Sun Transit in Taurus – 15 May 2023

Sun Transit in Taurus – On May 15, 2023 at 11:32 pm, the sun is expected to move into Taurus. It will stay in this zodiac sign for nearly a month, until June 15, 2023 at 18:07 pm when it will move into Mercury’s Gemini. During this period, the sun’s transit in Taurus will continue for about a month, and it will move through the zodiac sign each and every day, creating a unique impression.

The sun is often considered the world’s soul and our father, as it provides energy directly to sustain our lives. It is an important planet for all living creatures on Earth, as it provides light & energy for our existence. As the sun moves through different zodiac signs each month, it completes a cycle in about a year, providing us with nutrients & sustenance. Currently, the sun is transitioning from its friend Mars & moving into Taurus, owned by the planet Venus, which will have an impact on all the living beings. This transit can be both beneficial & counterproductive, depending on individual circumstances.

Here is the Result of Sun Transit in Taurus with respect to multiple Zodiac Signs:

Sun Transit in Taurus


As an Aries native, the transit of the Sun into Taurus marks the beginning of a phase where your 2nd house comes into play. The Sun governs your 5th house, and during this transit, you may find that your vocabulary expands. However, it’s important to be mindful of your words and at the same time avoid saying anything hurtful that could alienate loved ones & family members. Health-wise, you may experience some issues such as headaches or fever, but students are likely to fare well & see good results in the proportion to their hard work. This transit also brings opportunities for success in romantic endeavors & progress in matters concerning children. Your career will also see positive developments, but you may encounter conflicts with senior colleagues. To avoid disputes, try to maintain a polite demeanor and stay focused on your goals at the workplace.

Remedy: Fill water in a copper pot each & every day, and then mix kumkum then offer the same to the lord Sun.


During the transit of the Sun into Taurus, as an individual with the Sun as the lord of your 5th house, it will move into your 1st house, which corresponds to your zodiac sign. This transit can bring about a greater focus on your family, and you may find yourself supporting them by taking into account what is important while also feeling a sense of importance. However, this could lead to a feeling of overwhelm that can cause problems for you. While this seems to be a time for a married couple, tensions & arguments can be there due to certain conflicts in ego. Apart from that taking care of your health is extremely important as you may experience migraines, headaches, or high blood pressure. Students preparing for the competitive exams can expect favourable results during this transit, and they can feel more energetic in their career.

Remedy: It is recommended that you recite the Shri Aditya Hriday-Stotra on a day to day basis.


As a Gemini native, the transit of the Sun into Taurus will probably affect your 3rd house, which corresponds to your zodiac sign. During this phase of transit, you may face misunderstandings with your siblings that one should try to resolve completely as per the situation demands. This is a good time to plan trips, however you must be careful when making new friends, as they may cause financial issues. This transit can also increase your spirituality, as well as you may try to follow a spiritual path. You may experience body pain, eye-pain, headaches, or sleep deprivation at this time. It is advisable for you to avoid any action that could possibly harm your reputation in society, as your opponents may prevail. Some plans may be made in pure connection with work, and because of this you may have to travel.

Remedy: Before going to bed, fill a copper vessel with water & then place the same on your head while sleeping. During the morning time, after waking up, deliver the water to a red-flowering plant.


The transit of Sun in the Taurus sign will impact the 11th house of Cancer natives as Sun is the ruler of their 2nd house. This transit can bring fulfilment to their wishes as well as desires. Meeting good friends and influential people is likely during this time, and also building connections with them can be surely beneficial. Financially, they can expect gains & may even acquire a vehicle. However, there could be some conflicts in love life, and therefore you need to avoid actions that may probably hurt their partner’s feelings. The transit may bring financial profits, promotions, and government benefits for those who are working.

Remedy: One needs to chant Om Ghruni Suryaya Namah Mantra.


For the Leo Natives, the Sun God as the lord of their 1st house, and its transit in Taurus, will enter their 10th house. This transit will have a significant impact on their life as the Sun is the lord of their own zodiac sign. Consequently, the Sun’s movement into the 10th house will bring success and strength in their work area. When it comes to the private sector, Leo Natives can secure a good position. However, they may face some stress in their family-life, and it is very important to balance work & family life. They may also receive recognition and prime benefits from the government, which will add to their fame & reputation in the society. Some challenges may arise because of unfulfilled wishes of family members.

Remedy: The mantra “Om Brahmane Jagadadaharaya Namah” should be chanted by you.


