Professions Suggested by Numerology

The date of birth number of a person carries the vibrations of basic inborn characteristics of that person. Professions which match his or her basic vibrations suit best for that person….
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For date of birth numbers take only the date leave aside the month and year. If the date is a two digit number such as 10 to 31 then reduce it to its single digit number by adding together the digits as shown below in examples:

Example 1: 10=1+0=1

Example 2: 15=1+5=6

Example 3: 29=2+9=11=1+1=2

Example 4: 31=3+1=4

You can also find your name number by adding together the numbers corresponding to the letters of your name in English language by referring to the table below:


An example will illustrate the use of the above table in determining the name number:

For example take the name ‘Hans Raj’

5+1+5+3+2+1+1=18 as this addition gives a two digit number we again add together its digits to obtain a final single digit number: 18=1+8=9.

So the number for the name Hans Raj is 9.

The date of birth number becomes strong if supported by the name number. One can consult an expert for suitable suggestions in this regard. Can Your Mobile Number be linked to your Luck?

Main Suggested Professions for Each Number

Number 1

Suggested professions are: Acting, Advertising, Trade and professions involving foreign countries, Surgery, government service, Authoritative jobs, Administrative services etc. How Numerology can help you win a Jackpot?

Number 2

Suggested professions are: Fiction and Romantic writing, Painting, Learning and teaching languages, Translation work, dealing with liquids such as milk.

Number 3

Suggested professions are: Law, Teaching, Training, Banking and related professions, Advertising, Religious and Spiritual teaching and training. Name Number and its Significance

Number 4

Suggested professions are: Engineering, Contract jobs in construction industry, scientific work, Astrology, Palmistry, Trading in fields of electricity goods, machinery and related to transport

Number 5

Suggested professions are: Teaching, Banking, Accounts, Auditing, Medicine, Law, Mechanical engineering, Jobs involving mathematical knowledge and work, Statesmanship, Diplomatic jobs etc

Number 6

Suggested professions are: Architecture, Interior Decoration, Related to music, Hotels and Restaurant related careers, Fine arts, Romantic writing and poetry, Sale and purchase of items for females, Luxury products, Dealing in expansive clothes, Related to Vehicles.

Number 7

Suggested professions are: Shipping, Fishery, Chemicals and dairy products related, Painting, All work related to dealing with foreign countries, Fiction writing and composing poetry.

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Number 8

Suggested professions are: Oil extraction and refining or its trading, mining particularly coal mining, Digging for oil etc, Manufacturing and dealing iron metal items, dealing in construction materials, Construction industry related, Travel and tourism related.

Number 9

Suggested professions are: All professions related to defence and Police, Surgery, Real estate, Criminal law, weapon and explosives manufacturing and dealing in these, manufacturing and dealing in electrical items, surgical instruments.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar