Some Most Effective Remedial Methods

Some Most Effective Remedial Methods

These are simple yet very Effective Remedial Methods as they have been personally experienced. Those who had performed these simple methods got the immediate benefit and came out off the clutches of debts.

Effective Remedial Methods

Do Remedial Measures Work?

1. On first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha, go to Lord Shiva temple after bath. Offer Red Masoor Dal on Shivalinga and recite this mantra:

“Om Rin Mukteshwar Mahadevaye Namah”.

2. Recitation of this mantra 108 times everyday’ at home helps one to pay off debts very fast:

“Mangalo Bhoomi Putrashchaya Rinharta Dhanprada
Sthirasano Mahakaye Sarvakam Virodhak”

3.Offer sweet Pua (made of wheat flour& Jaggery) to Lord Hanuman temple on 27 consecutives Tuesdays.

4.Dry coconut should be filled with (Desi Khand – Powdered sugar and mixture of five Dry fruits and dig it under a Peepal Tree. This totka should be performed once in three months and gets free from debt.

5.Banana Tree male& female both should be planted in lord Vishnu Temple.

6.One kg roasted Rice, 250 gm Sugar and 125gm Ghee should be mixed together and feed the ants (Put this mixture in the hole where ants live) and chant this mantra:

“Om Namo Naman Chiti Mahaveer, Hum Pooro Tori Asha Tu Pooro Mori Asha”

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