Powerful Remedies to overcome Balarishta Dosha

Powerful Remedies to overcome Balarishta Dosha

Balarishta Dosha – Remedies Found Inherent In The Horscope Of The Child Itself , A Powerful Jupiter in the lagna will destroy this dosha completely. If Jupiter is in other kendraas (i.e. 4, 7, or 10th houses), its strength should be noted, and also we have to check if this Jupiter aspects the malefic causing the dosha to see whether the dosha is cancelled.

The other benefics like Venus, or Mercury (unaspected by malefic) can also mitigate the evil of Balarishta dosha if they are well-placed in the horoscope and are endowed with strength.

If there are no cancellation factors for the balarishta dosha, then proper remedies should be done to remove the dosha as this dosha does adversely affect the child.

The following are some tried and tested remedies for removal of balarishta dosha:

1) Chanting

“Raahur mandah kavir jeevaha Buddho Baumah sasi ravih
Kaalah srushti sthithir viswa sthaavaro jangamo jagat||”

with devotion, meditating on Lord Vinaayaka every evening, and then sprinkling the water held in hands on the child’s head will help in removing the baalaarishta dosham. This can be highly effective especially if the dosham is caused by Ketu in the horoscope.

2) Chanting

“Graheswari Grahaaraadhya Grahinii roga moshini
Grahaaveshakari Graahyaa Graha Graamaabhi rakshinii

“Meditating on Goddess Durga will help in removing the Baalaarishta dosha. This should also be chanted every evening, and water energized with this mantra sprinkled on the child’s forehead. This will be particularly effective if the dosha is arising out of malefic Moon or Rahu.

3) Chanting “Om Praanadhaatryai namaha” 108 times daily in the morning meditating on Goddess Lalitha Parameshwari and praying for long life for the child will help to improve the longevity of the child. This mantra can also be used if any person is critical in the hospital and struggling for life.

4) A visit to Tirukkadaiyur Abhiraami temple and offering of special prayers there will be good for removal of baalaarishta dosham and ensuring longevity of the child.

5) Offering “Aal roopam” (silver replicas of human form in thin silver foils) to Guruvayoor temple or Tirupati or the temple of your Family Deity will be helpful.

6) Offering Tulaabhaaram of the respective planetary grain (grain of the planet causing the baalaarishta dosham) in powerful temples like Guruvayoor temple or Tirupati will be a powerful remedy that can remove even the most severe of baalaarishta doshams. If there is confusion as to which is the worst malefic affecting the horoscope and giving rise to the dosham, offering of banana, gingelee oil, ghee, or coconut will be better.

7) Chanting the 38th slokham of Soundarya Lahiri 5000 times daily for 48 days will definitely help to cancel even the most dangerous of baalaarishta doshams. The offering can be sugarcandy, dried grapes, or any fruit. Of course, performance of this remedy is a little difficult due to time constraints and economic factors involved in this performance. The yantra can be tied as a rakshai to the child’s person to ensure safety of the child.

8) There is a siddha mantra that will definitely help in removing baalaarishta dosham. Unfortunately, I cannot give it out here due to taboos associated with its initiation. There may be learned persons in your locality who have been initiated into the mantra for removal of baalaarishta dosham. The appropriate yantra can be prepared, and holy ashes will also be energized. These can be rolled into a talisman and tied to the child’s person for ensuring its safety from all doshams throughout its childhood.

9) Performance of “Aayush Homam”/ “Mrityunjaya homam” on the child’s birth star every year till its 8th year will be very good for ensuring its longevity. This can be done even if the child’s horoscope is not afflicted in any way at all!

Even if your child’s horoscope has been diagnosed as one afflicted with balarishta dosha, you need not panic. There is an advantageous flip side to this! If a child is severely afflicted with baalaarishta dosha, and if it survives its childhood sufferings, then in later years that child will have a wonderful destiny. So, if your child’s horoscope has balarishta dosha, take heart…..Maybe you have a great soul or a great conqueror in your care!

Article by: Pandit R. DAKSHINAMOORTHI

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