Profitable Empirical Methods for Work Accomplishment

Profitable Empirical Methods for Work Accomplishment

Profitable Empirical Methods – The strategy that guaranties the efficiency and success in any work originates from your mind. Small little empirical methods impact your mind directly and also enhance the strategic thinking in you.

Profitable Empirical Methods

These easy methods given in the name of empiricism, certainly gives some extra energy to you. It also enables you to think of an appropriate strategy at the time of need.

As a result your success is certain. Just as nutritious food gives health and energy to a human body similarly the brain also demands some food so that it can work strategically to be successful in all spheres of life.

In fact these empirical methods are to sharpen your mind and they work as food for brain to make the strategy useful, impressive, and successful. On the basis of the facts and truths we present these tested empiricism.

• Profitable Empirical Methods- Take any item of iron from your old office and put it at the new work place on a Saturday but before that put some full grain of black urad pulse. Ensure that the item is not moved many times. This assures the success of new business along with the old business.

• Profitable Empirical Methods – Buy some raw cotton on the night of Diwali. Now, roll some cotton in your palm to make a tread like rope, also sprinkle some drops of roli on it. Now hang it at height in the work area. Try to practice this empirical method every year on Diwali. This empiricism ensures good partnership in business.

• Pick up any nail from the road while coming to your workshop. Now bring it to your workshop and wash it with buffalo’s urine and then with holy water of Ganges. Now hammer the nail on to a wall of the actual work area where the workers do the tasks. This would control the attrition of workers.

• Pick up an unattended shoe of any individual or from a group and soak it in water. This would impact the owner of the shoe and they will get into fights and be tensed till the shoe is kept soaked in the water.

• This empirical method is effective if only it is done at the time of sunrise, it loses its impact if done in the evening or while sunset. First of all, bow in front of the Sun and then take some raw cotton yarn. Now tie seven knots to it while reading the following mantra simultaneously: ‘om gang ganpatiye namh’. Now put the yarn in the front pocket of talisman and you go as per your routine. This empirical method will ensure that all your undone tasks will accomplish successfully and favorably.

• Get red coral on a Tuesday and get it framed by a goldsmith on the same day. Now, wear it after chanting the following mantra ‘shree ram dutaaye hanuman namh’. I vouch that your laziness would go away within a month and your efficiency of work will improve.

• On any Thursday, get 7 knobs of turmeric, 7 sacred yarns, 7 betel nuts (small), 7 yellow flowers, 7 small pieces of Jaggery, 7-15 talismans (made by any tantric), 7 young children (less than 12 years of age). Now put all items in a yellow cloth bale. Give some yellow sweets and token money to children and send them away and put the yellow cloth bale within some personal area. This empirical method will turn un-success in success and make a smooth work execution.

• Take 2 pieces of clove and some camphor. Now enchant it with Gayatri mantra then burn it. Make sure you are facing east while burning the camphor and clove and keep chanting the Gayatri mantra. Now collect the ashes of it some box and put a pinch of this ash on your tongue twice in a day. The dependence would eradicate gradually.

• If someone is obstructing your work then say bad things for that person for three times, immediately after you wake up in the morning. Now right his name on a birch bark with black ink. Then bury it deep under a sacred fig (Pipal tree) situated at any cemetery. All the obstacles will get removed and that person will become favorable.

• Cut some hair from head at around the midnight for 5 nights and keep it with you till the upcoming Sunday. Then burn these hair on Sunday and throw it outside, if possible crush it under the feet. The child will become sharp minded. Chant the following mantra if possible:‘om hreem aeim hreem sarswatiye namah’.

• Profitable Empirical Methods – Go to any Hanuman temple and get some vermilion from the hands of lord Hanuman. Smear it on your forehead and then put it on your shoulder and finally on your chest. Chant the following mantra simultaneously;

om shree hanumante namh; om namo hari sankat markatay swaha;
om shree shree pawanandaya swaha;
om namo bhagwate anjnemay swaha; mahabalay swaha; hun pawananday swaha; shree hanuman ki jai;
om hun hanumante rudratmkay hum fat; hanumante raksh sarvada;
om hanumante namh; om anjani sutay vigrahe vayuputraaya dheemhi; Tanno maruti prachodayat.

• Give children curd regularly in their diet, especially in the times of examination. But just make a slight change in their time of having curd. It’s just a little trick it has; keep increasing the time by an hour every day. If possible then put the following talisman in your child’s pocket while going to the examination hall:


• This you do on a Sunday. Buy a bottle of any alcohol. First of all, offer it to ‘Bhairo Baba’. Now move it in a circular motion around the head of the sick and giveaway that bottle or else put it at a crossing, in a crematory or under the sacred fig (pipal tree). You should experience the improvement in situations immediately.

• Grind the roots of Thai eggplant mixed with honey. Now just by smelling this paste you can remove laziness.

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