Nicole Kidman; Stars behind her Starry Eyes!

The stunning beauty, Nicole Kidman does her own stunts in films, but is afraid of butterflies!


Nicole Kidman was born on 20th June 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Analysis of her birth chart reveals the key role played by Mercury which is not only her luck lord, but also a vargotam planet as it occupies the same (Gemini) sign in her birth as well as her navamsha (D/9) charts.

Stunning Beauty with Starry eyes: Her ascendant lord Venus which itself signifies beauty and charm falls in the constellation of Mercury and the later falls in the constellation of exalted Jupiter so bestows upon her beauty and charm.

An Emotional Person: Her natal Moon falling in the constellation Jyeshtha of Mercury gives her an emotional nature.


A Devoted Actress: Her ascendant lord Venus is conjunct exalted Jupiter in her 10th house of profession and her Jupiter falling in the constellation Pushya of favorable Saturn gives her a high degree of devotion towards her profession.

Likes Doing her Stunts and Singing: Nicole needs no body double or a back ground singer. She prefers to do her singing and stunts herself, and in 2001 during the sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Venus, while filming ‘Moulin Rouge!’ she paid for her urge to do her own stunts, in this film she broke her rib while rehearsing a dance scene.

In her birth chart both Venus and Saturn fall in the constellation of Mercury.

It was Mercury’s lordship of the 12th house and placement of Saturn in the 6th house which caused this accident while Saturn was transiting over her 8th house of accidents.

It is her Venus falling in the constellation Ashlesha of Mercury which gives her an urge to sing her own songs in her films.

Winner of Golden Globe Awards: She won three Golden Globe Awards in 1995 during the sub-period of Rahu in the main period of Venus, and the second and third in 2001 and 2002 during the sub-periods of Saturn in the main period of Venus.

Both Venus as well as Saturn fall in the constellations of her luck lord (the 9th house lord) Mercury.