Can Your Mobile Number be linked to your Luck?

Can Your Mobile Number be linked to your Luck?

Mobile Number be linked to your Luck – Before we discuss the topic of this article we need to understand a few points in general.

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Numerology is not a new science; its origin is connected with the origin of all creation. This is a science of vibrations, science of anything that sends out a natural vibratory signal of its existence.
Sound is based on vibrations, each alphabet of a language carry a distinct vibration, so does each number. Let Numerology Answer Your Question

Even our thoughts have vibrations; this may sound a bit odd to some that how come thoughts have vibrations. Without some kind of vibrations ‘Telepathy’ the silent communication through thoughts cannot be possible.

What is Your Mobile Number? …

So the vibrations associated with one’s date of birth and the name numbers are two main vibrations which are stamped permanently on a person’s personality from birth till death.Your date of birth number is the Mobile Number of your personality provided by the Nature, and this number is further modified by your personal name number.

Know your Date of Birth Number

Suppose you were born on 12th of any month in any year then this number is reduced to the single digit as follows:
So your Date of Birth Number is 3

Know your Name Number …

Refer the following table for numbers corresponding to each alphabet of English language.

Alphabet LettersNumerical Value

Suppose your name is Amit then writing corresponding number for each letter we get:

The number 10 so obtained by adding together the individual digits is the compound number of your name. In order to obtain the single digit numbers further add the digits of this compound number.

The single number for Amit is: 1+0=1

When Nature and its forces address you then date of birth number (enhanced or weakened by your name number) is the prominent number. Name Number and its Significance

Effect of the Number of the gadget ‘Mobile’ …

We have a little bit educated ourselves by the above information and are in a better position to discuss the effects of your MOBILE’s number.

Remember your mobile’s or landline phone’s number is not at all connected with your basic personality. These gadgets are like any other hundreds of gadgets which we modern day human beings use each day. From those who believe in the contrary I would like to ask, “Do we have any control over hundreds of other numbers coming into our life such as:

1. The number of the house you live in.

2. The number of your vehicle.

3. The number of the train and seat by which you may have to travel.

4. The number of flight and seat by which you may have to air travel

5. The number corresponding to the vibrations of a city name in which you live.

And in addition to these few there are many more numbers which affect you but are in no way in your control.

Some may argue that you can choose your mobile’s number. Well do you really have full choice always?

Let’s not interfere with Nature’s Workings …

The Karma and certain other things and conditions about which you are not consciously aware are to be worked out by Nature in order to make your life successful. Here let me clarify the success I am talking about is not only limited to our physical existence but life as eternal continuity.So all these numbers such as listed above are tools in the hands of nature to manipulate our lives in certain ways as considered most appropriate by the highly intelligent, considerate and fully aware forces of Nature.

Practical Advice

You cannot change your Date of Birth Number, but can strengthen it if it is auspicious and take precautions in case of its inauspiciousness. You have full control over your name number and can take advice of our experts to make it more favourable by ordering Personalised Numerological Guidance Report.

Worry not about other numbers coming in your life if you have no control over them. In case of your mobile’s number if you have a choice select a number whose digits added together give you a single number compatible with your Date of Birth number.

Your Date of Birth NumberCompatible Numbers
55, All other numbers
7 7,1,2,4
8 8
9 9,3,6

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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