Role of Houses of Birth Chart in Profession

Role of Houses of Birth Chart Profession

Birth Chart Profession – Mahurata means determining an auspicious time for performing certain activity or ceremony. The ancient science of Mahurata is also called ‘Election Astrology’.

Birth Chart Profession

Time is a mysterious phenomenon and its nature has always intrigued the scientists and philosophers. Albert Einstein not only considered time as a dimension he introduced the concept of slowing down of time in gravity and motion.

It seems Einstein was inspired by Hindu scriptures which reveal the relativity of time, different time continuums on other worlds and the fact that time travel was once a reality.

The Science of Mahurata …

Our Rishis realising the changing character of time discovered the science of Mahurata or ‘electing an auspicious moment’ when the characteristics of time is most suitable for conducting a particular task.

In general the auspicious lunar dates (Tithi) and Constellations (Nakshatras) are considered first and then the time of the day is selected as per the election chart (MahurataKundali) giving favourable ascendant (Mahurata Lagan) and placement of planets.

Mahurata for filing a Law-suit …

Lunar date: Best are Jaya Tithis viz. 3rd (Tritya) during dark phase of Moon, 8th (Ashtami) during both phases of Moon and 13th (Triyodashi) during bright phase of Moon.

Then come 1st (Pratipada) during dark half, 11th (Ekadashi) during bright half, 2nd (Dwitya) during dark half, 5th (Panchami) during dark half phase of Moon.

Constellations (Nakshatras): Any of the following nakshatras falling on the day of filing the law-suit:

Ashvini, Rohini, Mrigshira, Pushya, Both Uttra, Hasta, Chitra, Anuradha, Dhanishtha, Revati.

Mahurata Chart (MahurataKundali): Select a time when in the chart as many as possible of the following conditions are satisfied:

*No malefic planet should be in the 6th house.
*The lord of lagana (Ascendant lord) should not be placed too near the 6th lord.
*The ascendant of the MahurataKundali or its navamsha falls in the Aries sign.
*Jupiter is placed in 1st, 5th or 9th house

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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