Saturn Sets in Aquarius on February 11, 2024

On February 11, 2024, Saturn will transit into the Aquarius zodiac sign according to Vedic astrology.In Vedic astrology, Saturn is considered a planet associated with an individual’s actions and karma. It is believed that Saturn delivers results based on a person’s deeds, earning it the name of the planet governing karmic outcomes. This significant shift of Saturn into the Aquarius sign is scheduled to occur at 1:55 AM on February 11, 2024.

saturn transit in aquarius

saturn transit in aquarius

Due to Saturn’s transit into Aquariusindividuals with Sagittarius moon sign will experience the conclusion of the second phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati, bringing both liberation and the commencement of the third phase. Simultaneously, for Capricorn moon sign individuals, the second phase of Sade Sati will come to an end, marking the beginning of the third phase. The first phase of Sade Sati for Aquarius moon sign will also conclude, followed by the initiation of the second phase.

Additionally, Libra moon sign individuals will be relieved from the Dhaiya (smaller transit of Saturn) effects, while Scorpio moon sign individuals will experience liberation from Saturn’s Dhaiya. Similarly, the eighth house Saturn Dhaiya will commence for Cancer moon sign individuals.

Saturn Planet in Astrology

In astrology, the planet Saturn teaches individuals to live with discipline and respect justice in their lives. Similar to a teacher who guides our energy in the right direction in life, Saturn prevents us from making mistakes first with love and then corrects us with punishment. In this way, Saturn proves to be helpful in establishing discipline in one’s life. It teaches us and also provides punishment for mistakes.

It is believed that individuals who receive the blessings of Lord Saturn easily learn to work with discipline and within boundaries. The significant transition of Saturn into the Aquarius sign will clarify the consequences of Saturn’s tough decisions and how much mercy Saturn will bestow upon those who face difficulties in life. The position of Saturn can also bring stability to individuals’ careers. With Saturn’s transit into Aquarius, individuals will understand their goals, enabling them to achieve them according to their capabilities.

Now, let’s move forward and understand the various areas of life such as business, job, marriage, etc., and how they will be influenced by Saturn’s transit into the Aquarius sign. We will also explore the effects of Saturn’s transit into Aquarius on areas like love, children, education, health, etc.

Let’s move forward now and understand how Saturn’s transit into Aquarius will impact the lives of all 12 zodiac signs.


The impact of Saturn’s transit into Aquarius may pose some obstacles in acquiring wealth, and satisfaction in life might be elusive. Planning for every phase of life will be crucial, and witnessing results and ease may not be as straightforward. However, success will come after some delay.

Talking about the career, you may experience some benefits, although complete satisfaction might be hard to achieve. There could be a temporary setback in work-related matters, and achieving a prominent position may not be immediate. Decisions regarding your job may face delays, and you might feel stuck.

For those involved in business, Saturn’s transit into Aquarius may bring moderate gains. You might face tough competition during this period, and the results in the business sector could be mixed. Despite earning profits, you may feel that the income is not sufficient to fulfill your desires.

In the context of relationships, Saturn’s transit can make relationships with your life partner smoother. Satisfaction in both of your relationships will be attained. However, you may experience some disturbances related to ego, which could lead to potential disagreements. It is advised to avoid arguments to maintain a friendly relationship.

Regarding health, there may not be significant health issues during this period, but concerns about foot pain due to stress and mental anxiety are likely. A sense of insecurity may prevail, but it is essential to assure yourself that nothing significant will go wrong in your life.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Mandaya Namah’ 44 times daily.


Saturn’s transit into Aquarius may result in fluctuations in your job. Opting for a new job might become a compelling option for better opportunities, and satisfaction will likely follow. Some adjustments in your work life might be necessary, and making those adjustments will prove beneficial for you.

Career-wise, you might face challenges in obtaining high profits quickly, causing concerns about your career. Hard work may not receive the expected recognition, leading to frustration. Colleagues may oppose you, creating a period of distress. It’s essential to make strategic changes in your business approach to maximize profits. The competition will be tough, and your business results may vary. Despite earning profits, you might feel unsatisfied due to unmet desires.

In terms of relationships, you may encounter some significant challenges with your life partner. Maintaining a harmonious relationship will require effort, as ego-related issues may lead to disputes. It’s advisable to avoid arguments to ensure a peaceful relationship.

Health-wise, there may not be major health concerns, but stress might cause foot pain. Insecurity may persist, but it’s crucial to assure yourself that significant troubles are not on the horizon.

Remedy: On Saturdays, consider donating clothes to those in need.


Saturn’s transit into Aquarius suggests that you might encounter better opportunities related to luck, long-distance travel, gains from foreign sources, and an increased interest in spiritual matters. This period is likely to bring many successes and positive developments in your life.

Career-wise, you can expect favorable returns and growth. Recognition and appreciation from seniors will boost your confidence. New job opportunities may come your way, bringing satisfaction. Your self-confidence and energy will receive a significant boost during this period.

For those involved in business, this period may bring substantial profits. You will stay ahead of your competitors, and your business will flourish due to increased presence and self-assurance. Success as a prosperous entrepreneur is on the cards.

Financially, you are expected to accumulate more wealth. Your organized approach and plans will yield positive results. Savings will increase during this time.

On a personal level, this period is conducive to building stronger and happier relationships with your life partner. Mature and softer perspectives will enhance your relationship. You will progress on the path of creating harmonious bonds with your life partner.

Health-wise, maintaining good health should be relatively easy during this period. While there might be minor issues like foot pain, major health concerns are not likely.

Remedy: Chant the mantra ‘Om Shanichray Namah:’ 21 times daily.


During Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, you may receive unexpected financial gains through unconventional sources or inheritance. Accumulation of wealth is indicated, and sudden monetary benefits are likely.

Career-wise, you might face changes in your job, which could bring about increased confidence and stability. Success in your work is on the horizon, and you may receive encouragement and recognition, leading to potential promotions during this period.

If you are in business, unexpected profits are foreseen. This period will prove highly beneficial for those involved in the stock market, bringing substantial returns and a prominent position in the industry.

Regarding relationships, you will successfully maintain harmonious and happy connections with your life partner. A mature and supportive approach will strengthen your relationship, fostering a positive environment. This phase is conducive to building a solid foundation in your personal life.

On the health front, minor issues like foot pain or gas troubles may arise, but overall, you are expected to enjoy good health. Regular practice of meditation or mindfulness activities will bring additional health benefits.

Remedy: Conduct a fast on Mondays and ensure that women participate in it.


During Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, you will develop more friendships and collaborations. Positive investment in business ventures will lead to financial gains. Long-distance travel is also indicated and is likely to be beneficial for you.

Career-wise, if you are employed, you will find satisfaction in your work. However, some challenges with colleagues may arise, affecting your performance. It’s advisable to maintain a cooperative attitude and stay focused on your goals.

For those in business, strategic changes and wise policies will be crucial for favorable outcomes. Networking in business will be advantageous, leading to increased profits and a prominent position in the industry.

On the relationship front, you will maintain harmonious and supportive connections with your life partner. Bonding with your partner will strengthen, creating a positive and joyful environment.

In terms of health, you will enjoy good overall well-being. While minor issues like headaches may occur, there are no major health concerns. Your high energy levels will contribute to maintaining robust health.

Remedy: Chant the Om Hanumante Namah: mantra 21 times daily.


Saturn’s transit through Aquarius may bring some delays and challenges in your business and efforts. You might face concerns related to your children’s progress and financial issues. Due to additional responsibilities, you may find it challenging to achieve complete satisfaction.

In terms of career, if you are employed, success may not come as easily during this period. Work-related pressure might increase, and you may face opposition from colleagues. It’s important to stay patient and handle obstacles with perseverance.

For those in business, there might be a struggle to make significant profits, and you may need to navigate both gains and losses. Partnerships may encounter challenges, requiring careful handling of situations.

On the relationship front, maintaining harmonious connections with family members and your life partner may pose challenges. Open communication and patience will be essential during this period.

In health matters, issues related to legs and knees may arise, possibly due to stress. It’s crucial to manage stress effectively to overcome these health concerns.

Remedy: Chanting the Vishnu Sahasranama daily can be beneficial during this period.


Saturn’s transit in Aquarius may bring concerns regarding your children’s development and your future. However, it might be a favorable period for those involved in business and speculative activities, where success is possible. On the flip side, there may be a lack of love and affection in your relationships, making you reserved around family and loved ones.

In terms of career, if you are employed, achieving complete job satisfaction might be challenging. Dissatisfaction at the workplace could lead to contemplation about changing your job or career path.

For those in business, financial gains might not be as significant, and you may need to navigate through both profits and losses. It’s essential to be cautious in your business decisions during this time.

