Wealth Tips – Profitable Empirical Methods for Wealth

Wealth Tips – Profitable Empirical Methods for Wealth

Wealth Tips – To get rid of loans take five fully blossomed roses and spread a white cloth of one and a half meter. Now wrap these five roses in the white cloth and chant the Gayatri mantra simultaneously. Then you drift it in the holy water of Ganges or Yamuna. Your life will become comfortable and prosperous.

Wealth Tips

Wealth Tips Part 1

• To safeguard our business or home from any evil eye we just put any horseshoe at the door of our house or the business. However, the ordinations suggest to put the horseshoe of a male horse that has been removed from his feet. The shoe should also be washed in holy water of Ganges. The horseshoe should be nailed on Sunday if the house or the business place is facing east and if it is facing west then nail it on Friday. Remember that the open side or the horseshoe should face downwards.

• Take some holy water of Ganges, enchant it with Gayatri mantra for 21 times and now sprinkle this water on all the walls of the house or the office. Now litter some full grain of Black Urad all around the house or office after chanting the following mantra for 31 times: ‘Bhanwar Veer Tu Chela Mera, Khol Dukaann Kaha Kar Mera. Utthe Jo Dandi Bike Jo Maal Bhanwar Veer Son Nahi Jaye’. Doing this act will enhance the sale in the shop and give continuous profits. This talisman act should be repeated often.

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• On any Thursday in shukla paksh, wash a corner of the main door of the house or the office with holy Ganges water. Now make a swastika with turmeric then put some gram pulse and Jaggery on it. Then avoid looking at the swastika. By god’s grace you will experience some gains in business very soon. This is a very pious activity.

• Take a small round copper pot with a lid, a pair of snake of silver, a small chip of silver, 5 small betel nuts, 7 knobs of turmeric. Now put all these items in the copper pot and now bury the pot at the main door towards west. To avoid any mistake you may consider referring to some tantric or scholar. This empirical method is done to gain wealth.

• At the time of dusk on a Saturday, take 2 vada’s of uradand put some plain curd and vermilion on it. Now put these vada’s under the sacred fig (Pepal Tree). Do not turn back to see it after you go from there. Do this regularly for 21 days as doing this will give monetary gains.

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Wealth Tips Part 2

• On a Tuesday, take 7 green chilies with its petiole and a lemon. Now rope them in a thread and hang it at the door of the house or the office. Do this on every Tuesday. This enhances the business and also saves it from any evil eye. This method can also be practiced on a Saturday.

• When a female horse gives birth to its child then the baby horse comes out with the fetal membrane. The female horse tries to eat up all that covers the baby to set him out of it. This membrane is usually white in colour. Keeping this membrane secure with you can give you limitless wealth and money.

• To get the paternal property, an individual should grind a white pied clam shell on any Monday. Now sprinkle the powder at the doorsteps of the person who is to give the property and repeat this empiricism. You will get success. Also, chant the following mantra: om aam am swaha.

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• Get some red sandal-wood, red roses and roli on a Tuesday. Tie all this in a red cloth and put it in the place where you keep money. The money will start pouring; you should repeat this process in every six months.

• To have a gradual improvement in your wealth you should get Nasturtium (jalakumbhi) on a Thursday. Now wrap it in a yellow cloth and hang it. It is prohibited to touch the hanging cloth again and again. Remember, nasturtium (jalakumbhi) grows in still water on its own.

Wealth Tips Part 3

• Take bath in the early morning on the day you want to buy a lottery. Worship goddess Laxmi, offer her some yellow flowers and eat something that is yellow in colour. Now wear any yellow dress then go and buy the lottery ticket. Just ensure that the total sum of the ticket numbers is same as your base numeral. Now bring that ticket home and put it in front of the idol of Goddess Laxmi. Base numeral can be obtained through your date of birth. Make sure you know the exact date of birth or else the complete calculation would get wrong and you may not be able to benefit out of it.

• Looking at your palm after you wake up and kissing it for three times daily is an infallible empirical method to get success. This empirical method can be started from any of the Saturday’s. Keep this practice secret to yourself or else getting the desired results may become difficult.

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• Buy jequirity on any Sunday and keep it with you to remove your competitors. Whenever unmarried women menstruate then soak this jequirity in her blood and dry it in shade. Now grind it to powder and sprinkle it in front of the main door of your competitor’s house or the office. After sometime the competitor will just runaway on his own.

• Keeping the after birth of any black cat in your locker or pocket gives wealth in life. This empirical method has been tested many times and has proven to be correct.

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