Papankusha Ekadashi

Papankusha Ekadashi

Papankusha Ekadashi is also known as Ashwin Shukla Ekadashi; fasting and silence vow is done for the abolition of sins.In Papankusha Pkadashi always use Only fruits and food of fasting (Vrat) should take. Silently sings devotional music and chant mantras.

Papankusha Ekadashi

The Lord Vishnu dweller of the heaven is worshiped devotedly with incense, flower, rice, diyas and betel leaves by devotees. At the end Lord Vishnu’s Aarti is done. After feeding righteous Brahmanas, get their blessings by offering them land, cow, cereal, parasol, clothing, shoes and donation. People who wants to construct alms-house, temple, garden and water-tank starts its construction on same day; because the mahurat of Papankusha Ekadashi is the perfect day to start construction for these kinds of public service works.

You should refrain from lying and sleeping during the day and day should be passed in singing devotional songs and discussing about devotional stories. You should sleep close to the lord’s statue at the night. Salt and Cereals should have only once in a day. Papakunsha Ekadashi is abolishing all the sins of human beings who are doing this Vrat.

Papankunsha Ekadashi is eradicating the human’s sins by rupturing them by its own moral excellence and because of the power of eradication the sins, it is called ‘Papakunsha Ekadashi’.

The Story of ‘Papankusha Ekadashi’

In the ancient time, there was a very ruthless huntsman named krodhana, residing on the mountain of Vindhyachal. He was always involved into all kind of sinful behaviors like violence, drinking, killing, theft and discord. Huntsman Krodhan was very cruel and ill-natured. After enjoying his life-time Just before the last day of his life, Yamraj asked to his envoys that Krodhan is to be bring to the Yamloka as his lifetime is over. After getting lords order Yam’s messengers informed Krodhana about the same.

After knowing it, Huntsman Krodhana was very nervous and scared. In a state of depression he went to the shelter of Saint Angira. He informed Saint Angira about his sins and upcoming death fear. After listening Huntsman’s story, Saint said to him, “Tomorrow is Kwaar Sudi’s Ekadashi and it eradicating all the sins of humans. You must do this Vrat (fasting) by pure heart and worship Lord Vishnu properly. Your all sins will be vanished by doing this.” The Cruel Huntsman Krodhana did the fast of Ekadashi and worshiped Lord Vishnu. By remembering his sins and he was scared of death. At the night, by chanting the name of the Lord Vishnu silently he slept.

He died on the same night; however, because of doing the Papakunsha Ekadahsi’s Vrat, envoys of Vishnu were not able to get him to the Yamloka. The counselors of the Lord Vishnu took his soul to the Heavan in a beautiful aircraft. Messengers of Yam were amazed to see this miracle. They went back to the Yamlok without having Krodhana’s soul.

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