On the relationship front, maintaining harmonious connections with family members and your life partner may pose challenges. Open communication and patience will be essential during this period.

In health matters, issues related to legs and knees may arise, possibly due to stress. It’s crucial to manage stress effectively to overcome these health concerns.

Remedy: Offering food to crows on Saturdays and performing Saturn’s worship may prove beneficial during this period.


Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars. Saturn governs your third and fourth houses and is transitioning into the fourth house.

During Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, you may experience a lack of comfort and face some challenges in your domestic life. Additionally, concerns about your mother’s health may require significant financial expenditure.

In terms of your career, if you’re employed, achieving complete job satisfaction might be elusive due to increased work pressure. Challenges from superiors may also add to your stress during this period.

For Scorpios involved in business, the anticipation of more significant losses than gains is foreseen. Adapting and changing your business strategies will be crucial to maintaining stability.

Relationships may face a challenging phase, and a lack of transparency with your life partner might create emotional distance. It is advised to work on open communication to avoid misunderstandings.

Health wise, be cautious about back pain and joint-related issues. Stress management and regular exercise could help alleviate these problems.

Remedy: Chanting the mantra Om Manday Namah:’ 17 times daily is recommended during this period.


Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Saturn governs your second and third houses and is transiting into the third house.

During Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, you might experience a lack of comfort and face delays in your endeavors. Travel-related issues and obstacles are also indicated during this period.

On the professional front, you may feel the burden of work pressure and face challenges from colleagues. Your job might not bring the expected satisfaction, and dealing with superiors could be stressful.

For those involved in business, moderate profits are foreseen, and adapting your business strategies is crucial for stability.

In terms of relationships, it is advised to maintain transparency with your life partner to avoid emotional distance. Misunderstandings might arise due to communication gaps.

Health wise, be cautious about dental and foot problems. A compromised immune system could make you susceptible to various illnesses.

Remedy: Chant the mantra Om Gurve Namah: 21 times daily to mitigate the challenges during this period.


Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn governs your first and second houses and is transitioning into the second house.

During Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, you might face financial issues and insecurities within the family. Feelings of instability may prevail during this period.

On the professional front, changes in your job might bring dissatisfaction. Mistakes in planning and a lack of satisfaction at work could lead to challenges.

For those in the business sector, difficulties and losses are possible due to poor planning and a lack of vision. Adaptation of better strategies is advised for stability.

In relationships, the period may bring misunderstandings and conflicts with your life partner. Misconceptions due to a lack of communication might strain your bond.

Health wise, eye discomfort and dental issues might trouble you. Digestive problems could also be a cause for concern.

Remedy: On Saturdays, feed yogurt and rice to disabled individuals to pacify the effects of Saturn’s transit.


Aquarius is a fixed and airy sign, and Saturn, your ruler, is transiting your first house (Lagna).

During Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, health issues related to teeth and eyes may be a concern. Be cautious and attentive to these aspects. Career-wise, you might experience changes in your job pattern and increased travel. Dissatisfaction at work might lead to a job change.

For those in business, partnerships may pose challenges, and poor decisions could result in losses. Financially, there might be losses, and gaining substantial wealth could be difficult. Travel during this period might also lead to financial setbacks.

In relationships, ego-related issues could strain your bond with your life partner. Understanding and maintaining trust are advised to avoid conflicts.

Health-wise, sleep disturbances could be a concern, and stress levels may increase. Focus on mindfulness and personal growth to mitigate these challenges.

Remedy: Perform a Saturn Homa on Saturdays.


Pisces, being the last sign in the zodiac, is a watery and mutable sign. Saturn is transiting your 11th and soon to be in the 12th house.

During Saturn’s transit in Aquarius, you may experience a reduction in benefits, leading to potential losses. Your patience may be tested, and you might miss several good opportunities. Career-wise, you may face situations where losing a job or changing it becomes a reality. Hard work may not be adequately recognized during this time.

Financially, there could be sudden money losses, causing concern about your future. If you are employed abroad, you may earn well, but sudden expenses might offset your gains.

For those in business, significant losses are possible. Coordination with the existing situation is crucial to avoid unexpected setbacks. Future difficulties in the business are also likely.

In relationships, disputes with your life partner may arise, and unnecessary arguments could strain your bond. Your relationships with your spouse and family may face challenges.

Health-wise, you might experience pain in the thighs and legs. Due to stress and a weakened immune system, various health issues may arise.

Remedy: Perform a Saturn Homa on Saturdays.