During the current transit, the Sun will move into the 9th house from your zodiac sign, making it especially significant for Virgo, as the Sun is the lord of the dwadash-bhava. This transit will probably increase your spirituality, as well as you will actively engage in religious & spiritual work, earning respect for your dedication and efforts. Be cautious of any strains that may arise in your relationship with your father, & take care of their health. You may get a chance to visit a pilgrimage site or travel abroad, and a job transfer could be possible. You will find satisfaction in your work & will be diligent in your efforts.
Remedy: One needs to chant Gayatri Mantra around 108 times on a daily basis.


For individuals born in Libra, Sun is the ruler of the 11th house. During its current transit, it will move into the 8th house from your zodiac sign. The transit of Sun in the Taurus will lead to introspection as well as deep contemplation. Health issues, particularly those in relation to bile, fever, skin, as well as sexual issues, may arise during this time. You need to take care of issues in relation to the stomach. Any allegations made against you should be handled with extra care as they could lead to a departmental inquiry. Success in research & philosophical work is indicated. Business partnerships need to be handled with extra care, and efforts should be made in order to strengthen them.

Remedy: You can perform daily worship of the Lord Harinarayan as well as chant the mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate vasudevaya”.

OM Namah Shivay! A mantra of peace, a mantra of tranquility, and a mantra of harmony. Let’s come together for inner strength and growth in this new era of hope and positivity. 🙏😊 #OMNamahShivay 🕉


During the current transit, the Sun, the lord of your 9th house, will enter your 7th house as it transits through Taurus. But, this may negatively impact your life if you are a married person as your spouse may exhibit angry behavior as well as communicate with you in a rude manner, which can lead to tensions between the two of you. On the other hand if you are single, then you may probably meet someone from a good family at this time. It is truly essential for you to take good care of your health as cholesterol, sunburn, sunstroke, and nervousness may cause serious issues.

Remedy: Add a small amount of red sandalwood to your bath water & utilize it for the bath.


Sagittarius natives should note that the Sun is the lord of their 9th house, and during its transit in Taurus, it will enter their 6th house. This period may bring about opposition from your enemies, but you don’t need to feel worried as victory is likely to be on your side. However, one’s inclination towards quarrelling may increase during this time. Physical fitness should be a priority, as well as practicing yoga, exercising regularly, and meditation will prove beneficial. It is a good time to inspire people to follow the correct path. Competitive exam takers will get some favourable results. Health-wise, relief from diseases may be experienced, & people in government jobs will see favourable outcomes.

Remedy:  You need to offer Wheat to Red Cow on Sunday.


The Sun God will become the ruler of the 8th house for Capricorn & Taurus, while the transit will occur in the 5th house from your zodiac sign. Your mind will be influenced by the transit of the Sun in the fifth house, leading you to discover new things & explore spirituality. It is essential in order to focus on improving the relationship to avoid potential breakups. When it comes to pregnant women, then they need to be cautious during this time. There is a possibility of a job change & employment generation for the unemployed. Be wary of potential stomach-related health issues, including sour taste or acidity, by paying attention to food & drink. Employed individuals may consider part-time work alongside their jobs.

Remedy: Show reverence to your father as well as make it a habit to wake-up early in the morning in order to witness the rising sun & pay a visit to Dev Ji.


For Aquarius natives, the Sun is the ruler of the 7th house, and currently, because of this transit in Taurus, it is entering your 4th house. During this transit, your reputation in the family will improve, but you may also become arrogant towards your family members, which can create frustration & lead to estrangement. There may be mental dissatisfaction that needs balancing between your family & job. Hard work in your job will lead to success, as well as married life will be stress-free with the support of your spouse, thus bringing happiness to your family life. During this transit, you may experience cough or fever, so taking care of your health is also important. Students will have high energy levels & perform well in their academics.

Remedy: In order to improve your physical & mental health, make it a daily habit to wake up at sunrise & then perform Surya Namaskar.


During the transit of the Sun in Taurus, Pisces natives will experience its effects in their 3rd house, which is related to courage & emotions. This transit will provide you with exceptional bravery and courage, leading to opportunities for government sector profits. There may be a decline in your relationship with your siblings, and you may face legal-battles, but the outcome will be favourable. This transit could also spark a new hobby, such as writing, that you will pursue with dedication & honesty. This transit will bring career advancement, business growth, & potential for the pilgrimage opportunities.

Remedy:  Incorporating the daily recitation of Suryashtaka into your routine will provide numerous advantages for you.