How Numerology can help you win a Jackpot?

Jackpot Numerology – Who doesn’t want to win a jackpot? We all do and keep trying at different times. The person who wins considers himself or herself a lucky person. Most of those who repeatedly loose give up at certain point in time thinking that they have a bad luck.

jackpot numerology

If you analyse the birth charts of all the winners you may not find in most charts distinct and direct indications of their chances of winning a jackpot. Then what other factors make them a winner? Name Number and its Significance

However a birth chart indicating Speculative pursuits and prominent Dhana Yogas (Wealth giving combinations) is much more promising than one without such indications. Why not find out by getting your horoscope analysed.

Two other major factors play their role very effectively and these are ‘Faith’ and conscious or sub-conscious selection of ‘Numbers.’ Professions Suggested by Numerology

Let us see how these two factors help. First of all faith; this is a constant belief that you can win. The strongly you visualise your victory or wining moments the greater the chances of your success.

The winner may be the one who did not give up; who thought okay let me try one more time! Yes believe me it does work, there is a great truth in the saying,“Faith can move mountains”.

Then comes the second factor ‘the role of numbers’; bringing into play the vibrations favourable to that person.

The single number corresponding to the date of birth is important for a person. Suppose you were born on 11th of any month in any year then this number is reduced to the single digit as follows:


This number is further strengthened if your name number also comes to the same single number. It is advised that you get help of our numerologists in selecting the name of your child corresponding to his or her date of birth.

The following table gives the numerical value of each alphabet, so you can work out your name number.

Alphabet Letters Numerical Value


Suppose your name is Kamal then writing corresponding number for each letter we get:


Now follow the following steps:

(1) Buy the jackpot ticket on any date whose single number is the same as your date of birth number such as 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th

(2) Buy a ticket whose number reduced to a single digit becomes 2 just for example a ticket number 30987515=3+0+9+8+7+5+1+5=38=3+8=11=1+1=2

(3) Chances are increased if the ticket number contains as many 2’s as possible for example a ticket with number 21987524=2+1+9+8+7+5+2+4=38=3+8=11=1+1=2 will be luckier than the previous one.

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