Saturn Rising in Aquarius on 18th March 2024

Saturn will rise in the Aquarius sign on 18th March 2024. Saturn has been in retrograde motion since 11th February 2024, and now, at 7:49 AM on 18th March 2024, it will come out of retrograde and enter the direct motion. Saturn is considered the most important planet in Vedic astrology because it moves at a very slow pace and stays in one sign for about two and a half years, deeply impacting a person’s life. Therefore, when Saturn transitions from retrograde to direct motion, it is capable of bringing significant changes in people’s lives. It is evident that Saturn’s transition from retrograde to direct motion will be highly auspicious for some individuals, while others may face challenges.

Saturn Transit Aquarius

Saturn Transit Aquarius

Importance of Saturn in Astrology:

In Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is considered the ruler of two signs, Capricorn (Makar) and Aquarius (Kumbh). It is considered exalted in the sign ruled by Venus, Libra (Tula), and debilitated in the sign ruled by Mars, Aries (Mesh). Due to its slow movement, Saturn is also known as “Mand” (slow) in Hindi. It is the slowest-moving planet among all the nine planets, taking about two and a half years to transit through one sign and approximately 30 years to complete one full cycle from Aries to Pisces (Mesh to Meen).

It is commonly believed that Saturn is a malefic planet because it brings challenges such as reality checks, discipline, law, patience, hard work, perseverance, and strong determination along with problems. However, from a practical perspective, these qualities impart a unique personality to individuals and test their endurance.

Saturn rising in Aquarius: Horoscope and remedies according to zodiac sign:


For individuals with Aries (Mesh) sign, Saturn is the ruler of the tenth and eleventh houses, and currently, it is transiting in your eleventh house.

Saturn’s transit in Aquarius (Kumbh) will bring closure to the challenges you have been facing in your career sector. The obstacles that were troubling you and the hidden adversaries will now come to light, and you will overcome them with determination. Uncertainties regarding your career will diminish, and you will start achieving success in your professional life. You will work hard, as you did before, but now your efforts will be recognized by your superiors, leading to your advancement. The path to your promotion will be clear. There will be improvements in your financial situation, and you may gain wealth through delayed promotions. If you were trying to go abroad, you may succeed in your endeavors. However, there might be some distance from the family or a need to stay away from home for some time, but it will be in your best interest.

New efforts in business will be successful, and unemployed individuals may find employment. You will earn a good daily income. Pay attention to your married life, as your efforts will make your marital life happier. If you are a student, this is a good time to find a job related to your education.

Remedy: Recite Shri Hanuman Bajrang Baan on Saturdays.


For individuals with Taurus (Vrishabh) sign, Saturn rules the ninth and tenth houses, and it is currently transiting in your tenth house.

Saturn’s transit in Aquarius (Kumbh) in your tenth house will improve your social image. People who misunderstood you will now appreciate you. Your luck will support you, and pending tasks will start getting completed due to the grace of destiny. You will progress in your career, and there may be desired changes as well. Your reputation in the professional field will enhance, and you will succeed in creating a unique identity. Your hard work will lead you to success in all aspects. If you are involved in business, avenues for growth will open up. There might be opportunities for foreign travel or trips to other cities related to work. You will pay full attention to your family and understand their needs. New opportunities in business will bring progress. In marital life, it’s important to avoid conflicts and give sufficient time to your spouse. This period is also favorable for relocation.

Remedy: On Saturdays, you should feed ants with wheat flour.


For individuals with Gemini (Mithun) sign, Saturn rules the eighth and ninth houses, and it is currently transiting in your ninth house.

Saturn’s transit in Aquarius (Kumbh) in your ninth house will pave the way for sudden gains for you. Many tasks that were stalled will suddenly start progressing, and your problems will come to an end. There are chances of a change in your work area as well. If you were looking to change jobs, you may succeed in that too. Any ongoing conflicts with your father may reduce to some extent. This period may also offer you a chance to undertake a long journey. Business-related travels during this time could prove beneficial for the growth of your business. You will be blessed with luck. During this period, there may be fluctuations in your father’s health. Relationships with siblings may also see ups and downs. They may need your help, so support them in such situations. You will make new efforts to increase your income, and there are good chances of success in those endeavors. Your adversaries will face losses due to Saturn’s transit, and you will move past their concerns.

Remedy: On Saturdays during the evening, light a lamp of mustard oil under a peepal tree.


For Cancer zodiac natives, Saturn is the ruler of the seventh and eighth houses, and currently, Saturn’s transit is in Aquarius in your eighth house. Meanwhile, Saturn is about to rise.

Saturn’s transit in Aquarius is happening in your eighth house, so you will need to move forward with positivity in some matters and pay attention in some areas. During this period, you must take care of your health issues, and you should focus on not letting any health problem escalate because if that doesn’t happen, your problem could worsen, and you could fall into the grip of a serious illness. Giving importance to hope in life will give you the opportunity to move forward. Mental stress may increase, but there will be progress in your business. Professional harmony will be established, and you may establish contact with some new professional partners. If the position in the birth chart is not favorable for you, then this phase of Saturn will be called Kantak Shani. In such a situation, you will need to be careful. This time will be suitable for making long-term plans. You can start working on future plans now, and you will succeed in them. Harmony with in-laws will improve, and your relationships with them will improve. During this period, you can focus more on knowledge and religion, and your interest in them will increase. If you are related to this field, you will achieve good success in your field and may have good spiritual experiences. During this time, there will also be yoga for wealth acquisition intermittently, and there will be happiness in offspring.

Remedy: You should perform the abhishek (ritualistic bathing) of Lord Shiva Shankar Ji with milk mixed with black sesame seeds.


Saturn is about to rise in Aquarius, which is your seventh house. Saturn is the ruler of your sixth and seventh houses.

In the seventh house, Saturn gains directional strength, making Saturn stronger. Currently, Saturn is rising in your seventh house, and during this time, it can prove to be particularly fruitful for the progress of your business. You will benefit from long-term plans in business. Efforts to advance your business long-term will lead to success. If you want to expand your business, you may also find success in that. Your professional relationships will improve, which will remove stagnation from your business. Business travels will contribute to the growth of your business, and by meeting new people, you will be able to move your business forward. You will receive support from your life partner. If there were any issues with your life partner, they will gradually fade away, and you may see particularly good days in your married life. During this time, you should pay a little attention to your enemies. If you have applied for a bank loan, you may get it. If you want to work on something using your spouse’s name for a loan, you may also find success in that.

Remedy: You should try to keep the people working under you happy and avoid showing unnecessary anger towards them.


If your birth sign is Virgo, then Saturn is the ruler of your fifth and sixth houses. Currently, Saturn is transiting in Aquarius in your sixth house, where it is about to rise.

With Saturn rising in Aquarius in your sixth house, your immunity will increase, and there will be a reduction in old illnesses. If you were struggling with an old illness, there will gradually be a way out of it. Moreover, if there’s a legal case against you, the situation may start favoring you. Students will have a chance of success in competitive exams, so you should prepare thoroughly for higher studies or government jobs and be fully prepared for competitive exams. The struggle you were facing at the workplace will decrease, and you will start seeing the results of your efforts. Success is indicated in legal disputes. Your hidden enemies will come out in the open, and you will recognize them, which will lead to good results in your professional field as well. Your position at work will be satisfactory, and your hard work will bring you success in the workplace. Your relationships with maternal relatives will improve. Long-distance journeys are also possible during this time. You should avoid taking a big bank loan or debt during this period because it could take a long time to repay. There are indications of strong bonds in romantic relationships, and your love life will flourish. There will be happiness in offspring.

Remedy: To receive the blessings of Saturn, you should maintain discipline in your life and follow the rules.


For Libra (Tula) natives, Saturn is a yoga karaka planet because it rules your angular and trine houses, which means it is the lord of your fourth and fifth houses. Currently, Saturn is transiting in your fifth house, which is beneficial.

Saturn’s transit in the fifth house in Aquarius will create a yoga for obtaining happiness from your children. If you have been desiring children for a long time and that wish has been unfulfilled, now there is a possibility of it coming true due to Saturn’s grace. After facing tests in your relationships, it’s now a time to progress, meaning there will be strengthening in your love relationships. Sweetness will increase in relationships, and you and your beloved will come closer. Discussions about relationships can progress, and you may show efforts towards marriage. Regarding education, you will have to lead a disciplined life and focus on strengthening your educational programs. There might be changes in your job during this period, and you may have yoga for getting another job. You might see good growth in your income, and during this time, your income will increase, and there will also be progress in your business. You will love your life partner abundantly. Through your life partner, you might gain wealth. You can also be successful in accumulating wealth. During this time, following a disciplined approach in every task in life will bring success.

Remedy: Especially on Saturdays, you should arrange meals for visually impaired people or serve them.


For Scorpio (Vrishchik) natives, Saturn rules the third and fourth houses and is currently transiting in Aquarius from their sign, which is the fourth house position for them.

During this time, Scorpio natives should pay attention to their mother’s health as she may face health issues during this period. It’s important to focus on family problems, understand them, and fulfill responsibilities; otherwise, there could be discord at home. Avoid overconfidence and try to step out of egocentric tendencies. Along with family life, attention should also be focused on professional life. Hard work and vigilance will be necessary in your job. You may succeed in buying an old vehicle or acquiring ready-made property during this period. If you are living in a house or place and want to make changes to it, this could be a favorable time for renovation. Disputes related to property, if ongoing with siblings, may resolve, creating a peaceful environment at home. There may also be chances of changes in your residential place.

Remedy: On Saturdays, Scorpio natives should light a lamp of jasmine oil and recite the Hanuman Chalisa during the evening.


For Sagittarius (Dhanu) natives, Saturn’s transit in Aquarius from their sign will be in the third house position.
During this time, Sagittarius natives will benefit from travels.

There will be opportunities for short trips, and any issues during travels will be resolved. You may meet an old friend, refreshing old memories. Spending good times with friends and family, along with cooperation from relatives and siblings, will contribute to your success in endeavors. A younger family member or a sibling may travel abroad. Full support from colleagues in the workplace will improve your performance. A close friend may become your beloved during this period. You will enhance a hobby, and your interest in it will grow. Focus on both luck and hard work will bring benefits from all directions. Avoid laziness and focus on hard work, leading to financial stability and reduced expenses.

Remedy: Sagittarius natives should avoid laziness and help the needy.


For Capricorn (Makar) natives, Saturn is an important planet as it rules their sign and their second house, which is the house of wealth. Currently, Saturn is transiting in Aquarius from their sign, specifically in their second house position.

During this transit, Capricorn natives’ financial situation will strengthen, creating yoga for wealth gains. If any financial plans were stuck or if there was a source of income that had stopped, it may restart and provide abundant wealth. You will also be successful in accumulating wealth during this period, and your bank balance will increase. There will be improvement in family matters, and if you have been suffering from an old or serious illness, your health may improve during this time. Resolving ongoing disputes within the family will bring relief, and there are chances of savings increasing. You may also achieve a higher position in your career field. It’s important to follow discipline and yoga practices in your daily routine, which will not only strengthen your health but also improve your financial situation, allowing progress in life. You may acquire some property during this time, and there are chances of gaining optimal benefits from property transactions.

Remedy: Capricorn natives should chant Saturn’s seed mantra on Saturdays.


For individuals born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, the transit of Saturn will be of utmost importance as it rules your twelfth house along with being the ruler of your sign, and currently, Saturn is transiting in your own Aquarius sign. Therefore, Saturn’s transit in Aquarius will prove to be very significant for you, and it will have the most impact on your life.

Saturn’s transit in your own sign will be highly impactful for you. You need to focus on your personality during this period. You will need to address the shortcomings in your life. You have learned a lot, and now it’s time to apply it in your life, which will lead to the development of your personality and body. You should not be lazy at all but focus on doing every task with hard work and honesty. It will be the best time to establish your new routine. Include yoga, meditation, exercise, etc., in your routine and try to increase the energy of your mind and body. This will keep you energetic, and you will be able to perform every task very well.

There will be progress in your work area. You will make every effort in your job to perform well and will be successful to a great extent. This will improve your financial situation, and it will be a good time for your professional life. There will be progress in your career. There will be improvements in your marital relationships, but you will be straightforward, which can sometimes upset your spouse, but you will remain firm in your stance, and gradually, there will be improvement in your relationships. You will want to do a lot for your siblings and will also help them, which will improve your relationship with them. Small trips will bring you success. You will need to maintain consistency in your efforts to be successful in life.

Remedy: You should recite Maharaj Dashrath’s Neel Shani Stotra on Saturdays, the day of Lord Shani Dev.


For individuals born under the Pisces zodiac sign, Saturn rules the eleventh and twelfth houses, and currently, Saturn is transiting in the twelfth house from your sign. Saturn will be in its exalted state in your twelfth house.

Saturn’s transit in Aquarius from your sign can create opportunities for you to travel abroad. If you have been wanting to go abroad for a long time, your wish may come true, and you may get your visa. You will need to pay special attention to your health. Don’t overlook minor illnesses; instead, focus on them, as they can turn into serious illnesses and may require hospitalization. During this time, you will need to control your expenses because they will increase rapidly, and some unforeseen expenses may affect your financial situation. There is also a possibility of deteriorating health for elderly members of your family, so you should also take care of their health. You should practice mindfulness, yoga, and also consider donating to the poor. Doing so will not only bless you with their blessings but also lead to success in all your endeavors through their prayers.

Remedy: You should donate sesame oil on Saturdays. Fill some sesame oil in a clay or iron vessel and donate it while looking at your reflection in the oil.