rules their fourth house, which includes areas like happiness, property, wealth, and vehicles. During this transit, the Sun will influence Taurus individuals’ first house or ascendant, which relates to the body, mind, and personality.

During this period, you may lean more towards the needs and well-being of your family members. You might pay attention to their security and every small and big requirement. However, your outspoken and firm demeanor could create some disagreements in your relationship with your life partner.

Health-wise, it’s advised to take care of yourself as there could be concerns related to headaches, migraines, or high blood pressure during this period.

For Taurus students preparing for competitive exams, this transit of the Sun is favorable. You can focus on your studies with dedication, which can boost your confidence in dealing with your exams.

Professionally, you might be more energetic and can set ambitious goals for yourself during this time. If you are planning to start a new business, this period is strong for that endeavor, and positive outcomes are likely.
Similarly, if you are planning for a government job, this transit of the Sun could be beneficial. You may succeed in applying for positions or scoring well in exams.

Those in service may face some challenges in taking orders from superiors during this time. You can try to overlook their advice and work according to your preferences. Also, planning for a change in your job could be considered.

Overall, there might be some strain in your relationships with elders during this transit.

Remedy: Drink water from a copper vessel in the morning. Perform a puja of Lord Surya and chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times.


The Sun rules their third house, which includes areas like strength, siblings, communication, and short travels. During this transit, the Sun will influence Gemini individuals’ twelfth house, which relates to expenses, losses, and foreign connections.

During this period, you may experience a lack of energy. You might face some challenges in putting your full effort into your personal and professional endeavors. Additionally, you may encounter some misunderstandings in your relationship with siblings, especially older siblings. You might prefer traveling to new places during this time and could plan some trips.

Health-wise, it’s recommended to take care of your eyes as there could be a risk of infections or allergies during this period.

Professionally, your work life may be a bit hectic during this time. You might plan some trips related to work, but there’s a concern that these trips may not yield positive results.

Those working with foreign markets or in multinational companies may see growth in their careers during this transit. Your successful plans and strategies in the workplace could be financially rewarding for you.

Those awaiting promotions may need to wait a bit longer as there is a higher probability of changes in job profiles or transfers during this period. There could be some strain in your relationships with your boss during this time, so it’s advised to be cautious while conversing with them.

Remedy: At night, fill a copper vessel with water and place it towards your head while sleeping, then throw away this water outside your home in the morning.


The Sun rules their second house, which signifies wealth, expression, and family. During this transit period, the Sun will transit through Cancer’s eleventh house, which represents income, gains, friendships, and expansion.

During this period, you may become more social and plan gatherings at one place to meet your friends. Additionally, you might organize a party or casual meeting with friends, family, or acquaintances to spend time with them. Moreover, you may come into contact with some high-ranking officials and can invite them for dinner or a casual meeting.

Those involved in married life can have a good time with their life partner, strengthening your relationship and understanding. Some of you may seek a good friend outside of your marital relationship.

Financially, this period can be beneficial for Cancer individuals. If you are in business, you can earn good financial gains. Reinvesting the money earned from business can lead to a significant increase in your income.

Similarly, professional individuals can receive good encouragement during this time, along with the possibility of promotions and better facilities. Your relationships with your seniors can be very good, enhancing your profile positively.

Overall, you can succeed in creating a good image and reputation in your professional life.

Remedies: Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra and specifically worship Lord Surya during sunrise.


The Sun is the ruler of their first house (lagna bhava), and its transit holds great significance for Leo natives. During this transit period, the Sun will transit through Leo’s tenth house. The transit of the ruler of the lagna bhava in the profession-related house brings strength and stability to Leo individuals’ careers.

During this time, you can succeed in establishing your reputation in society. Your relationships, especially with your parents and particularly with your father, can be good, and you may benefit from their influence or prestige.
However, there may be some concerns about the atmosphere at home due to the nature of some family members and their expectations not being very positive. Nonetheless, you may try to do everything in the right manner. During this period, your mother may face some health-related issues. It is advised to get regular check-ups for her health and take care of her.

From a professional perspective, this transit of the Sun can be favorable for you. If you have been waiting for a promotion for a long time, you may receive good news during this period.

For those waiting for a particular official position in their career, this period increases the likelihood of their dream coming true. This time is also good for making changes in your job and making government jobs your goal.

Those in business can successfully establish relationships with responsible and hardworking people during this time, which can be beneficial for the growth and expansion of their business.

Remedies: Wear a bracelet or ring with a red coral (lal turmali) in the ring finger of your working hand to receive blessings from Lord Surya.


The Sun is the ruler of their twelfth house, which represents expenses, spirituality, and foreign travel. During this transit period, the Sun will transit through Virgo’s ninth house, which represents religion and luck.

During this time, there is a possibility that your inclination towards spirituality will remain strong. You may undertake journeys to religious places to gain more knowledge about your religion and to understand scriptures better. You can also make efforts to honor your ancestors, such as organizing rituals or performing charitable acts during this period. Although there may be some concerns about your relationship with your father not being very good, there will be no compromise in mutual respect.

For students planning for further studies, this period can be favorable. You may experience an increase in your knowledge during this time. If you are planning to join a foreign institution, this period is strong. You should focus on your preparations or start your preparations during this time.

From a professional perspective, the atmosphere in your workplace can be satisfactory for you. However, you may not be able to concentrate on your work. For those dealing with foreign clients, this period is favorable. You may achieve success in making some good deals during this time.

Remedies: Feed a cow wheat chapati and jaggery on Sundays and chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times daily.


The Sun rules their eleventh house, which signifies income and gains. During this transit period, the Sun will transit through the eighth house of Libra, which represents mysteries, occult sciences, and uncertainties.

During this time, you may find yourself lost in deep thoughts. You may try to assess and evaluate everything accurately. Your relationships with friends may improve, but you might feel uneasy expressing your inner emotions to them. You may develop curiosity about deep secrets and truths in life.

In terms of health, you may face issues like body pain, burning sensations, sores, and a lack of energy, indicating weaknesses. It is advised to take care of your health during this time!

For students involved in research and philosophical studies, this period may be favorable. You may come across new subjects and studies that can expand your knowledge. You may also succeed in discovering something new with the help of your knowledge and skills.

Financially, this period might bring some uncertainties regarding your finances. Therefore, it is advised to avoid any kind of investment during this time, as it could lead to losses. It is also recommended to refrain from investing in speculative markets such as the stock market, share market, etc.

For those working in partnerships or joint ventures, it is advised to be cautious with your partners as there may be suspicions about their intentions during this time. Although it’s a favorable time for business growth and expansion, it is advised to wait for some time before implementing new strategies in your business.

Remedies: Perform worship of Lord Narayana and chant ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ 108 times daily.


The Sun rules their tenth house, which signifies career and karma. During this transit period, the Sun will transit through the seventh house of Scorpio, which represents partnerships, alliances, and marriage.

During this time, you may tend to be aggressive and outspoken by nature. You might face challenges in taking up responsibilities, whether in your personal or professional life. Dealing with your outspoken and aggressive behavior may pose difficulties for your life partner, leading to some issues in your marital life.

For those Scorpio natives leading a solitary life and looking to enter into a relationship, this period may bring proposals from good and prosperous families.

In terms of health, it is advised to take special care of your health during this time as you may experience anxiety, strokes, and cholesterol-related issues.

For those engaged in their own business, this time is favorable. You may succeed in creating a distinct position in the related market and earning a good reputation. Planning some essential trips for the growth of your business is possible during this period, and you may expect positive outcomes from these trips. Additionally, you may also receive some opportunities to work in partnerships during this time.

Financially, this period may prove to be auspicious for you. You may earn a significant amount of wealth from your new projects and deals.

Remedies: Apply a tilak of kumkum on your forehead and tie a mauli or kalava around your right wrist, wrapping it six times.


The Sun rules their ninth house, which signifies religion and fortune. During this transit period, the Sun will transit through the sixth house of Sagittarius, which represents competition, disputes, and health issues.

During this time, you may tend to be argumentative by nature. Your focus and interest in maintaining fitness may increase. Moreover, you may feel strong and confident in your approach towards everything. You may dominate over your competitors and enemies.

In terms of health, there is a possibility of getting relief from some past illnesses during this time.
For students preparing for competitive exams, this transit of the Sun is favorable. You may achieve success in your exams or reap the rewards of your hard work during this period.

Professionally, you can maintain a strong and influential personality at your workplace during this time. If you are expecting any support or facilities from your organization, this is a strong period as your expectations may be fulfilled. Your relationships with your team members will improve, and they will support you in all aspects of your work.

For individuals in government jobs, this transit of the Sun is also favorable. You may receive some kind of encouragement or may get promoted during this period.

Remedy: Add a pinch of kumkum or red sandalwood powder to the water while bathing daily.


The Sun rules their eighth house, which represents secrets, occult sciences, and uncertainty. During this transit period, the Sun will transit the fifth house of Capricorn, which represents children and education.

During this time, you may be inclined towards learning new things. Your interest may lean towards research topics. For those in romantic relationships, this period may not be very favorable. There’s a possibility of facing some disputes or arguments with your beloved during this time. This could lead to tensions in your relationship, and it might even reach a breaking point.

In terms of health, you may experience issues like acidity, stomach pains, and acid reflux during this period. It’s advised to take care of your health and pay special attention to your diet.
This period could bring some instability in your financial matters, so it’s advised to refrain from making any major investments, especially in speculative markets like the stock market, share market, etc., to avoid potential losses.

If you’re planning to invest in part-time ventures related to your hobbies and interests, this is a favorable time. You may achieve positive results in this.

If you’re planning to change your job or work profile, you can make efforts towards that. There’s a concern that your relationships with your bosses and management may not be very harmonious, which could negatively impact your image at the workplace.

Remedies: Offer water to the rising Sun daily and respect your father and fatherly figures.


The Sun rules over their seventh house, which signifies marital happiness, travel, and partnerships. During this transit period, the Sun will be in their fourth house, which represents happiness, home, and mother.
During this time, your relationship with your mother might be a bit tense as there could be some disagreements between you.

For single individuals seeking a life partner, this period could bring opportunities to find a life partner with the support and assistance of some family members.

On the other hand, for married individuals, this transit of the Sun can be generally fruitful. However, there’s a concern that during this time, your spouse may dominate you and dictate household matters, which might make you feel a bit troubled and as if you’re a servant in your own home.

Health-wise, you might experience issues related to cough and acidity. It’s advised to take care of your health during this period.

Aquarius students may feel more energetic towards their studies during this time. You may succeed in understanding and memorizing your subjects well, leading to success in your exams.

From a professional perspective, this period could bring success in gaining name and fame in your career. Job seekers may find opportunities to showcase their skills and start their careers.

Remedies: Donate jaggery in a temple on Sundays and practice pranayama during sunrise.


The Sun rules over their sixth house, which signifies disputes, competition, and service. During this transit period, the Sun will be in their third house, which represents arts, culture, courage, siblings, and communication.

During this time, you may actively pursue fulfilling your dreams and engage in additional activities according to your interests. Additionally, you may plan a trip to learn new things during this period. Moreover, you may expand your creative pursuits and engage in writing novels or other creative endeavors during your free time.

For those involved in legal matters, there’s a higher possibility of winning your case during this time. Your inclination towards writing may increase, and you may prefer writing novels or other content during your leisure time.

For businesspersons, this period may not be very favorable as you may not achieve desired results despite your hard work and efforts. However, it’s advised not to implement any new strategies in your business during this time as the outcomes may not be fruitful.

Remedies: Perform Sun god worship and recite the Surya Siddhanta daily.