Muhurat and its importance

Can an auspicious Muhurat before starting any venture, change the future?


Humans always select an appropriate time before starting any venture for the successful completion of the work and to bring happiness and prosperity in their lives. The same is also done to achieve success without facing any hurdles, to put life on the path of progress and to achieve recognition, respect and honour. ‘Muhurat’ is to select an appropriate time for starting a new venture. To get the desired results in new ventures, we decide different frames for different kinds of work, for which we consider the combination of Panchang, Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Karan and Yoga.

Time has the potential to make one either strong or weak. A Muhurat which is fruitful for some one, can be proved inauspicious for others.

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The best example of this proverb can be seen in Mahabharata.

In the battle of Mahabharata, King Dhritrashtra asked the auspicious time before starting of the battle to Sahdev (with a desire in his heart to see Pandava’s defeat and attainment of victory for Kaurava’s). Lord Krishna was aware of this fact. So, Lord Krishna disillusioned Arjuna and started delivering sermons in order to delay the Muhurat of Kaurava’s victory. As soon as the favourable time for Kaurava’s came to an end and auspicious time started for Pandavas, the battle of Mahabharata was started. The auspicious time chosen by Dhritrashtra for the battle, was spent by Shri Krishna delivering the sermons to Arjun. That is a sufficient example to prove that the same auspicious time cannot be used by different natives for different purposes. For this reason, Panchang is used and keeping view of the ascendant and the Moon Lagana, an appropriate time frame is selected for the native or for an incident to take place. This makes it clear that future can be changed for good if the work is started in Shubh Muhurat.

The time of birth should be considered a Muhurat, because a child’s future is based on the rising Moon and the configuration of the planets at the time of birth. In this context, the birth of King Akbar is well known. It is said that, when Akbar’s mother’s delivery pain started, the time was not appropriate for the future of the child, but the delivery pain was postponed or put to an end is a debatable subject. After sometime, when the delivery pain started again, the auspicious planets were present in the ascendant indicating the bright future of the child. And there is no doubt that Akbar proved to be a Great emperor of ‘Mughal Dynasty’. It also indicates that work started at a good time leads to a good life.

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‘Muhurat’ means to take out an auspicious time for starting work by predictive astrology, which leads to strong possibilities for the successful completion of work.

It is also said –
The true ‘Muhurat’ is one when one remembers God.

It is because, Jyotish Muhurat cannot go against the law of God. They can only bring possible changes. The great scholar of astrology took out the ‘Muhurat’ for coronation of Lord Shri Ram, but exactly at the same Muhurat he had to go into exile. The ‘Muhurat’ could not stop Lord’s exile but it proved to be conducive for the well being of saints and saviour of religion. However, ‘Muhurat’ cannot change the conditions but it is capable to change the directions. For this point of view, Muhuratas have been very important in our lives.

But there are some work which have to be performed urgently and it is not possible to first take out Muhurata and then start the work. If a person has got heart attack or met with an accident he immediately requires medical help. The question arises, should he be taken to the doctor after only taking out the Muhurata? Or a soldier should go to the war in a Shubh Muhurata. There is no need to blindly follow the concept but to understand the substantial meaning of it. Marriages are generally performed in Shubh muhurata only, but many marriages are unsuccessful. The key to get success lies in starting the work with true feelings and faith as Muhuratas results are more effective.

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If anything has to be said about ‘Muhurat’, it can be said that whether like a car it will be able to reach its destination smoothly. It depends upon so many things. All the parts of the car should be in good condition, wheels of car should have correct quantity of air, and diesel or petrol should be in correct measurement and the driver should be an expert. The car can’t reach the destination in time safely if anyone of the above mentioned factors is not fit or perfect. The same way, an auspicious Muhurata cannot change the future of work started and done by us completely. Inauspicious Muhurat is caused by combination of Tithi, Time of Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan, Ghati, Chaughariya, Hora which produce in negative results, while positive results can be gained by working in auspicious Muhurata and the bad results of Tithi & Nakshatra can be avoided.

Arthar Veda has sufficient sutras for starting work in Shubh Muhurata for various purposes like Health, long life, prosperity, growth in business, favour from the seniors, Promotions, Education, growth in intelligence, victory over enemies, Happy married life and Children etc. which have very clearly the principles for starting these in an auspicious Muhurata.

If the seed is sown by farmers in an auspicious Muhurat in the month of October & November, the crop is good. But if the farmers sow the seeds in August & September the crop will not be good. If sown in the auspicious Muhurat & infertile land, the crop will not grow.

The change in future means all around changes in future which leads the path to Artha (financial), Dharama (religion), Karma (profession), Moksha (emancipation). The work done in Shubh muhurat increases the possibilities of success, which becomes the reason of all round changes in future for the good.

The following points should be followed for counting Muhurata.

(1) The watch should be accurate so that counting the Mahurata and the work accomplished brings fruitful results.

(2)The place also matters- the longitude and latitude of that place should be counted accurately.

(3)The Muhutat, when lagana and Moon are transiting on a retrograde planet Nakshatra, or the Lord of Nakshatra- Saturn and Moon should not be combined at the time of Muhurat otherwise there will be hurdles and will not yield fruitful results.

(4) The work should be performed in an auspicious Muhurata only, it should not be delayed if your guests or chief guest or relatives have not reached on time.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar