Use of ‘Shaabar’ Mantra to fulfill your wishes


The day of Holi is supposedly very important for execration. Execration done on this day have higher possibility to manifest. Use of astounding ‘Shaabar’ mantra, in such conditions, can fulfill your wishes.

In fact, it is believed that formation of ‘Shaabar’ mantra was done by lord Shiva and lord Dattatreya. After which Matsyendra, Gorakhnath and others elaborated it to form new mantras and empowered them simultaneously with their religious austerity. These mantras were written in simple language. To prevent any ill-effect of mispronouncing ‘Shaabar’ mantra, ‘Panktidosh Nivaran’ mantra should be performed for 108 times at the beginning. It is as follows:

siro saraswati, lachman dhari; tiriya bando jai jai kali; taraason bhaie gajmat haaree; jaise bindhya dil bhandari, jaise maalan goothe phool, vaise meri ho santool; gauripoot ganpati, more achchar bisro; kanth chadhavo, he maa parmeshwari .

Exertion to Accomplish your Work

At night on Holi, wear a white dress then sit in ‘padmasana’ on a white mat; using a white garland and facing towards east, chant the following mantra 108 times for next 108 days. This makes the mantra axiomatic and you chant it 9 times before starting any task. It gives positive results on accomplishment.

kodar tamse ram sukh, peethal moti heer; bhop deep sukh shyaam ji, bhikshu shishya badveera .

Process to get Success

This process should be initiated at night on Holi. Bath at night and then face an idol of lord Hanuman to chant the following mantra in solitude for 108 times. This mantra should be chanted for a year at least. Though its effect is evident after 3 months of following it but it matures only after chanting for 31 thousand times. Whenever you go to meet an enemy or in a lawsuit or in competition, you should chant the given mantra 11 times and then move out; it will lead to favorable circumstances and success.

Haath main buse hanuman, bhairo buse lilaar jo hanumant ko teeka kare, mohe jag sansaar jo aave chatee panv dhare, bajrang veer raksha kare, mahmada veer chaati tor, juguniyan veer sir phor, uguniya veer maar – maar bhaaswant kare, bhairo beer ki aan phirtee rahe, bajrang veer raksha kare jo hamre uppar ghaat dale, to palat hanuman veer usee ko maare, jal baandhe, thal baandhe, Arya aasmaan baandhe, kudwa aur kalwa baandhe, chakki aasmaan baandhe, vaach saabi, saahib ke poot dharma ke naati, aasra tumhara hai .

Hanuman Chalisa – Importance of Hanuman Chalisa

Process to get high Success in Academics

On the day of Holi, chant the following mantra for once on a rosary then perform the holy ‘hawan’ by reciting the mantra for 21 times along with oblation to fire. Practicing this mantra for 41 days makes it axiomatic. Then, chant this mantra on 5 petals of holy basil and then eat it. You need to practice this daily. After some time your memory will get sharper and concentration will improve.

Om namo devi kamaakhya trishool khadag hast padha, paati garun sarv lakhee tu preetaye samangam, tatv chintamani narsingh chal chal ksheen koti, katyayani taalab prasaad ke om hon heemn krumn tribhuvan chaaliya chaaliya swaha .

Method to enhance wealth

On the Holi night, chant the following mantra on a rosary for 11 times, then once every day. Making all your business deals after this will lead to business development and Lordess Laxmi would bestow her blessings to you.

shree shukle maha-shukle kamaldal niwase shree mahalaxmi namo namh . Laxmi maee satt ki savai aao cheto karo bhalai, bhalai na karo to saat samudron ki duhaai rishi – siddhi ukhge tao nao naath churaasi siddhon ki duhaai.

Enemy Fear and Theft

Chant this mantra at the pious pyre of Holika for 108 times then chant it again for 108 times along with oblation to the religious fire Holika. The mantra would become axiomatic. Then, on some other auspicious day, hold a little cinder or earthen dust in your hand then chant this mantra to spellbind the cinder; think of your presiding deity and bury the cinder outside your main door. This will keep your house safe of all the threats.

om karalini swaha . om kapalini swaha . hrim hrim hrim hrim chor bandh than than than .

Process to Enhance Business

This mantra should be chanted 108 times at night on Holi to make it axiomatic. Then chant it daily for 21 times before getting started with your business related work.

om namh mayay, om namh kamakshaay om An Kn Chn Tn Tn Pn Yn SHn Hrim Krim Krim Krim Shreem fut swaha.

Process to get a Job

The following mantra should be chanted for 1008 times on the day of Holi to make it axiomatic. Then chant this mantra along with ‘samarthya’ mantra on all days. Chant this mantra for 11 times before going for any job interview.

om namah bhagwati padmawati riddhi-siddhidayani duh khadaridrayharini shreem shreem fut swaha .

Process to accomplish all kind of work successfully

The following mantra should be chanted 108 times in front of an idol of lord Hanuman on the day of Holi. It should be done for 90 days continuously, then daily for 11 times.

om hreem markatesh mahotsaah sarvvyadhi vinashan . shatrun sanghaar maa raksh-shiyam daapay daapay dehi men hrim om.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar