Panch Devta Pooja

Panch Devta Pooja is one of the most popular Puja in Hindu communities which denotes the worship of five Gods that are Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesha, Shakti and Surya. In order to attain the happiness and progress in life, devotees perform this pooja with complete devotion. On the basis of Shastras, these five Gods must be worshipped in all kamya karmas as it keeps you away from all sufferings and remorse.


Pooja of these five deities not only give peace and contentment to the devotees but also it emerges good thoughts in the mind. In addition to this, it appears divine energy in the body. Devotees should execute the pooja of these five deities with strict rituals and customs in order to achieve name, fame and immortality in life.

These five are the great divine force whom every householder worships as pancha devata puja. Based on the tradition followed by the family, one of these deities is kept in the center and the other four around it and worship is offered to all the deities.

Panch Dev Puja is believed to help in attaining happiness, progress and peace. The panchayatana scheme represent the five elements:

Akashasyadhipo vishnuh agneshchaiva maheshvari |
vayoh suryah kshiterishah jivanasya ganadhipah ||

Akasha : Space : Vishnu

Vahni : Fire : AmbikA

Vayu : Air : Aditya

kShiti : Earth : Shiva

Jala : Water : Ganapati

All the five deities are not Panchaloka or any other metal idols; But these five are represented by small natural stones found in various parts of India.

Cost of this Pooja – Rs. 1700/-

Above mentioned cost includes the cost of following -:

1. Basic Material (Roli, Moli, Dhoop, Supari, Laung, Illaichi, Kapoor, Jau, Till, Batasha, Itra, Deepak,Panchmewa, Chawal, Janeyu, Pachranga, Rui baati)

2. Narial, Gola

3. Honey

4. Boora, Hawan Samagri, Navgrah Lakdi, Lakdi Sameedha, Desi Ghee

5. Red Cloth

6. Dauna, Kalash

7. Gangajal, Kevda Jal

8. Milk

9. Curd

Service Charges

1. Pooja Charges by Pandit ji

2. Material provided by Pandit ji (Hawan kund, aam ke patte, durwa tulsi etc.)

Note : 1. Above Material does not include Sweets, Fruits and Utensils. Customer has to arrange these items compulsory for the pooja.

2. Customer can also take this package without material but in that case you need to arrange all the items mentioned above.

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1. Mrs. Malini Gupta – 09811660058