Do Remedial Measures Work?

Do Remedial Measures Work?

Remedial Measures – Yes they do, but these are under the ‘Divine Will’ and cannot be manipulated just for selfish material gains. In whatever you want, try to involve the betterment of others, in order to activate the ‘Divine Will’.

Remedial Measures Work

We are taught at school that matter can be divided into two categories; Living and Non-Living. But ask a spiritually developed person, one gifted with Clairvoyant –vision (Having the power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses-Third eye vision), and you will be assured that everything lives; even a rock or stone is alive. The molecules and atoms of a dull, lifeless looking rock or minerals are vibrant with life, radiating a silent but powerful message!So how can in such a dynamic world the temporary darkness of despair make one gloomy without any ray of hope?

Remember that even the darkest of nights will see a bright morning.

In this world everything has been thought of and created by the divine forces with a purpose. Every problem was created along with its solution.

So remedial measures do work, but are not under control of selfish human mind.

A human mind, until it is spiritually fully evolved (rare to find these days), does not always operate unselfishly. So in order for the remedial measures to work you need to invoke the Divine Will.

Invoking the Divine Will …

The easy way is to sincerely involve the betterment of others along with that of yours. Here I must caution you that you can easily fool people but you can never fool the Divine forces and any such attempt acts like a boomerang bringing back the ill-effects with added interest. So always keep any promise you make with the Divine forces (God).

Human minds are not easily trusted by the Divine Forces, so you need to ‘do first’ or ‘give first’ whatever you desire to have. Suppose you want a certain amount of money for yourself or for your family then you need to prove your worthiness by first giving money (some percentage of the desired amount which used to be called Tithing) to a needy person or good cause.

Giving with the right attitude works wonders!

And this act of giving has to be with right attitude and feelings. If you give with a heavy heart or with a wish to get anything in return even favours from the divine forces then it does not work. Also making a show of your philanthropy negates the whole purpose of it. Always give with a sincere sense of duty; feeling privileged to help others and do it secretly without making a show of it.
Forget all your acts of charity. The act of giving with the right attitude is similar to sowing a seed in the ground and if you keep exposing the seed from time to time just to see whether it is growing or not then it never grows.
In case you do not have money to give then help others in whatever way you can, but do it first.

Never make false promises. Suppose you pray for any material gain such as money and promise to give in charity a certain amount when you get it and then after it materialises you do not keep your promise then no one can save you from the sorrow and suffering which is bound to come.

Never cheat others …

Cheating is quite prevalent in this world in various forms. Many unfaithful husbands cheat their wives by keeping extra marital relations with other women. A smuggler cheats the authorities. A corrupt officer cheats the general public. An adulterator cheats people by mixing harmful ingredients in eatables. A fake-medicine manufacturer cheats sick people. A fake currency maker cheats the government. A corrupt and insincere leader cheats the public and nation.

Such people in today’s scenario get away easily but they never escape the Divine Law of justice and suffer at some point in time.
Saint Kabira the great enlightened saint of India has very appropriately said:


Here the great wise saint says that one should never cheat others even if others cheat one. Because cheating others breeds sorrow whereas getting cheated by others gives one a sort of contentment.

The Role of remedial Measures …

So make yourself worthy by giving first before you follow any remedial measure. This way the remedial measures will have a much greater chance of working to bring the desired results.

Any remedial measure performed with a desire to harm others or cause them loss in any way always without fail acts like a boomerang bringing back on the doer all negative results, sorrows and misery.

One may have to take many births just to atone for that. Here is a friendly advice to all those business people who feel jealous about other’s flourishing business and engage a Tantric to spoil other’s show. For your own good stop doing it, it could be that your business is not flourishing because of your similar actions in previous lives?

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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