Suicide is a Spiritual Crime

Suicide is a Spiritual Crime

Suicide Spiritual Crime – In the Spirit world or Astral plane a suicide is labelled as a serious crime. There is no consolation for a soul which returns to the astral plane due to a suicide committed on the Earth.

suicide crime

Days of life are not the same throughout one’s lifespan and there are ups and downs. Hardshipsand suffering may become intolerable and at one point the person takes the drastic decision to end life.

There could be many reasons such as suffering due to disease, financial scarcity, failure in examination, failure of a love-relationship, loneliness and so on. In most cases the suicide could be prevented if one gets timely help.

In order to strengthen our desire to live even in most difficult situations in life we need to understand the purpose of life.

Purpose of Life

A soul incarnates in a physical body in order to gain some specific experiences. The Soul is an intangible entity like a brain and needs a body to exist on any physical or material plane of existence in order to gain experiences.

So a suitable body as per the tasks to be performed is selected and at the appropriate time the Soul enters the newly formed body while it is in the womb. The body is just a puppet and the Soul is its driver or controller.

Existence in a physical body is for some limited period of time decided beforehand in the astral world. At the death of the physical body the entity occupying that body leaves and goes back to the astral world. This is the same as a person gone away from home for studies returns with knowledge gained and then plans the life ahead.

The ever-existing entity; your real self (Soul)-vacates this body after its death and goes to the astral realms of another dimension, which is a step higher than this third dimension in which we are at present.


Suicide is a tragic reaction to stress, pressure, anger, depression and sometimes mental illness and the desperate person ends his or her life. The person who commits suicide is unable to cope with the problem or situation and wants to escape from all this. But the irony of life is that you cannot escape the situation or difficulties by just ending your current physical life.

There is no Escape …

Life does not end with an end to your physical body. It is a fact whether you believe it or not. Generally people want proof of life after death and it is common to hear remarks like,

“Kisney dekha hai maout ke baad kya hota hai?”(“Who has seen what happens after death?”).

In our life we believe in many things just on faith. We believe when a doctor tells something about our body or ailment. In difficult times we go to an astrologer or Vaastu expert and believe what the expert says. Then why not believe those who have seen and experienced the other side of death?

Ending life through suicide is same as cutting short on your own plan, the plan of life which you decided in the astral before incarnating in a physical body. All situations, difficulties, obstacles etc. were broadly pre-planned in order to evolve.

So as soon as your soul lands in the astral world after ending life you are told by the Divine authorities that you have committed a serious crime and have to go back at the earliest in similar or even worst circumstances in order to live out the remaining time from your life which you have cut short by committing suicide.

So there is no true escape and you suffer more and repent for the time wasted.

Tough Times never last, but Tough People do! …

So instead of landing into greater trouble, wasting precious time and unnecessarily lengthening our path of evolution why not become tough and better equipped to cope with the problems of life.Our efforts in this regard will help us evolve fast and enable us to move to finer and higher planes of existence where life is full of bliss!

In order for our soul to evolve we have to successfully endure the tough life situations as and when they come on this lowly three dimensional world of existence. After our successful incarnations on this plane we move to better life on higher dimensional planes of existence. On higher dimensional planes there is no suffering.

Take help of Astrology

Get your child’s horoscope analysed well in time to know about any suicidal indications. An expert can guide you to take help of remedial measures in case any such indications exist. Remedial measures combined with parental help may save many precious lives.

Astrological Indications of Suicidal Tendencies …

Unless you have in-depth knowledge of astrology you cannot analyse your horoscope for such complex matters so it is better to take help of an expert. This article is merely to educate you very broadly. Let us see which houses and planets are related to this aspect viz. suicide.

The Houses …

The houses 1st, 3rd and 8th are directly related whereas the 5th plays an important role in the background.
The 1st house or the ascendant represents the native, his or her core personality. So the self and its intentions can be judged from the ascendant itself. The 3rd house reveals the native’s courage, valour whereas the 8th indicates the mode of death. The 3rd house being the 8th house from the 8th carries much importance in this analysis.

The 5th house indicates the intellect of the person, from this house one can judge whether the native will let his or her intellect override the negative tendencies of mind. A powerful 5th house, its lord and signification Mercury can turn a looser into a winner.

The Planets …

Lords of 1st, 3rd, 8th and 5th houses, Moon, Mercury, Sun and Mars are to be analysed for strength and freedom from afflictions.
The afflictions caused by Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can be fatal in this matter.

Astrological Indications are only Probabilities …

There is no need to worry if you find any indications of suicidal tendencies as these are only probabilities. A lot can be done to avert dangers indicated in a birth chart. It will pay not to disclose any negative indications directly to your young child. Try to channelize your child’s energies into positive channels through his or her interest in good hobbies and sports activities.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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